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>JN Feb. 19, 2002, Vol. 10, No. 34

Netanyahu: Expel Arafat & Dismantle Terrorist Infrastructure


Former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, following two fatal terror attacks Monday, called for expelling Yasir Arafat from the PA and dismantling the PA's terrorist infrastructure.

The former prime minister stated this could be accomplished without difficulty. He called for permitting Arafat to leave the autonomous areas but not permitting him to return, wishing him farewell in Tripoli or Baghdad.

Seven Dead in Gaza, West Bank Attacks

By VOA News

Palestinian attacks Monday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have claimed the lives of four Israelis and three attackers.

In Gaza, a gunman killed a settler and two other Israelis traveling in a convoy heading towards the Gush Qatif bloc of Jewish settlements. The attacker died in the incident -- some accounts said he blew himself up. Palestinians named the attacker as a member of the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade.

Palestinians said that after the ambush, Israeli tanks fired at a nearby Palestinian town, wounding at least four people. A short time later, Israeli troops shot and killed an armed Palestinian who tried to break into another Jewish settlement in Gaza.

Earlier Monday, a Palestinian bomber killed himself and an Israeli policeman on a West Bank road. The bomber detonated a device in his car after Israeli police stopped him as he drove toward Jerusalem near the large Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim.

The incidents came after Israeli security forces said Sunday they had foiled five Palestinian bomber missions. Israeli officials are blaming Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat for the violence.

Israeli Government spokesman, Aryeh Mekel, said that the Palestinian leadership will reap the consequences of its actions. "The Palestinians are continuing with their scheme of confrontation, deterioration, and escalation and all this adds up to a very volatile situation, in which they are really playing with fire."

Israeli Police Official Urges West Bank Barriers

By VOA News

Israel's police commissioner has asked for barriers to be erected around the West Bank to prevent Palestinian terror attacks. The appeal came one day after Israeli security forces foiled five Palestinian suicide missions.

Commissioner Shlomo Aharonishky said that while his forces have prevented several terrorist attacks in recent days, police could not be expected to keep up this level of vigilance indefinitely, and that without a barrier any potential attacker could enter Israel from the West Bank.

Aharonishky stressed his support for erecting physical barriers to separate the West Bank from Israel. Some right-wing members of the government oppose the idea of "physical separation." They said this could result in the security fence being used to negotiate a formal border with the Palestinians during future talks.

Such a plan, however, does have the backing of other ministers on the right. They include Internal Security Minister Uzi Landau, who is a Likud member and has called for stronger action against the Palestinian Authority.

He presented the cabinet this week with what he called a separation program "to isolate terror." The main points of his plan include establishing a buffer zone along the West Bank, a security fence, and intensifying military operations with the objective of toppling the Palestinian Authority.

At the same time, the Israeli intelligence establishment has warned that the current wave of attacks, including a suicide bombing inside a Jewish settlement Saturday, are only likely to worsen.

This assessment was stated publicly Sunday by Israel's military intelligence director, Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi, in a television interview. He said there is "definite information about terror attacks on the way" and they could happen at any time, any place.

Remembering Menachem Begin


Israel's schools commemorated the 10th anniversary of the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin's death Monday. The teachers dedicated an hour to Begin's activities before and after the establishment of the state.

Begin headed the underground and anti-restraint Irgun organization before 1948, headed Israel's right-wing opposition from then until 1977, and became the first Prime Minister to sign a peace agreement with an Arab state - Egypt in 1978.

He is credited by some with opening the door to peace in the region, but blamed by others for being the first to recognize the "legitimate rights of the Palestinians," thus heading Israel towards the Oslo process.

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