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Steven Spielberg's Earliest Memory
(As he was being wheeled in 1948, in a stroller, into a Cincinnati synagogue)

"All is dark as a minute to midnight on the first day of creation...Then the movement begins, a tracking shot down the birth canal of a hallway, toward the mystery. Suddenly, light! A bright room filled with old men in beards and black hats: sages, perhaps, from another world. At the far end of the room, on a raised platform, is a blazing red light. The senses are suffused; the mystery deepens."

Israel Fires On Palestinian Building in Gaza; One Dead

By VOA News

Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a Palestinian Authority building in Gaza City Wednesday, killing at least one person.

Palestinian medics said a security guard was killed and at least four people were wounded in the attack on the compound. The guard was said to be a member of a militia associated with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's Fatah faction.

Palestinians described the attack as an assassination. The Israeli army said the attack was self-defense. It said the Palestinian guard was a bomb maker involved in a series of attacks on Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip that killed seven soldiers earlier this year.

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli soldiers shot dead two Palestinian militants near the West Bank city of Hebron. The military said Israeli troops searching for members of the Islamic Jihad militant group came under fire in a village near Hebron. The soldiers returned fire, killing the two gunmen.

In another incident, the military says Israeli troops foiled an attempt by a Palestinian man to infiltrate Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the Gaza Strip. The man was shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army shut down two Israeli-Palestinian security liaison offices in the West Bank - one in Ramallah and the other in Jenin. A military spokesman said armed Palestinians in response to a lack of cooperation at the offices and a threat posed the move.

Bush: Al-Qaeda Responsible for Kenya Attack

By Scott Stearns (VOA-White House) & Israel Faxx News Sources

President Bush said he believes al-Qaeda terrorists were responsible for last week's attack on an Israeli-owned hotel in Kenya. Kenyan authorities are holding more than a dozen people in connection with the attack, which killed 16 people including the suicide bombers.

Bush said al-Qaeda terrorists had a hand in last week's nearly simultaneous bombing of a resort hotel at the Kenyan coast and a failed missile attack on an Israeli passenger jet. "I believe that al-Qaeda was involved in the African bombings in Kenya. I believe al-Qaeda hates freedom. I believe al-Qaeda will strike anywhere they can in order to disrupt civil society and that's why we are on the hunt."

The president said he will continue that hunt until al-Qaeda's terrorist network is dismantled and all its members are brought to justice. He said the international coalition against terrorism is making progress "slowly but surely." "The free world recognizes the threats that we all face, and therefore we are more bound together than we have ever been in cutting off money, in sharing intelligence, and bringing people to justice. It is a dangerous world we live in because there are still terrorists on the loose."

The Israeli Intelligence Community warned that al-Qaeda's next anti-Israeli target abroad could be in Thailand. Thailand is a very popular destination with young Israelis, especially those who have just completed the military service. The traveler's warning issued by the Israeli authorities is based on documented traffic of al-Qaeda operatives in and out of Thailand.

Experts believe that since Israeli interests throughout the world recently received an extra 'coat of security,' bin Laden will send his 'angels of death' to attack public place like discotheques and pubs as he did in the Island of Bali last month.

At the same time, IDF Radio revealed that the Israeli National Soccer Team was a target for an al-Qaeda attack when last month the team played in the Island of Malta. Following an Israeli tip off, the Italian authorities arrested an al Qaeda operative of Tunisian nationality who was heading to Malta to (possibly) supervise an attack.

The terrorist used the phrase, "We are getting ready for the soccer game and we are going to win," when discussing the purchase of explosives with co-conspirators in Italy. The arrests, in Italy and Malta, were first reported in early October.

And on Wednesday, Avraham Grant, the coach of the Israeli national team, confirmed that the team was warned of the threat at the time and that a suspect had been captured. Spokesmen for the Israeli soccer league expressed worry that the publicity surrounding the threat to an Israeli team by al-Qaeda may cause foreign teams, many of whom refuse to play in Israel due to safety concerns, to be unwilling to host games against Israel, as well.

Israel Deports U.S. Citizen With Suspected Terrorist Links

By VOA News

Israel's security services have deported a U.S. citizen suspected of having links with the al-Qaeda terrorist network. Khaled Nazem Diab was arrested upon his arrival in Israel two weeks ago. Israeli authorities questioned Diab and they said he has since been deported. It is not clear where he was sent.

Diab was questioned on suspicion of transferring funds to al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks, including the militant Palestinian organization Hamas. He most recently lived in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, but has previously been in Afghanistan, where he is alleged to have had contact with the Taliban.

Chanukah on Ice


A unique menorah made out of ice was lit in Siberia Tuesday night in honor of the fifth night of Chanukah. Over 300 people braved the cold of -40 degrees Centigrade to take part in the event, and Siberian Chief Rabbi Binyamin Wagner presided. He even provided the drinks and Chanukah donuts.

In other Chanukah news, it turns out that though sales of menorahs and dreidels are down in Israel this year, Jewish communities abroad have upped their orders. In addition, many of the orders from abroad - which are up 45 percent over last year's levels - stipulate that the holiday merchandise must be made-in-Israel, and not recycled from China or elsewhere.

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