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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax0501.txt
Israeli Forces Leaving Hebron
26 Palestinians Leave Besieged Bethlehem Church
Palestinians Call For Sanctions On Israel
Anti-Semites Smash London Synagogue
Girl Scout Stands Up for Israel newsletter: 2fax0502.txt
Annan May Cancel Jenin Inquiry
Israel Begins Pullout From Arafat Compound
Five Palestinians Killed in Gaza Violence
Girl Scouts Back Down: Erica Will March in Israel Day Parade
New Zodiac Series Stamp Causes Stir Among Orthodox Rabbis
Israel Plans to Welcome Reformed Italian Fascist Fini newsletter: 2fax0503.txt
White House Challenges Sharon's Statements
Congressional Leader Calls For Transfer
Security Council Discusses Collapse of Jenin Probe
Arafat Vows to Rebuild Ramallah
Palestinian Policeman Killed at Bethlehem Church newsletter: 2fax0506.txt
End Of The Road For Arafat?
Sharon Takes Peace Plan to Washington newsletter: 2fax0507.txt
Bethlehem Church Standoff Negotiations Continue
Arab Prisoners Tortured In PLO Prisons
Yiddish Books Saved On-Line newsletter: 2fax0508.txt
Bush, Sharon Meet as 16 Plus Die in Rishon Blast
Palestinian Red Crescent Out of Medicine, Supplies newsletter: 2fax0509.txt
Police Believe Bomber was Familiar with Pool Hall
Arafat Orders Crackdown on Terrorism
Flurry Of Activity At Church of Nativity newsletter: 2fax0510.txt
IDF Begins Call-Up of Reservists
Plane Sent From Cyprus to Pick Up 13 Palestinian Militants
Bush Encouraged By Arafat's Arrest of Hamas Members
Israel Attack in Gaza Expected newsletter: 2fax0513.txt
Cyprus Wants Palestinian Militants Out by Wednesday
Israel's Ruling Party Rejects Concept of Palestinian State
Israeli Reservists Heading Home
Arab Leaders Call for Peace With Israel newsletter: 2fax0514.txt
Colosseum Turns to Music for World Peace
Likud Party Vote Unlikely to Damage Peace Process
Arafat Leaves Ramallah for First Time in Months
Jerusalem Post Begins a Novel "Support Israel" Campaign newsletter: 2fax0515.txt
Arafat Calls For Another Million Martyrs
Sharon: No Peace Talks Without Palestinians Ending Terrorism
Poll Finds Majority Of Israelis Would Accept Palestinian State
Disease Scare in Negev
Israelis Under Arrest in Washington State newsletter: 2fax0516.txt
U.S. Citizen Taken into Custody for Alleged Terror Ties
Bush Welcomes Arafat's Call for Palestinian Reform
Cannes Film Festival Opens Amid Controversy
Israeli Arab Sisters Charged with Aiding Islamic Jihad Terrorists
Cellular Phones to Be Banned in Gas Stations newsletter: 2fax0517.txt
100,000 First Graders to Learn English
Yad Vashem Establishes Database of German Jewry
Opinion: When the High Court Welcomes Messianic Jews newsletter: 2fax0520.txt
Bomb Attack Against Quebec Synagogue
Suicide Bombing in Israel Kills Three
Hamas May Stop Attacks on Israeli Civilians
NYPD Undergoing Israeli Training to Combat Suicide Attacks
European Rabbis Seeking Sabbath Security Solutions newsletter: 2fax0521.txt
PFLP Leader Blames Israel For Son's Death
Unknown Group Takes Responsibility for Jibril Assassination
Palestinian Bomber Kills Self in Northern Israel
Israel to Speed Up Project to Fence Off West Bank newsletter: 2fax0522.txt
FBI Warns Of Terror Threats In New York
Al Qaeda Cooperation With Palestinian Terror Groups
Sharon Faces Crucial Test of Political Strength
Palestinians in Cyprus to Begin Onward Journey newsletter: 2fax0523.txt
Mossad Warns World Jewry
Three Dead in Suicide Bomb Attack in Israel
Israel Steps Up Operations in West Bank, Gaza
Arabs United In Terror newsletter: 2fax0524.txt
Four Suicide Bombers Were Terminally Ill
Israeli Embassy in Paris Destroyed by Fire
Bomb Blast at Fuel Depot Could Have Killed Thousands
Israeli-Arab Loyalties newsletter: 2fax0524_extra.txt
Fresh Mass-Casualty Terror Wave Plotted for Israel and US newsletter: 2fax0528.txt
Waqf Prepares To Keep Temple Mount Closed To Jews
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Kills Self, 2 Israelis
Palestinians Need More Aid, says Red Cross
Did Sarit Hadad Have Security at Eurovision? newsletter: 2fax0529.txt
Ofek 5 Spy Satellite Launched Successfully
Four Murdered in Shomron Terror Attacks
Bush Sends Two Envoys to Mideast
Jewish "Plotters" Indicted newsletter: 2fax0530.txt
PA Security Chief Receives Israeli Child Allowance
Israel Launches Satellite
Envoy Starts New Mideast Peace Bid
Flying Casino Approved newsletter: 2fax0531.txt
Israel: More Incursions Possible into Palestinian Territories
PA Television Portrays Palestinian Martyrdom as a Christian Ideal
Charges Against Israeli Woman
"Settler" Removed from Broadcasting Lexicon
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