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>Israel Faxx
>JN Dec. 27, 2002, Vol. 10. No. 226

Israel Won't Vaccinate Entire Population


Despite the threat of an Iraqi attack with biological weapons, Israel has decided not to vaccinate the public against smallpox.

Israel had considered vaccinating the entire population of 6.6 million people ahead of an expected US attack on Iraq. But after consultations with both Israeli and American security officials, the Health Ministry concluded that Iraq probably does not have the smallpox virus or the capability to use it in an attack on Israel. Still, Israel has enough vaccine for the entire population-just in case.

Seven Palestinians Killed in Thursday Violence

By VOA News

At least seven Palestinians are dead after a series of clashes Thursday between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants. Israeli soldiers conducting raids in the West Bank killed five people, one of them an unarmed teenager.

The dead also included a senior Islamic Jihad leader, Hamza Abu Roub, who exchanged shots with Israeli troops who had surrounded his home in the town of Qabatiya. The gun battle wounded four Israeli soldiers. Islamic Jihad has vowed revenge for the killing. In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said troops shot and killed two Palestinians as they were trying to infiltrate the Jewish settlement of Netzarim.

Thursday's violence broke a brief lull in the days leading up to Christmas. The Israeli army pulled its troops out of the center of Bethlehem, allowing traditional Christmas ceremonies to proceed. But troops re-occupied the city center Thursday, firing tear gas to force people indoors ahead of declaring a curfew. The Israeli military says the curfew was imposed for security reasons. Israel re-occupied Bethlehem in November after a Palestinian from the town blew himself up on a Jerusalem bus in a suicide bombing that killed 11 people.

Israel has occupied most West Bank cities since a string of Palestinian attacks in June. In another development, the Israeli army has begun establishing buffer zones around Jewish settlements in the West Bank, in an effort to keep out Palestinian militants.

FDR: 'Move the Arabs Out of Palestine'

By Robert Rockaway (with permission)

In December 1942, a week after the U.S. State Department confirmed that the Nazis had embarked on a plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe; President Franklin Roosevelt met with his Treasury Secretary Hans Morgenthau. After discussing the nation's monetary situation, the president surprised Morgenthau by saying he had a plan that would lead to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. That evening Morgenthau recorded this conversation in his diary. The entry is dated Dec. 3, 1942.

Morgenthau and Roosevelt were long-time New York neighbors and friends, and when Roosevelt entered the White House, he appointed Morgenthau as his Secretary of the Treasury. Morgenthau held this post from 1933 to Roosevelt's death in 1945. Morgenthau and Roosevelt met on a regular basis and Morgenthau kept a record of these meetings in his diary.

"I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to move the Arabs out of Palestine.... Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish family." - Roosevelt, as quoted by Morgenthau

Morgenthau wrote that after discussing financial matters, Roosevelt broached the subject of Palestine. Roosevelt said the he had pretty well made up his mind on what he was going to do. "What I think I will do is this. First, I would call Palestine a religious country. Then I would leave Jerusalem the way it is and have it run by the Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, the Protestants, and the Jews -- have a joint committee to run it. They are doing it all right now and we might as well leave it that way."

Then the president went on and said, "I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to move the Arabs out of Palestine." Morgenthau asked Roosevelt how he would do that, saying, "Would you have the Jews buy up the land?"

Roosevelt answered, "No, but I would provide land for the Arabs in some other part of the Middle East, and I know there are plenty of places. Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish family." Morgenthau asked Roosevelt, "Would you propose that the majority should be Jews in Palestine?"

Roosevelt said, "Yes, 90% of them should be Jews, but I don't want to bring in more than they can economically support." Morgenthau asked, "Well, what kind of place would it be?"

Roosevelt said, "It would be an independent nation just like any other nation -- completely independent. Naturally, if there are 90% Jews, the Jews would dominate the government." He added, "There are lots of places to which you could move the Arabs. All you have to do is drill a well because there is this large underground water supply, and we can move the Arabs to places where they can really live."

Morgenthau ended this entry by writing, "I was surprised to find that the President was studying this thing with so much interest and had gone as far as he had in making up his mind on what he wants to do. It was most encouraging to me and most heartening."

Purdue Professor Tells How His Family Fooled Nazis, Escaped

Purdue University News Service

Unlike many Jewish families who hid in attics or cellars to save themselves during World War II, a Purdue University professor and his family masqueraded as Polish aristocrats right in front of the Nazis.

Robert Melson, professor of political science in the School of Liberal Arts, captures his family's escape from the Nazis during World War II in his latest book, "False Papers: Deception and Survival in the Holocaust."

"Instead of a hiding place, my family hid behind false documents - a false identity," said Melson, a Holocaust and genocide scholar. "By sheer chutzpah and bravado, my mother was able to acquire the identity papers of the Zamojskis, a Polish family of noble lineage, by assuming the role of the countess and posing for her family's 'lost' papers. We were seen, but not noticed, by the Nazis."

Melson was only 4 years old when his family changed their names and identities in an attempt to survive the Holocaust. Melson, born as Sylvio Mendelsohn, became Count Boguslaw (Bobi) Marian Zamojski. His parents, Willy and Nacia, of Warsaw, became Countess Nina and Count Jan. (The real Count Jan Zamojski died this summer). The family's charade also preserved the lives of Melson's uncle and three Jewish women.

The family lived in Kraków, the capital of German-occupied Poland, among other high-ranking Nazis. They lived knowing that even though their immediate family survived, grandparents and other relatives never made it out of the Warsaw ghetto.

The family's success in outsmarting the Nazis is attributed not only to Melson's mother obtaining the false papers, but also to the family's non-Jewish looks and ability to play the part of Aryans well. Melson had golden curls and blue eyes, and both of his parents spoke without a Yiddish accent. "Still, my parents worried that someone from their past could see them, or one of us would say the wrong thing to give away our true lineage," Melson said.

The story is based on 17 hours of taped interviews with Melson's parents in July 1978. He interviewed them separately to acquire each parent's individual perspective. "There were times during the interviews that we were overcome with grief, but the truth is we always felt a measure of pride in our survival," Melson said. "After all, we had eluded and outwitted Adolf Hitler's Nazi killers."

Melson and his parents narrate the book by alternating chapters. At the end of each chapter, Melson shares his childhood memories. As the book progresses and Melson gets older, his childhood memoir gets longer and more detailed..

The book not only chronicles the heroics of Melson's parents, but it also talks about their lives, and at times, their unorthodox behavior that kept their family alive. His mother's way with men, good looks and acting talents were great assets to the family.

"Before the war, my mother was a singer and actress," Melson said. "She couldn't know before the war that her greatest role would be that of a Polish countess, a part she would have to play day and night for nearly four years."

Melson's father even impersonated a German official to scare people into doing business with him to make money for the family to live the life of nobility. The book also documents Melson's parents' struggles after the war to return to real identities and immigrate to America.

"False Papers" ($26.95) was published in 2000 by University of Illinois Press ((217) 333-0950.) Melson also is the author of the award-winning "Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust."

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