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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax1001.txt
Terrorists Claim Five Lives in Holiday Attacks
Israel Intensifies Push into Gaza Refugee Camp, At Least 28 Killed
'Passion' Debuts in Israel on Christmas Eve
It Ain't Pretty
Liberal America, Europe Slowly Rebelling Against The Values Required For Civilized Existence newsletter: 4fax1004.txt
Israel Expands Military Buffer Zone in Gaza
Kassams Confound Israeli Army
Kharrazi: Iran Ready to React if Israel Strikes Nuclear Plants
Dutch Refuse Citizenship for Anne Frank
Israeli Developing Airborne Car newsletter: 4fax1005.txt
Jewish Statistics
Robertson: If Bush 'Touches' Jerusalem, We'll Form 3rd Party
Days of Penitence Striking Hard at Terrorists newsletter: 4fax1006.txt
Arafat Blames Israel for Poisoning PA Residents
Iran Says it Now Has Missile with 1,200 Mile Range
Israel Arrests UN Employees for 'Terror' Activities
Israeli Confesses to Killing, Dismembering Wife in Thailand
Israeli Company Keeping 'Lady Liberty' Safe newsletter: 4fax1007.txt
Israel Admits 'Rocket' Loaded in UN Ambulance May Have Been a Stretcher
Two Israelis Win Nobel Prize In Chemistry
Report: Assad Seeks to Renew Unconditional Talks with Israel
US Vetoes UN Gaza Resolution newsletter: 4fax1008.txt
Blast at Hilton Hotel in Taba, close to Egypt-Israel Border newsletter: 4fax1011.txt
Details Emerge from Investigation of Sinai Attacks
Sinai Massacre: An Iranian-Hizbullah-al Qaeda Co-production
Personal Testimony from Taba newsletter: 4fax1012.txt
Israel Launches Probe into Death of Palestinian Girl
Sharon to Present Gaza Withdrawal Plan to Parliament
Syria: Mossad Agents Apprehended
Hilton Chain Asked to Compensate Sinai Victims newsletter: 4fax1013.txt
No. 19 Bus Positioned at Duke University
Sharon Suffers Parliament Setback on Gaza Pullout Plan
Hareidi Newspapers Cancel Cell-Phone Ads
Poraz 'Repulsed' by Cases of Jews Spitting on Christians
Israel Mourns "Superman" Reeve, "Symbol Of Eternal Optimism"
Israeli Stem-Cell Research Heals Hearts
Book Review: What if . . . Lucky Lindy beat FDR in 1940? newsletter: 4fax1014.txt
Israeli Troops Arrest Hamas Commander in Hebron
Israeli Report Cites U.S. Interrogation Facility in Jordan
Sanhedrin Launched in Tiberias
Nile Crocodiles Found in Ramat HaSharon Homes newsletter: 4fax1015.txt
Israel Education Majors Reject Teacher Certifications
Police Fear Temple Mount Collapse. Sharon Says He Won't Stop Muslims
Israel Air Strikes Kill Five Palestinians in Gaza
Hungary Bans Nazi Demonstration Amid Row Over Hate Speech
France Mulls Ways to Sanction Holocaust Doubter
U.S. Judge Throws Out Holocaust Insurance Suits
Righteous Polish Couple Honored newsletter: 4fax1018.txt
Nothing New on Ron Arad
Israeli Settlers say Sharon Rejects Call for Gaza Referendum
Ups and Downs of a Referendum
Jerusalem Cemetery Workers May Have Dumped Waste in Graves newsletter: 4fax1019.txt
Sources: Taba Attacks Planned Outside of Egypt a Year Ago
Sharon Agrees to Establish Likud Team to Consider Referendum
Karine-A Munitions Ship Commander Sentenced to 25 Years
UN, Rights Group: Israel Violates International Law by Destroying Palestinian Homes
95,000 Identity Cards Lost Last Year newsletter: 4fax1020.txt
Peres: Sharon 'At Risk of Assassination'
Netanyahu: Calls to Disobey Orders Endanger State
Training to Evict Jews newsletter: 4fax1021.txt
Was Kahane Right?
Iran Test Fires Upgraded Missile Capable of Reaching Israel
Supreme Court: State Must Help Return Kidnapped Boy
Gaza Girl Death Officer Cleared
British Muslim Charged with Inciting to Kill Jews
Holland: Diary of Holocaust Victim Made Public
Top-Ranked in Chess, Be'er Sheva to Teach Game to Tots newsletter: 4fax1022.txt
Ministers who Oppose Gaza Plan will be Fired
Palestinian Anti-Tank Missile Just Missed Israeli School Bus
Top Hamas Military Wing Official Killed in IAF Strike in Gaza
Government Medal Excludes Gaza
"Three Fathers" Seek Permit for Prayer Event at the Grave of Lily Sharon
An Arab Voice for Israel newsletter: 4fax1025.txt
Tunisian Doctors: Arafat Suffering From Flu
Classified Document: Israel will Remain Responsible for Gaza
Israeli Cabinet Approves Compensation for Uprooted Settlers
Former Yamitnik: 'Never Again'
New Saudi Citizenship Law Excludes Palestinians
'Jews are Pigs and Monkeys'
Why Make Aliyah? newsletter: 4fax1026.txt
Israelis Pay Highest Taxes of Any Developed Country
Egypt Arrests Five Over Sinai Bombings
Another Mosque Planned for Temple Mount
Israeli Troops Kill 14 Palestinians, Sharon Asks for Gaza Plan Approval newsletter: 4fax1027.txt
Rice Calls for Pressure to Force Arafat's Resignation
Knesset Approves Plan to Dismantle Jewish Settlements in Gaza
The Plan´s Security Dangers
Commander Implicated in Death of Palestinian Girl Arrested
Shamir Family Asks State to Fund Ex-PM's Stay in Nursing Home
IDF Permits Publication of Report on Yom Kippur War newsletter: 4fax1028.txt
Sharon: Refusal to Obey Army Orders Threatens Our Future Existence
Doctors in Ramallah Fighting for Arafat's Life
Israel-Based Seventh Day Adventist Leaders Arrested
Hatikvah: The New National Anthem newsletter: 4fax1029.txt
Sinai Suspects Likely to Face Military Trial
Arafat to be Flown to Paris
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