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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax0605.txt
Tisha B'av Law
Mubarak Proposes Palestinian State Next Year
Arafat, CIA Chief Discuss Palestinian Security Reforms
Sadat Autopsy Photo Stirs Controversy newsletter: 2fax0606.txt
17 Killed as Palestinian Suicide Bomber Targets Israeli Bus
Sharon Approves 66-Mile Fence to Divide Israel, West Bank newsletter: 2fax0607.txt
Israeli Forces Withdraw from Arafat's Compound
Foreign Ministry Calls on Israelis to Leave India
Holland Bans Shechitah - Jews Unconcerned newsletter: 2fax0610.txt
Cyanide Was on Agenda of Park Hotel Attack
Sharon in Washington For Meetings With Bush
Arafat Downsizes Palestinian Cabinet
Political Scientist Recalls Recent Interview with Arafat newsletter: 2fax0611.txt
Senior Terrorist Nabbed in PA Ambulance
'Israel has a Right to Defend Herself,' says Bush
Arafat Lends New PA Government's Pro-Iraqi Tilt
Jewish Group to Conduct Armed Anti-Terror Patrols newsletter: 2fax0612.txt
Iran Radio Inaugurates News Show in Hebrew
Girl Dies as Suicide Bomber Strikes Israeli Restaurant
Sharon Meets Congressional Members After Bush Backs PA Reform
ADL: U.S. Anti-Semitism on the Rise Since Sept. 11 Attacks newsletter: 2fax0613.txt
Israel: Bush Must Not Include Palestinian State in Peace Plan
Powell Sees "Temporary" P.A. State
Palestinians Hope Intifada Will Lead to End of Jewish State
Holocaust-era Art To Be Sent into Space with Israeli Astronaut newsletter: 2fax0614.txt
Yishai: In 2010 Most Immigrants Will Be Non-Jews
Bush Discusses Mideast Ideas with Saudi Minister
Megiddo: good versus evil (Commentary) newsletter: 2fax0617.txt
Am Yisrael Chai
Washington Post: Israel Gains Nuclear-Capable Submarines
Israel Builds Protective Fence Around West Bank
Israeli Gamblers 'Bet on Suicide Attacks' newsletter: 2fax0618.txt
Signs Of The Times
Bush to Announce Mideast Peace Plan Including Palestinian State
U.S. Criticizes Israel's Construction of Security Fence
Mothers Cheer Their Sons' Deaths newsletter: 2fax0619.txt
PA Children Collecting "Martyr" Necklaces
Israel Raids Jenin After Deadly Jerusalem Bombing newsletter: 2fax0620.txt
Seven Dead in Jerusalem Suicide Bombing
What To Do With Suicide Terrorists' Loving Families newsletter: 2fax0621.txt
New Syrian Scud
Territories By Meredith Buel (VOA-Jerusalem)
Israeli TV: West Bank Settlement Shooting
Israeli Jew On Space Shuttle Means Much To Survivors newsletter: 2fax0624.txt
Air Force on Alert for Attack from the Air
Al Qaeda Threatens U.S. & Jews
Israel Calls Up 2,000 Reservists
Muslims and Jews Co-Exist in Brooklyn newsletter: 2fax0625.txt
Mother Of Missing-In-Action Dies
Bush Calls For New Palestinian Leadership, Massive Reforms
Palestinians Reject Bush Call For Change in Leadership
Evangelical Christians Band with Jews in Support of Israel newsletter: 2fax0626.txt
Powell Explains U.S. Break with Arafat
Arafat Downplays Apparent U.S. Call for His Ouster
Change In Law Of Return Considered newsletter: 2fax0627.txt
Israel's Astronaut in Holding Pattern
Bush: Israel Can Defend Herself
Arafat to Run in Palestinian Elections in January
PA calls Rice: 'Colored,' 'Dark,''Black Lady' & 'Pitiful' newsletter: 2fax0628.txt
Saudi Says No to Star of David
Israel: No Deportation for Families of Suicide Bombers
Bush Pleased With Response to Middle East Peace Plan
Palestinian Authority Building in Hebron Under Siege by Israelis
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