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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0503.txt
Stunning Victory for Gush Katif and Nationalist Camp
Israeli Missile-Strike Hits Palestinian Radio Station
Is This What Islam Teaches? newsletter: 4fax0504.txt
Kerry Sends a Message to Israel
Sharon Consults With Cabinet on Defeated Disengagement Plan
Arab World Expresses Mixed Reaction to Likud Rejection of Sharon's Plan
What Did the CNN Crew Do at Kissufim?
Israel Sweeps European Basketball Title newsletter: 4fax0505.txt
An Historic Climb to Masada
Sharon Discusses Amendment to Gaza Disengagement Plan with Coalition Partners
Former U.S. Diplomats Criticize Bush Mideast Policy
Earliest Known Use of Fire Discovered by Israeli Scientists
Protecting Israel's Olympic Team newsletter: 4fax0506.txt
Tiniest "Medical Kit" Can Fight Cancer In-Vitro
UN to Support Palestinian Sovereignty Over E. J'lem
Israel Strikes Black Oil Deposit
Neo Nazis were Planning to Attack a Munich Synagogue
Yosef: No Future to Jewish Spiritual Life Outside Israel
U.S. Court Says Demjanjuk was a Nazi Guard newsletter: 4fax0507.txt
Heavy Security for U.S. Embassy in Cairo
Sharon's Government Presents New Peace Proposal
Jordan 'Encouraged' U.S. Won't Pre-judge Mideast Peace Talks
Egyptian Music Video: Israel Destroyed Twin Towers newsletter: 4fax0510.txt
Comedian Alan King Dead at 76
Terrorists Attack Memorial Ceremony; No One Hurt
Sharon to Present Amended Disengagement Plan from Some Palestinian Areas
Defense Minister Warns Hizbullah Attacks Will be 'Catastrophic for Syria and Lebanon' newsletter: 4fax0511.txt
Tibi Compares U.S. Forces to Soldiers in the Third Reich
Three Israeli Arabs Released from Prison After Others Confess to Killing Soldier
Mideast Water Dilemma Seen As Challenge, Opportunity
Report: Spielberg Rents Polish Mansion for '72 Olympics Film newsletter: 4fax0512.txt
UNESCO Names Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site
Iran Warns Israel Against Attacking its Nuke Facilities
Palestinian Terrorists Say They Are Holding Israelis' Remains
Inquiry Launched After Iranian Infiltrates Israel Through Lebanon newsletter: 4fax0513.txt
Beheaded U.S. Jew was Coming Closer to Judaism
Six Israelis, Four Palestinians Dead as Gaza Fighting Continues
Christian Groups Say Ties with Israel 'Worst' Ever
The Great Israel Fly-In newsletter: 4fax0514.txt
Rabbi Prohibits Human Hair Wigs from India
Israel Kills 12 in Gaza Strip
Orthodox Boxer Says Sabbath is more Important than Boxing
Spreading the Word -- in Arabic newsletter: 4fax0517.txt
Jordan Plans to 'Transfer' Arab Refugees to No-Man's Land
Israel Urged to Conduct Preemptive Strikes on WMD
Powell to Palestinians: Prepare to Take Over Territories Returned by Israel
Israel Threatens to Step-up Air Strikes, Demolish Hundreds of Palestinian Homes in Gaza Strip
Arafat: 'Terrorize the Enemy' newsletter: 4fax0518.txt
El Al Warns Pilots of 747 Engine Failures
Israel: Hizbullah Sponsors Palestinian Terrorism
Palestinian PM Appeals for Help to Stop Israeli Demolition of Homes
Yigal Amir Says He Doesn't Regret Murdering Rabin newsletter: 4fax0519.txt
Jerusalem Day
Bush Says Level of Violence in Gaza is Troubling
Iran's Nuclear Program Reaches Critical Juncture
Buy an Israeli Product
Israeli Study: Tuna fishing Still Killing Dolphins newsletter: 4fax0520.txt
State of War Justified Hitting the Enemy
Israeli Army Expresses Regrets for Palestinian Civilian Deaths
Israeli Study: Women Four Times More Likely to Die Than Men Following Emergency Angioplasty newsletter: 4fax0521.txt
Increased Fines for Parking on the Sidewalk
Israeli Court Convicts Palestinian Intifada Leader Barghouti
Israel Ignores International Outcry, Continues Military Operations in Gaza
Aliyah Benefits for Israelis newsletter: 4fax0524.txt
Supreme Court: Tow the Car if the Alarm Does Not Stop
Israeli PM to Present Revised Gaza Withdrawal Plan to Cabinet Next Sunday
Study: 27% of Teens Don't Think They'll Remain in Israel
Israel Develops Large Unmanned Airplane
Beware of 'PALESTINE' (Commentary) newsletter: 4fax0525.txt
Wigs No, Navy Yes
Israeli Troops Withdraw from Key Neighborhood of Rafah Refugee Camp
Sharon´s New Plan Calls for Egyptian Forces in Gaza
Palestinian Terrorists Killed Two P.A. Children; Israel Was Blamed
P.A. Opens Gaza Armories To Arm Terrorists
New on Mossad's Wanted List: Bus Driver and Waiter newsletter: 4fax0526.txt
The World's Largest Cheese Cake
40,000 Israelis and Palestinians Craft Peace Plan
UN Agency: Israel Destroyed 45 Buildings, Displaced 600 Palestinians in Rafah
Israeli, Turkish Companies to Develop Natural Gas Power Stations in Israel
Woman Carrying Knife Passes Through Israeli Airport Security
Cockroach Slain; Husband Badly Hurt newsletter: 4fax0527.txt
Israeli Authorities Arrest Journalist Who Interviewed Mordechai Vanunu
Amnesty: Attacks on Israeli Civilians - Crimes Against Humanity
Report: Israel May Purchase Two Submarines from Germany
UN Denies Ambulances Used to Carry Away Soldiers' Remains newsletter: 4fax0528.txt
Israeli Films Win Awards at Cannes
Sharon to Submit Revised Gaza Pullout Plan
Israeli Police Release British Journalist
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