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Bomb Attack Against Quebec Synagogue


A Quebec synagogue was targeted in a predawn attack Sunday morning. The explosive device caused damage to the entrance and windows but there were no injuries. The synagogue was vacant at the time of the explosion. Authorities have taken a suspect into custody.

Suicide Bombing in Israel Kills Three

By VOA News & News

A new suicide bombing in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya has killed three people, including the bomber. At least 50 others were wounded -- six of them seriously. Police said one of two bodies found at the scene was that of the bomber, who set off the explosives at a fruit and vegetable market. Reports quoted eyewitnesses as saying the bomber arrived in a taxi wearing an Israeli army uniform.

Eyewitnesses said it was fortunate that the market was not crowded at the start of the Israeli work week, or the number of casualties could have been much higher.

"It was a powerful explosion," Yamin Yaakov, an injured worker at the market, told Army Radio. "I saw lots of things flying in the air, and blood." Police said they received a warning that a bomber was in the area about an hour before the blast, but it was too late.

Two militant Palestinian groups, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, claimed responsibility for the bombing. The Palestinian Authority has issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack. Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat condemned attacks against all Israeli and Palestinian civilians in an interview on Italian television Sunday.

As in the past, the Israeli government said the Palestinian Authority bears responsibility for the attack. In Washington, National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice deplored the latest bombing. She said no one expects 100 percent results from Arafat in halting such attacks, but she said Washington does expect 100 percent effort. Rice said greater pressure needs to be placed on state sponsors of terrorism such as Iraq, Iran and Syria. Iraq has offered $25,000 to the families of suicide bombers.

Netanya was also the scene of a bombing in March which killed 29 people at a Passover service, sparking Israel's recently-concluded offensive in the nearby West Bank.

The bombing came hours after Foreign Minister Shimon Peres outlined a peace plan calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state in territory already under Palestinian control. The state would come about immediately after the centralization of Palestinian security forces under one command-in other words, ending the activities of militia and terrorist groups. But the plan got a cool reception all around.

Sources in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's office said the offer of Palestinian statehood was "premature." Palestinian officials said the state Peres is offering would amount to "cantons" surrounded by the Israeli army. They said the only game in town is the Saudi peace initiative, which calls for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders.

A Sharon spokesman said that the attack shows that the Palestinian terrorism campaign against the Jewish State is far from over. Two weeks ago, Israel planned a new offensive against the Gaza Strip after 15 Israelis were killed in a suicide bombing in Rishon L'Tzion, near Tel Aviv. The operation was called off in the face of international pressure.

Hamas May Stop Attacks on Israeli Civilians

By VOA News

The leader of the militant Hamas group said his organization will stop attacking Israeli civilians - if Israel will halt attacks on Palestinian civilians.

In a statement published Saturday by Saudi newspaper Al Jazira, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin insisted Hamas' attacks on Israeli civilians were in response to the death of Palestinian civilians. He said the attacks would end if Israel stopped targeting Palestinians.

However, Yassin said he regretted a statement by Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat describing the May 7 Palestinian suicide bombing near Tel Aviv as terrorism. That bombing killed 16 Israelis.

The sheikh's comments came two days after a Palestinian official said Hamas had told Saudi Arabia it was willing to halt suicide bombings on Israeli territory. A Hamas official later denied the claims.

NYPD Undergoing Israeli Training to Combat Suicide Attacks


Some of New York City's finest are currently in Israel, undergoing training in the prevention and dealing with suicide bombing attacks.

According to NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Israel invited members of the force to participate in an exclusive symposium to assist members of the N.Y. police in dealing with the suicide bombing threat. Experts in Israel, including military, police and personnel from other agencies are training investigators. Five members of the NYPD counter-terrorism and intelligence bureaus arrived in Israel last week and on Friday, began the one-week training program. Kelly explained that the department at this stage is focusing on the intelligence aspect of fighting the attacks, and the participants in the program will train other members of the force upon their return.

European Rabbis Seeking Sabbath Security Solutions


Leading rabbis of European Jewish communities are contacting experts and rabbinical authorities in Israel, seeking solutions to meet security needs that are acceptable for Sabbath operation.

As a result of the continuing rise in anti-Semitism across Europe, accompanied by the attacks against synagogues and Jewish institutions, rabbis are seeking solutions from the Israeli experts who are experienced in providing solutions that conform with the stringent Sabbath laws while taking the security situation into consideration.

Among the items being discussed is the installation of electronic alarms, door openers and other devices in synagogues that are permissible for use on the Sabbath and holidays.

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