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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax1202.txt
Israel Fails to Get Top Islamic Jihad Leader in Gaza Attack
Defense Minister Names al-Qaida as Prime Suspect in Mombassa Attack newsletter: 2fax1203.txt
Israeli Unwilling to Clean or Do Dishes
Investigation Continuing into Bombing Attack in Kenya
Two Palestinians Killed by Israeli Troops in Separate Incidents newsletter: 2fax1204.txt
Defense Minister Says Anyone is A Potential Target
Kenya Denies Allegations it Ignored Terrorist Attack Warnings
Defending the Skies
Bill Gates: Israel Represents the Leading Edge of Innovation newsletter: 2fax1205.txt
Israel Fires On Palestinian Building in Gaza; One Dead
Bush: Al-Qaeda Responsible for Kenya Attack
Israel Deports U.S. Citizen With Suspected Terrorist Links
Chanukah on Ice newsletter: 2fax1206.txt
Al Qaeda Promises Attack with 48 Hours
Sharon: Al-Qaeda Operating in Gaza Strip, Lebanon
Sharon Gives Conditional Backing to Palestinian State Plan
Hizbullah To Export Suicide Murders
Hillel "Expelled" From Canadian University
Neo-Nazis To Protest Katzav's Visit newsletter: 2fax1209.txt
Israel Investigates Possible Illegal Transfer of Palestinian Funds
Arab TV: Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Kenya Attack
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Setting Up Fake al-Qaeda Cell
Palestinian Witnesses: Women Killed in Gaza Strip By Israeli Troops
Thieves With A Conscience
Suicide Bomber: Heroic Role Model for Young French Readers of New Book newsletter: 2fax1210.txt
Neo-Nazis March in Berlin During Katsav's Visit
Israel Warns Arafat Not To Go To Bethlehem
Thousands Search For 22-Month-Old Girl
Kenya Offers Cash Reward for Info on Bombing Suspects
San Francisco Supermarket Bows to Arab Pressure and Removes Israeli Products newsletter: 2fax1211.txt
Two-Year-Old Found Dead
U.S. Air Force Successfully Tests Israeli-Developed Air-to-Ground Missiles
IDF Bans Speaker For Calling Dir Yassin A Non-Massacre
(Commentary) Pollard: What He Knows, newsletter: 2fax1212.txt
Patriot Missile Batteries Arrive from USA
Eli Fimshtein Admits Killing His 22-Month-Old Daughter
Slain Rabbi Meir Kahane Runs From the Grave newsletter: 2fax1213.txt
Haifa Chemicals Makes Way to Iraq and Syria
Islamic Militants Recently Acquired Chemical Weapon From Iraq, Report Says
Two Israelis, 6 Palestinians Dead in Mideast Violence
Israel May Withdraw Army From Bethlehem Over Christmas Holiday
Palestinian Mother Proudly Prayed for Son to Die
Mother Of 11 Faces Imprisonment For Hitting Horse newsletter: 2fax1216.txt
Israel Nabs Three Palestinians in Sharon Attack Plot
PA Libel: Judaism Sees Arabs as Stage Between Jew and Monkey
Commentary: Protests Successful Over Novel Glorifying Suicide Bombers newsletter: 2fax1217.txt
Alleged Sex for Votes During Likud Primary
Palestinian Gunmen Clash With Israeli Forces
Blair Invites Palestinians to Britain to Revive Peace Process
Canadian Indian Leader Praises Hitler
Mezuzah Thief Apprehended
Yet Another Gold Medal - In Cooking newsletter: 2fax1218.txt
Hamas: We Will Use Jewish Skulls to Build a Bridge to Heaven by Israel Faxx News Services
Israel Investigates Security Leaks
'Quartet' to Discuss Middle East Peace
Terrorism Survivors Sue Hamas and P.A. For NIS 176 Million
Jewish Girl Attacked in NYC School newsletter: 2fax1219.txt
Israel Admits Continuing Contact with Palestinians
Haifa Chemicals Fire Could Have Resulted in Disaster
Dudu Topaz Bites Female Interviewee on Prime Time
Ed Koch's New Year's Commentary for Bloomberg Radio newsletter: 2fax1220.txt
Libya And Syria Also Looking To Mass-Destroy
Bush to Mubarak: Peace Plan is Not Ready
Netanyahu Urges Change in Palestinian Leadership
Ex-Air Force Chief: If Attacked By Iraq, We Must Strike Back
Israel's First Astronaut Wants to Represent the Jewish People newsletter: 2fax1223.txt
Israel Braces for War
War in Iraq is on the Way
Palestinians Postpone Elections; Cite Israeli Re-Occupation newsletter: 2fax1224.txt
New Hope For Kidney Patients
Iraq Tried To Bio-Bomb Israel; Pm Says Danger Is Real
Israel, US to Hold Joint Military Exercises
Israeli Forces Kill 2 Senior Palestinian Militants
Lieberman Holds Talks with Palestinians, Israelis newsletter: 2fax1227.txt
Israel Won't Vaccinate Entire Population
Seven Palestinians Killed in Thursday Violence
FDR: 'Move the Arabs Out of Palestine'
Purdue Professor Tells How His Family Fooled Nazis, Escaped newsletter: 2fax1230.txt
London: Bush Told Sharon War will Begin Feb. 21
Turkish Troops to Advance on N. Iraqi Oil Cities - Ahead of U.S. Attack
Controversial 'Christ' Photo Exhibit Opens in Paris newsletter: 2fax1231.txt
No Selective Conscientious Objections
2 Killed in West Bank Clashes; Militants' Homes Demolished
The 'Shani' Has Been Found, and It's Orange
Western Wall Showing Buckling As Well
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