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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax1106.txt
Sharon: We Are Ready for Any Threat
Israeli Elections to be Held Months Ahead of Schedule
Sharon: Iran is 'Center of World Terror'
How Did Irv Rubin Really Die? newsletter: 2fax1107.txt
Lebanese Polluting Israeli Water
Netanyahu Sworn-In as Israel's Foreign Minister
Muslims Start Ramadan with Concern for Anti-Muslim Sentiment
Improvement In Rubin's Condition
U.S., Israel Develop Successful Laser Gun
Vatican Library Treasures Going Online newsletter: 2fax1108.txt
Saddam Threatens Israel with 'Surprise' Weapon
Israel Braces for Possible Ramadan Violence
Egypt Refuses to Cancel Controversial TV Series
Palestinian Authority Racism & Anti Semitism newsletter: 2fax1111.txt
Eleven Held for Requesting Entry to Temple Mount
Israeli Forces Stop Suicide Bombing Attack in West Bank
Jewish Outreach Center Opens In Northeastern India newsletter: 2fax1112.txt
Netanyahu: Dump Shekel Switch to Euro
Israel Plans Military Response to Attack at Kibbutz
Online: Films from Hebrew University's Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive newsletter: 2fax1113.txt
Netanyahu, If Elected Israeli PM, Vows to Expel Arafat
Hamas Sympathizer's Website Threatens Rabbi
Egyptian Viewers Anxious for Protocols of the Elders of Zion newsletter: 2fax1114.txt
Arafat: Israel is Home
Kibbutz Killer Suspect: Sirhan Sirhan
Israeli Tanks, Troops Enter Nablus
Sharon And Netanyahu Trade Barbs newsletter: 2fax1115.txt
California, Michigan Anti-Semitism
Palestinian Accused of Organizing Kibbutz Attack Arrested
Israeli Army Accused of Using Palestinian Civilians as 'Human Shields'
Egypt to Try 6 Accused of Spying for Israel
First Appearance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion newsletter: 2fax1118.txt
Al-Qaida Threatens More Attacks on Washington, New York
Abba Eban Dead at 87
Attempted El Al Hijacking Foiled
Sharon Wants to Strengthen Settlements Around Hebron newsletter: 2fax1119.txt
Australia Arrests Man Who Planned to Blow Up Israeli Embassy
Iraq Hints at Attack on Israel
Witnesses: Israeli Tanks Shell Gaza Target
Israeli-Arab Hijacker Wanted To Ram Tel Aviv Building newsletter: 2fax1120.txt
Netanyahu: I'm the Only Candidate Against a 'Palestinian' State
Haifa Mayor Wins Israel Labor Party Vote
Israeli Geologist Drills for Oil Based on Biblical Guidance newsletter: 2fax1121.txt
Pollard is Placed No. 1 on Herut's List
Arafat Welcomes Election of New Israeli Labor Leader
Lebanon Ex-President Faces Charges on Contacts with Israel
Landau: Israel Preparing for Mega-Terror Attack newsletter: 2fax1122.txt
Suicide Bomber Kills 11 in Jerusalem
Knesset Member Benny Elon: Transfer is the Only Answer
Absentee Ballot - in Space? newsletter: 2fax1125.txt
Hardliners Hold Anti-US, Israel Demos In Tehran
U.N. Disputes Israeli Explanation of Death of U.N. Worker in West Bank
Commentary: The Aliyah Boat newsletter: 2fax1126.txt
DEBKAfile: al Qaeda Internet Chatter has Increased
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Boy in West Bank
IDF: Computers Used to Smuggle Explosives newsletter: 2fax1127.txt
Deaf Can Speak on Phone
Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Militants
Shamir Supporting Sharon, but Objects to Palestinian State
Israeli Arab Denies He Tried Hijacking Plane
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