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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 12, 2002, Vol. 10, No. 29

Anti-Gov't Webmaster Sent for Psychiatric Evaluation


Holon resident Yigal Ben-Naftali was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Monday.

He was arrested for running anti-government websites spreading information deemed inciteful by police, against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. The court rejected a defense request to release the suspect to house arrest.

Arafat Promises No Arms Smuggling

By VOA News & IsraelNational News

U.S. officials said Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat has promised in a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell to end any arm smuggling and military cooperation with Iran by members of his Palestinian Authority.

The State Department calls the letter a positive development that must be followed up with strong and irreversible action. Arafat sent the letter to officials at the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem.

Also Monday, the State Department criticized Israel's air strikes in heavily-populated Palestinian areas in retaliation for anti-Israeli attacks. The State Department also called the firing of Palestinian rockets from the Gaza Strip to targets inside Israel a dangerous escalation of violence.

Doctors say dozens of people were injured, including four seriously in the latest attacks. For the second day in a row, Israeli aircraft hit a large compound in the center of Gaza City. The compound contains the offices of the Palestinian security and intelligence services, as well as a large prison.

Loud explosions rocked the area as fire, smoke and debris rose over the city. At the time of the attacks, streets were crowded with school children, and the explosions sent them running in panic.

Palestinians say Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City wounded at least 30 people Sunday. The missiles were a direct response for a Palestinian attack Sunday that killed to Israeli soldiers.

The army says the air raids were in response to the firing of a new kind of rocket from Gaza into Israel. The rockets, called "Qassam II," are built by members of the militant Hamas group. It was the first time such rockets had been used since violence erupted 16 months ago. Israel had threatened a strong response if the rockets were fired at Israeli towns.

Israeli cabinet minister Tzipi Livni said the Jewish state has the right to defend itself and its civilians against rocket and shooting attacks. "It is the responsibility of the Israeli government to keep security and protect the life of Israeli citizens and that is why we are fighting terror with every measure that we think is necessary. It is not only about retaliation."

More than 1,100 people, mostly Palestinians, have died since the uprising against Israeli occupation erupted in September 2000.

The victims in Sunday's terrorist shooting in a coffee shop outside a school in the southern Israeli city of Beersheva were buried Monday. Lt. Keren Rothstein, 20, from Ashkelon, was laid to rest in the military section of the Ashkelon cemetery, and Cpl. Aya Malachi, 18, of Moshav Ein HaBesor, was buried in her home community.

Three women wounded in the attack remain hospitalized in the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, including one in serious/critical condition.

The terrorist who was later found to be wearing an explosives-laden vest was killed outside the gates of an elementary school in which many classes were underway. Police investigators have determined that his plan was in fact to carry out his suicide explosion inside the building.

A 6th-grade teacher told Arutz-7, "We heard a round of shots. The father of one of the pupils came and told us to get into a classroom and told us to lie on the floor. Spontaneously, all the children began to recite Tehillim (Psalms)."

Police have learned that Arabs with Israeli citizenship assisted the two terrorists in getting to Beersheva from the Hebron area and in directing them to a suitable target. Prior to the attack, one of the terrorists stayed in the home of a local Israeli-Arab. The Arabs drove to the scene of their murderous attack in a car stolen from Israel two weeks ago.

Minister's Daughter Resigns from Pilot Training


When Na'amah Landau learned she would be a navigator and not a combat helicopter pilot as hoped, she told her commanders she was dropping out of the air force's prestigious pilot training program.

Landau, the daughter of Minister of Internal Security Uzi Landau, was rated as among the brighter cadets in her class, maintaining her own against the majority male population.

She told her commanders that she had no intentions of being seated in the rear seat in a navigational capacity and as such, has decided to leave the program.

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