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Iraqi Infant Dies following Surgery in Wolfson Hospital


Iraqi infant Bayan Jabbar, brought to Israel last month for open heart surgery has died. As a result of diplomatic efforts, arrangements were made for a team of doctors at Wolfson Hospital to perform open heart surgery on the child who was less than two weeks old. The infant was born with a severe heart defect.

ADL Poll: 43 Percent of Americans Believe Israel is Threat to World Peace \

By Israel Faxx News Services and the ADL

The Anti-Defamation League, Wednesday, says its nationwide poll of 1,200 American adults shows that 43 percent of Americans believe Israel is a threat to world peace, placing it behind seven other countries (including Iraq, Iran and the USA itself).

The poll was conducted December 1- 4 by the Boston-based research firm, the Marttila Communications Group. When asked, "In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians which side do you sympathize with more?" 40 percent said Israel, 15 percent said the Palestinians, 11 percent said both and 24 percent said neither.

When asked, "Who do you think is more responsible for the current violence in the Middle East: the Israelis or the Palestinians?" 39 percent blamed the Palestinians, 16 percent blamed the Israelis, 27 percent said both, and 6 percent said neither.

When asked, "How serious is Israel about wanting to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians?" 70 percent said they believed Israel was serious (25 percent very serious plus 45 percent somewhat serious) and 30 percent not serious. The same question asked about the Palestinians, showed that only 46 percent believed they were serious, while 43 percent found them not serious about reaching a peace agreement with Israel.

The ADL survey asked several questions about the rise of anti- Semitism worldwide. Many Americans -- 40 percent -- believe that anti-Semitism has reached its most dangerous levels since the 1930s. A majority -- 57 percent -- believe the U.S. has a moral obligation to combat anti-Semitism throughout the world as part of its foreign policy.

Questions asked of all 1,200 respondents have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent; questions asked to demographically proportional "split samples" of 600 each have a margin of errors of plus or minus 4 percent.

Pat Robertson Warns Israel Against Allowing Palestinian State

By IsraelNationalNews &

American conservative Christian leader Dr. Pat Robertson warned Israel on Wednesday against agreeing to political initiatives with the Palestinians and especially allowing the establishment of a Palestinian state. Surrendering their ancient biblical claim to the land, he said, would be tantamount to committing suicide.

Robertson's advice clashed with the goals of President Bush, who is backing the road map peace plan that envisions the establishment of a Palestinian state by the end of 2005. Robertson is part of the large conservative Christian movement, which ardently supported Bush during the last presidential election.

Robertson warned that a sovereign Palestinian state would fatally compromise Israel's security. He warned against the possibility that such a state would have the sovereign right to control the entry of weapons and personnel into the area. He added that it would be a mistake to ignore Israel's spiritually-based right to exist and urged Israel not to forfeit its holy places.

"Please don't commit national suicide," Robertson told Israelis at the Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel's National Security on Wednesday. "I hardly find it necessary to remind this audience of the stated objectives of Yasir Arafat, the PLO, Hamas, Hizbullah and the Islamic Jihad. Their goal is not peace, but the final destruction of the State of Israel.

"At no time do they, or their allies in the Muslim world, acknowledge the sovereignty of Israel over even one square inch of territory in the Middle East," Robertson said. "If a Palestinian State is created in the heart of Israel with sovereign power to deploy troops, import modern weapons - even weapons of mass destruction - and operate with full secrecy and diplomatic immunity, the ability of the State of Israel to defend itself will be fatally compromised."

Robertson urged Israel to say "no" to the rest of the world if it feels that its national interests are being compromised. According to Robertson, Israel's current struggle as well as the struggle in the world is not over land or culture or money but is rather a struggle between Islam and the Judeo-Christian world.

Israel Denies Report of Secret Sharon-Saddam Meeting Following Arrest

By &

A Qatari newspaper reported Tuesday that Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon paid a brief visit Sunday to Baghdad to secretly meet former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. However, On Wednesday, sources in the Prime Minister's office denied the Qatari report, and added "There were no such things."

Al-Raya, citing Nasser Mahmoud – a top Iraqi politician with close links to the interim council, reported that "Sharon, accompanied by intelligence officers, landed at around 20:00 at the Baghdad airport." According to the report, top civil administrator Paul L. Bremer received the Israeli leader and accompanied him during the meeting with Saddam Hussein.

Mahmoud added, according to the report, that during a meeting with Bremer after his arrival in Baghdad, Sharon had asked to see Saddam in person. Following the meeting with the ousted leader, Sharon praised Bremer and the U.S. army on the capture and said it "strengthens the U.S. victory in Iraq".

Saddam's Novel - Be Gone, Demons!


Dictator, warmonger, mass murderer, sociopath and author. According to the Daily Telegraph of London, which obtained one of only a few surviving copies, Saddam Hussein spent his last days before the war writing a novel, entitled Be Gone Demons!

According to the newspaper, the novel focuses on a heroic Arab leading character ("a pure, virtuous Arab. Salim is tall and handsome with a straight nose....") leading an underground resistance against an Iraq taken over by an old, fat and evil Jew named Ezekiel. The Ezekiel figure runs throughout the historical narrative, from biblical times to the present day. Throughout the novel, the Jews are portrayed as delighting in inciting the "Romans" - perhaps the West - against Muslim nations, particularly Iraq.

After a final battle between Salim and Ezekiel and his Roman allies, Saddam writes, the Roman king returns home to find the twin towers of his capital city aflame.

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