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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax0401.txt
Pope Apologizes to Jews
Suicide Bombers Target Israelis in Sunday Attacks newsletter: 2fax0402.txt
Car Explosion Kills 2 in Jerusalem
Israel Widens Offensive in West Bank
Arafat's Counterfeiting Operation
Anti-Jewish Attacks in France Increasing
Porno Film Production Quashed at Terezin newsletter: 2fax0403.txt
Israel Warns Syria and Hizbullah
Sharon Offers Arafat Offers Arafat 'One Way Ticket'
Palestinians Take Refuge At Christian Holy Site in Bethlehem
Experts: Sharon Repeating Lebanon History newsletter: 2fax0404.txt
Passover Massacre Death Toll Climbs to 26
Israel Adds Nablus to West Bank Assault
U.S. Urges Families of Diplomats to Leave Jerusalem
Annan Urges Syria, Lebanon to Reduce Tensions with Israel newsletter: 2fax0405.txt
World Bank: Israeli Offensive Could Destroy Palestinian Economy
Turkey Accuses Israel of Genocide
Missiles Fired At Israeli Post In Disputed Area
Bush Will Send Powell to Middle East
Israeli Tanks Enter Hebron
Israel And Jews Are Linked, For Better And Worse newsletter: 2fax0408.txt
Israeli Siege of West Bank Continues
Israel's Aim: Destroy Terrorist Networks
US Official Urges Immediate Israeli Pullout newsletter: 2fax0409.txt
Holocaust Remembrance Day
IDF withdraws from Qalqilyah, Tul Karm
Private Security Companies Booming in Israel newsletter: 2fax0410.txt
Israel Unfurls Its Flags
Red Heifer is Born in Israel
Sharon Says Offensive Will Continue; 13 Soldiers Killed
Powell Says He Intends to Meet Arafat newsletter: 2fax0411.txt
Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 8 Israelis
Netanyahu: U.S. Could Also Face Suicide Bombers
American Public Opinion Backs Israel newsletter: 2fax0412.txt
Blast Near Tunisian Synagogue Kills at Least 6
Powell Plans to 'Move Aggressively' on Ending Mideast Violence
Sharon: Army to Stay Until Terrorists Surrender
Europe, Vatican Demand End of Siege on Church of Nativity newsletter: 2fax0415.txt
Female Combatants to Serve Three Years
Powell: Meeting With Arafat 'Constructive'
Israel to Lift Ban on Entering West Bank Areas
Germany: Tunisia Blast Near Synagogue Was Deliberate
Peace Joke Received Via the Internet newsletter: 2fax0416.txt
Anti-Semitic Attack in Berlin Subway
Powell Works on Mideast Conference Idea
Marwan Barghouti Captured by Israel
Patriotism Among Israel's Islamic Community
Israel's Population on Her 54th Birthday newsletter: 2fax0417.txt
Terrorist Involved in Passover Massacre Captured
Hamas Threatens Israeli Leaders
Powell, Sharon Discuss Proposed Mideast Summit
New York City Cancels Sale of UN Plaza to Israel's Brack newsletter: 2fax0418.txt
Powell: Israel Must Stop Incursions
Israeli Tanks Pull Back But Do Not Leave Jenin
France Grapples With Increased Anti-Semitic Attacks newsletter: 2fax0419.txt
Bush: "Sharon is a Man of Peace"
Gunfire, Explosions Near Church of the Nativity
Bush Satisfied With Israeli Withdrawal Timetable
Ze'evi's Son Explains Transfer Idea newsletter: 2fax0422.txt
Dozens of Reservists Fired from Their Jobs
Sharon: First Stage of West Bank Offensive Over
Carter Urges Economic Pressure on Israel
Pope Issues New Appeal for Mideast Peace newsletter: 2fax0423.txt
Canada-Israel Development Leases 120 Toronto Apartments to MeriStar
Israelis, Palestinians Exchange Gunfire at Bethlehem Church
Iraq Urges Arab Oil Cut in Solidarity with Palestinians
Definition of a Holocaust Survivor newsletter: 2fax0424.txt
European Anti-Semitism Triggers Emergency Meeting
Explosion in Arafat Compound, Bethlehem Siege Talks Start
Jenin Residents Still Dazed After Israeli Assault newsletter: 2fax0425.txt
Arafat's Book
Shooting Breaks Out at Bethlehem Church as Siege Talks Resume
Annan: No Discussions Over Jenin Investigation Team
Museum Shows Slice of 19th Century Immigrant Life newsletter: 2fax0426.txt
Nine Young Palestinians Leave Bethlehem Siege
Palestinian Court Sentences Killers of Israeli Minister
Palestinians Refuse US Aid Donations in Jenin
Jewish Terrorism Tongue-in-Cheek newsletter: 2fax0429.txt
Six Egyptian Suicide Bombers Stopped
PA Terrorists Try To Blow Up Skyscraper
Israel Accepts Plan for Ending Arafat Confinement
Hizbullah Offers to Exchange Israeli Prisoners newsletter: 2fax0430.txt
Arafat Backing Down from Agreement with U.S.
Palestinian Prisoners to be Guarded by Americans, Britons
Annan, Israel Still Discussing U.N. Jenin Team
Nine Palestinians Killed In Israeli Hebron Raid
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