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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax1008.txt
Hamas Vows To Avenge Deadly Israeli Attack in Gaza Strip
Iraq May Have 80 WMD-Capable Missiles
Israel: Temple Mount Wall May Collapse Due to Ramadan Crowds newsletter: 2fax1009.txt
Bertelsmann Acknowledges Cooperation with Hitler's Third Reich
Four Israelis Wounded in West Bank Ambush
Palestinians Say It Must Preempt Transfer in Iraq War newsletter: 2fax1010.txt
American Jewish Population Dropping
Opposition To Anti-Semitic Conference At University Of Michigan
Israeli Chute For Tall Buildings
Israeli Professor Receives Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences newsletter: 2fax1014.txt
Israeli Troops Kill Six Palestinians
U.S. Embassy Guards Help Avert Terror Attack in Israel
Two Million Israeli School Children Without English Books newsletter: 2fax1015.txt
Sharon Urges Palestinians to Overthrow Leaders
Sephardic Jews Claim Spanish Nationality newsletter: 2fax1016.txt
Want a Jerusalem Hotel Room Free?
Ma'ariv Claims al Qaeda Activists Tried to Poison Moroccan Jews
U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Remains on High Alert
Israel Plans Hebron Pullout
Bush, Sharon to Meet
New Town For Americans In Israel newsletter: 2fax1017.txt
Israeli Living in Bali Leads Volunteer Rescue Team
Bush: Israel Will Respond to Unprovoked Attack from Iraq
Alliance Between Conservative U.S. Christians and Israel Worries Muslim Leaders newsletter: 2fax1018.txt
At Least 8 Dead in Gaza Violence
Racism Painfully Obvious in Ashdod School
BBC's Mideast Bureau Chief Calls for Boycott of Sharon
President Mubarak Inaugurates New Library in Alexandria, Egypt
Italy's Jewish, Muslim groups Protest Crucifix Bill newsletter: 2fax1021.txt
French Cult Predicts Doomsday by Christmas
Attempted Evacuation of Jewish Settlers Proceeds Amid Clashes
Iraq's Last Jews Wait in Fear for War newsletter: 2fax1023.txt
Distribution of Pagers for the Hearing Impaired
Israel Vows Retaliation to Monday Bus Attack
Al-Hayat Highlights Popularity of Syrian Blood Libel Book
Saddam Offers Former Prisoners Plastic Surgery to Look Like Him newsletter: 2fax1024.txt
Free Education for A Popular Waitress
Egyptian War Games in the Sinai
Anti-Semitism On Egyptian TV
U.S. Envoy Brings Plan for Palestinian State to Mideast
10 Israeli Soldiers Arrested on Suspicions of Spying for Hizbullah
12 Years Since the Assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane newsletter: 2fax1025.txt
Police Investigate Website
U.S. Envoy: Palestinians Must Take Decisive Action Against Violence
Senior Israeli Army Officer, 4 Others Indicted in Spy Ring
Glaciers Spawned by Mediterranean Salinity May Threaten Mideast newsletter: 2fax1028.txt
Suicide Bomber Kills Three Israeli Soldiers
P.A. Woman Executed For "Collaborating"
German Embassy Postpones Wehrmacht, SS memorial ceremony
IDF Equipment Sold Via Internet newsletter: 2fax1029.txt
Israel Would Not Hesitate to Attack Iraq
U.S. Diplomat Assassinated in Jordan
Sharon: Israel is Ready for Iraqi Fighter Jet Attack newsletter: 2fax1030.txt
TI Hizbullah Favors Aliyah of Jews
Arafat: Palestinians Reject Israeli Occupation, Not Jewish State
Palestinian Court Gives Death Penalty to Accused Israeli Collaborator
Finland Refuses To Sell Gas Kits To Israel
Flyby of Annefrank Asteroid to Help Stardust Spacecraft newsletter: 2fax1031.txt
Sharon Government Unravels in Dispute Over Israeli Settlements
Sharon: 'I Will Never Meet Arafat'
Two Girls And A Woman Murdered By Terrorists
Canadian Magen David Adom Donations Lose Tax-Exempt Status
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