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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax0602.txt
Sharon to Announce Evacuation of Illegal Outposts
Israel Signals Support for Palestinian Cease-Fire
Israel Not High on Young U.S. Jews' Agenda newsletter: 3fax0604.txt
Five Arab Leaders Endorse Road Map to Mideast Peace
Palestinians, Israelis Prepare for Aqaba Summit
Holocaust Survivors to Receive Assistance newsletter: 3fax0605.txt
Bush: Two States Must Share the Holy Land
Hamas Rejects Call to End Armed Attacks on Israelis newsletter: 3fax0606.txt
Gaucher Disease Code Cracked
Mideast Summit Draws Mixed Reactions
Meir Vilner, Declaration of Independence Signatory, Dies newsletter: 3fax0609.txt
Palestinian Gunmen Kill 4 Israelis in Gaza Strip
Officials: Latest Palestinian Attack Should Not Derail Peace Process newsletter: 3fax0610.txt
Gush Etzion: "We Are Fighting for Our Homes"
Israel Begins Taking Down Some West Bank Outposts
Kahane Books Offered Free
Israel Commences Privatization of El Al newsletter: 3fax0611.txt
Lost Tribe Immigrates To Israel
Hamas Vows Retaliation for Assassination Attempt on Leader newsletter: 3fax0612.txt
16 Killed, 153 Wounded in Jerusalem Suicide Bombing
Israeli Arab Killed His Jewish Girlfriend as "Loyalty Test" newsletter: 3fax0613.txt
El-Al: "We Won't Fly on the Sabbath"
Hamas Threatens More Attacks
Israel Targets Hamas Militants in Helicopter Attack
Mideast 'At Critical Crossroads,' says Jordan's King
Police Suspect Girl, 13, Was Sold and Murdered newsletter: 3fax0616.txt
Sharon Says He Would Accept Hamas Ceasefire
Commentary: A Palestinian State -- Unsafe at any Speed newsletter: 3fax0617.txt
Yad Vashem: "No Holocaust in Romania" Claims are False
Palestinian Cease-Fire Talks End without Deal
Abbas Seeks Truce With Palestinian Militants
'The Aliyah Revolution Has Begun' newsletter: 3fax0624.txt
Russian Language Israeli Neo-Nazi Internet Site Under Investigation
No Breakthrough Reported in Israeli-Palestinian Security Talks
Condoleezza Rice is the "Black Spinster"
Woman Soldier Prevented Mega-Attack
Terrorists To Be Tried In U.S.? newsletter: 3fax0625.txt
Paritzky to Display Gay Flag in His Office
Israeli Sweeps West Bank for Hamas Members
Iraq: Pipeline to Israel No Longer Exists
Author Leon Uris Dead at 78
24-Hour Israeli Music TV Station to Be Launched in July
Arab Boycott of Israel at Special Olympics newsletter: 3fax0626.txt
Truce in Jeopardy as 4 Palestinians Killed
Rabbi: Women Allowed to Read from the Torah
How Do You Say Street Signs In Hebrew?
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