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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax0903.txt
Netanyahu: IDF Fighting War Against Terror
Israeli Officials: Al-Qaida Moving Into Lebanon
Israel, Jordan Agree on Plan to Save Dead Sea
Kleiner Plans to Ascend Temple Mount newsletter: 2fax0904.txt
Paritzky Demands Movies on Yom Kippur
Palestinian Militants Reject Call for Ceasefire
European Union Presents Mideast Peace Plan
Arabs Deny 200 al-Qaida Members Are in Lebanon
Wishing IDF Families a Sweet New Year newsletter: 2fax0905.txt
The Twins Will Not See Their Abba
Palestinians For, Israelis Against Proposed EU Peace Plan
Sharon Sees Chance For Political Deal
Israeli Reservists Want Occupation Ruled Illegal
Jews Constitute 77% of Israeli Population newsletter: 2fax0906.txt
Sharon Warns Libya is Developing Nuclear Weapons
A Look At Israel Ahead of Rosh Hashanah 5763 newsletter: 2fax0909.txt
Israel Bans 15 Members from Palestinian Parliament
French Jewish Lawyer to Represent Barghouti newsletter: 2fax0910.txt
Weapon Inventor Uzi Gal Dies
U.S., Israel Cool to Arafat Speech
Minister Revokes Citizenship of Hamas Terrorist
Palestinian Daily: Bush and Blair Are Nazis
Patient Allowed Marijuana, But Can't Get It Legally newsletter: 2fax0911.txt
Major Earthquake Likely in the Next Few Years
A 'Different' Way Of Commemorating 9/11
Discord Emerges in Palestinian Parliament Over Arafat Nominees
Most Orthodox Widows of 9/11 Attacks May Now Remarry
Booklet Predicting Demise Of America Best-Seller among Arabs newsletter: 2fax0912.txt
Yishai Says He Will Also Revoke Citizenship Of Jews
Palestinian, Pro-Saddam And Proud
Palestinian Cabinet Resigns to Avoid No-Confidence Vote
Israel's Relations with the West, in the Wake of September 11
Israel Remembers September 11 newsletter: 2fax0913.txt
Al-Qaeda Website: Bin-Laden is Dead
Palestinian Authority Press Ridicules U.S.
PA Objects to Rachel's Tomb' in Israeli Security Zone
Kofi Annan: Different Approaches for U.N. and Israel
P.A. Television Puts the Lie to Arafat's No-Terrorism Call
Italy's No. 2 Seeks Jewish Forgiveness for Fascism's Crimes newsletter: 2fax0918.txt
Gas Mask Factories Pick Up Pace
Palestinian Students Injured in Blast at West Bank School
Internet: Sukkot Melodies From Around the World newsletter: 2fax0919.txt
Shin Bet: Jews Responsible for 12 Attacks
Suicide Bomb Attack in Northern Israel
French Court Orders Release of Nazi Collaborator Papon
Bnei Menashe: Slowing But Surely, Coming To Israel newsletter: 2fax0920.txt
Tel Aviv Blast Kills 6, Israel Surrounds Arafat
Israeli Tourists Flock to Sinai Despite Foreign Ministry Warning newsletter: 2fax0925.txt
Katzav: Jews will Pray on Temple Mount Soon
Bush Criticizes Israel's Siege of Arafat's Headquarters
Iraq Has Plans To Launch Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Palestinians: 9 Killed, 24 Injured in IDF Raid in Gaza newsletter: 2fax0926.txt
More Than Half In P.A. Support Suicide Attacks
Peres: Israel Cannot Lift Arafat Siege Because of Ongoing Security Threats
Lebanon Orders Investigation of Politicians Having Contact with Israel
Report: U.S. Seeks to Dominate World Like Ancient Rome
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