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Swiss Favor Shechitah, Swedes Against Brit Milah
Sharon is Sorry Israel Didn't Kill Arafat
Airport to Increase Security
Rubenstein Outlaws Bumper Sticker
Hamas: There is No Need for Female Suicide Bombers
A Jewish-American Ice Teen Queen In Salt Lake City? newsletter: 2fax0204.txt
Are al-Qaeda Terrorists In P.A.?
Arafat Condemns Terror Attacks Against Israel
Sharon Signals Continued Contacts with Palestinians newsletter: 2fax0205.txt
Sharon: Iraq Supplying PA with Weapons
Car Blast Kills Five Palestinians in Gaza
Iran: 'Unimaginable' Retaliation if Israel Hits Nuclear Plant
London Sheikh Calls on Muslims to Kill Jews newsletter: 2fax0206.txt
Israeli Singer Mati Caspi Convicted of Bigamy
IDF Chief: We Are Ready, Prepared Against Iranian Threats
Radical Palestinian Groups Criticize Arafat
Palestinian Gunmen Storm Court, Slay 3 Convicted Killers
Islamic Jihad in Cairo Publishes Suicide Bombers Handbook By newsletter: 2fax0207.txt
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Gunman in Jewish Settlement
Defense Minister: Arafat Increasingly Irrelevant newsletter: 2fax0208.txt
Iranian Nuclear Capability Predicted by 2005
Israel Retaliates After Palestinian Gunman Kills 3
Official PLO Media Praise Terrorist Murderer
U.S. Judge Orders Iran to Pay $183M to Terror Victim's Family newsletter: 2fax0211.txt
Shekel Continues to Fall Against the Dollar
Israeli Jets Strike Gaza Strip
Mubarak: 'Chaos' if Anything Happens to Arafat newsletter: 2fax0212.txt
Anti-Gov't Webmaster Sent for Psychiatric Evaluation
Arafat Promises No Arms Smuggling
Minister's Daughter Resigns from Pilot Training newsletter: 2fax0213.txt
'No Arabs No Attacks' Bumper Sticker Investigation
Israeli Tanks Roll into Gaza Strip Town
Annan Calls for Arafat Release
Peres Denies Plan Includes Retreat to Pre-1967 Borders
Assimilation Threatens To Cause Another Holocaust newsletter: 2fax0214.txt
Israeli Ships Avoiding Suez Canal
Five Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raids
Beersheva Attack Reveals PLO's True Goals
Israeli Singer Calls for Transfer of Muslim Citizens newsletter: 2fax0215.txt
Police To Increase Manpower on Purim
Powell: Arafat Accepts Responsibility for Smuggling Weapons
Israel Withdraws From Recently Occupied Palestinian Areas
White House: "PA Invites Terrorism" newsletter: 2fax0218.txt
Two Dead, Five Wounded In Mideast Violence
Three Killed by Suicide Bombing in West Bank
Palestinians Launch Second Rocket at Israeli Settlement
Which Dressing Goes on a Three Ton Salad? newsletter: 2fax0219.txt
Netanyahu: Expel Arafat & Dismantle Terrorist Infrastructure
Seven Dead in Gaza, West Bank Attacks
Israeli Police Official Urges West Bank Barriers
Remembering Menachem Begin newsletter: 2fax0220.txt
Six More Israelis Die
Retired Israeli Generals Call for Unilateral Pullout
Turkey Detains Israel Bomb Suspects
Czech Prime Minister Denies Comparing Arafat to Hitler newsletter: 2fax0227.txt
Bush Welcomes Saudi Peace Initiative
Arafat Agrees to Resume Security Talks with Israel
Peres Denies France is Anti-Semitic
Terrorist's Body Wrapped In Pigskin
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