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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 1, 2002, Vol. 10, No. 22

Swiss Favor Shechitah, Swedes Against Brit Milah


The Department of Justice in Switzerland is initiating legislation to legalize Jewish ritual slaughter. The practice was outlawed over 100 years ago.

But in Sweden, the Jewish community is up in arms over legislation restricting ritual circumcision.

Sharon is Sorry Israel Didn't Kill Arafat

By VOA News

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he is sorry Israel did not kill Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in 1982, when the army had him surrounded in Beirut.

Sharon, who was defense minister at the time, told the Israeli newspaper Maariv there was an agreement in Lebanon not to "liquidate" Arafat. He said all things considered, he now regrets that decision.

Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 to try to crush the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The raid came after Palestinian terrorists tried to assassinate the Israeli ambassador to Great Britain.

Sharon has been accused of war crimes for the 1982 massacre of Palestinian refugees by Lebanese Christian militiamen allied with Israel. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat quickly denounced the Sharon's remarks and said they prove that "Israel still wants to kill the Palestinian leader.

"When a prime minister declares his gangster-like intentions, it highlights the kind of government he has. Sharon's words are very dangerous. By saying that he regretted not assassinating Arafat in 1982, Sharon means he want to fix his mistake."

The United States mildly rebuked Sharon for his statement. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said: "I didn't have any particular comment. Obviously we look to both sides, including the Israeli government, to avoid remarks that inflame the situation... Remarks like these can be unhelpful."

Airport to Increase Security


Ben-Gurion International Airport Director-General Gabi Ofir announced that security would be increased following two serious blunders in the last week. In one case, a 52mm military illumination flare was loaded onto a flight to Johannesburg inside a passenger's suitcase.

The second case involved a handgun that made its way from Tel Aviv to New York City, unnoticed by any of the security personnel.

Ofir added that investigations into the security deficiencies are underway and the persons responsible would be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

Rubenstein Outlaws Bumper Sticker


Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein has ordered an investigation into the printing and disseminating of the bumper sticker "No Arabs, No Terror Attacks."

Rubenstein stated that the sticker was a violation of the laws against incitement to racism and instructed the police to take action in the matter. Right-wing activists had requested that the Justice Ministry permit the slogan under Freedom of Speech. The phrase is sported on many bumper stickers and T-shirts throughout the country.

Hamas: There is No Need for Female Suicide Bombers


Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin stated on Thursday there was no need for female suicide bombers, explaining they as is, his organization remains unable to meet all the requests for the many males waiting to become suicide bombers.

In an interview in a London-based Islamic publication, Yassin added that there are some difficulties using females as suicide bombers according to Islamic law.

More than 2,000 Palestinian residents were on hand Thursday afternoon for a symbolic funeral service held in PA-controlled Ramallah for the female suicide bomber who perpetrated the Jan. 27 bombing attack on Jerusalem's Jaffe Street that claimed one innocent life and left about 172 persons wounded.

A Jewish-American Ice Teen Queen In Salt Lake City?

By Steve K. Walz, TV Critics Assoc. of America

Hang on to your yarmulkes folks, 17-year-old Los Angeles teen ice skating sensation - Sasha Cohen, has landed a spot on the USA's Olympic figure skating squad.

After pushing Michelle Kwan to the limit two years ago at the U.S. Nationals, Cohen suffered a series of physical maladies in 2001, which forced her to the sidelines.

Now, after recuperating and dealing with a growth spurt of nearly four inches since 2000, Cohen wowed a jam-packed arena at last week's U.S. National Championships, with Kwan looking over her shoulders. She copped a silver medal last Saturday night, after a scintillating short-program propelled over several well-known U.S. competitors.

Ironically, Cohen is also a huge Kwan fan. This five-foot bolt of energy could make the U.S. Figure Skating team a formidable squad at the Olympic Games this month.

Galit Chait, who holds dual American-Israeli citizenship will join her ice dancing partner Sergei Sakhnovky on the Israeli Olympic squad in Salt Lake City.

Chait and Sakhnovky are among the Top Five Ice Dancing squads on the planet and could bring home a medal for Israel, which would be its first ever in Winter Olympic competition.

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