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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 13, 2002, Vol. 10, No. 30

'No Arabs No Attacks' Bumper Sticker Investigation


The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Tuesday issued a warrant for the arrest of right-wing activist Noam Federman of the now illegal Kach organization.

Federman is under investigation for the "No Arabs No Attacks" bumper stickers being distributed nationwide. The court issued the arrest warrant in response to a police request since Federman refused to comply with a request to come for questioning.

Israeli Tanks Roll into Gaza Strip Town

By VOA News

Israeli tanks and bulldozers have occupied parts of the Palestinian town of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Tuesday's night-time incursion appears to be more retaliation for Sunday's attack by Palestinian militants who fired rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel, but caused no damage or injuries. Immediately after the attack, Israel retaliated with airstrikes, prompting Hamas militants to vow they will soon hit Israeli towns and cities with their new weapon, the Kassam-2 rocket.

Hamas said it will make no distinction between towns inside Israel and Jewish settlements in Israeli-occupied parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The U.S. government has criticized Israeli retaliatory raids on Palestinian populated areas for being "counter-productive."

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli forces killed one Palestinian policeman and arrested at least 12 suspected militants in raids in the West Bank. Among those arrested, Israeli authorities took custody of a suspected member of the militant Islamic Jihad organization.

Annan Calls for Arafat Release

By Owen Fay (VOA-New York)

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said Yasir Arafat should be released immediately from the restrictions on his freedom of movement imposed by Israel. But in return, Annan said the Palestinian leader should crack down hard on extremist groups in areas under his control.

The Secretary General's remarks came at the opening session of a U.N. committee concerned with the situation of the Palestinian people. Annan did not seek to blame one side or the other for the escalation of violence, instead making clear both Israel and the Palestinians have to take responsibility.

"In the past 16 months, the situation on the ground has deteriorated to unprecedented levels. The death toll now exceeds 1,100, with up to 20,000 injured on both sides, the overwhelming majority Palestinians. We have seen too much suffering. The deadly spiral of violence must stop. The parties should move away from confrontation and recriminations, and return to the negotiating table."

In an effort to get the talks going again, the Secretary-General made a number of proposals, first among them was the release of the Palestinian leader from what he called "virtual house arrest."

"The Palestinian leadership faces very great challenges. The destruction of the Palestinian Authority's infrastructure will only increase the difficulty it has in meetings both its political and its security commitments. Certainly, the virtual house arrest imposed on President Arafat should be lifted," Annan said.

Peres Denies Plan Includes Retreat to Pre-1967 Borders


Foreign Minister Shimon Peres issued denials that his latest agreement-in-progress with the PA's Abu Ala includes a letter from him committing Israel to withdraw to the boundaries of the state prior to the June 1967 Six Day War.

Peres denied reports originating in the Palestinian Authority that he agreed to the letter as part of the draft of the new agreement while Abu Ala and other PA officials stated the PA would not entertain any draft proposal for a Palestinian state that did not call for an Israeli withdrawal to pre-'67 borders in compliance with UN resolutions 242 and 338.

The PA statements reject all reports originating in Israel that Yasir Arafat is willing to accept a Palestinian state based on 42 percent of lands instead of the pre-1967 demands.

Assimilation Threatens To Cause Another Holocaust


Jewish Agency head Salai Meridor, Tuesday, sounded a dire warning for world Jewry: "The Jewish people will lose another six million Jews over the next 50 years as a result of assimilation,"

He told reporters at a news conference that the more pessimistic evaluations speak of 12 million lost Jews, and that, "in the 21st century, the Jewish People will decide whether their numbers in 2050 will be 12 million or 18 million." He and other experts called for extra help for families who wish to raise more than two children, and for action to strengthen Jewish identity.

Meridor announced the Agency's new demographic initiative that will report the real-time Jewish demographic situation anywhere in the world. The program will concentrate at first on the Jewish communities in the U.S., Israel, Russia and Argentina. There are currently 13.3 million Jews, of whom 5.5 million are in Israel.

If the current trends continue, it was reported, Israel will house the majority of the world's Jews by the year 2030. Current studies show that 80 percent of Jewish men and 70 percent of Jewish women marry non-Jews.

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