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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 2fax0102.txt
India Deploys Israeli Hi-Tech War Equipment
Physician: Fatal Rabin Bullets Not from Amir
New Gas Mask Fails the Test newsletter: 2fax0103.txt
Israel Concerned Over French Anti-Semitism
Zinni to Focus on Dismantling Palestinian Terrorist Cells
Hadash Bill Would Legalize Attacks On Israelis
Egyptian TV Channel Broadcasts in Hebrew to Israel
A Circumcision in Ashkelon newsletter: 2fax0104.txt
Palestinians Storing Missiles and Rockets To Use Against Israel
Israeli Troops Stage Pull-Out as Zinni Arrives
Russia Urges Israel to Let Arafat Attend Bethlehem Services
Jews Denied Permission To Pray At Rabbi's Grave
Abu Kabir Operating Organ Warehouse newsletter: 2fax0107.txt
Saddam Hussein: Iraqi Army Could Defeat Any Attack
UK Newspaper Says Arms-Laden Boat Was Probably Iraqi newsletter: 2fax0108.txt
It's Snowing In Jerusalem
Palestinian Captain Talks About Seized Weapons Ship newsletter: 2fax0109.txt
Netanyahu Visits Pollard in Prison
U.S.: Credible Evidence Links Palestinians to Weapons Ship
Israel To India: We'll Help You Fight Terrorism
Nazi Filmmaker Releases New Work newsletter: 2fax0110.txt
Israel Retaliates for Deadly Raid by Hamas
Congress Aiding Holocaust Survivor Recover Paintings newsletter: 2fax0111.txt
Bumper Sticker Outlawed
Islamic Jihad Cancels Agreement With Arafat
Israel Negotiates Compensation For Failed Radar Plane Sale
Shakshuka in the Big Apple newsletter: 2fax0114.txt
Tourism Ministry Appoints 200 "Ambassadors"
Sharon Reprimands Ministers
Israel Encourages French Jews to Emigrate newsletter: 2fax0116.txt
15,000+ Attend Terrorist's Funeral
Palestinians Arrest PFLP Leader
Arabs Lynch Elderly Jewish Man newsletter: 2fax0117.txt
Peres Orders Iranian 'Black Book'
Arafat Under Fire for Arresting Militant Leader
Russians are Investigating Anti-Semitism in Siberia
Return To Ellis Island newsletter: 2fax0118.txt
Israel Tightens Blockade, Palestinian Gunman Killed
Netanyahu Calls For End To P.A.
Palestine Post Archives Now Online
Papers Reveal Nazi Aim: End Christianity newsletter: 2fax0121.txt
Free Press Group Condemns Bombing of Palestinian Radio
Palestinians March in Support of Arafat
Egypt Hosts Holy Land Clerics of Three Faiths
60th Anniversary Of Nazis' Final Solution Meeting newsletter: 2fax0122.txt
Revoke Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize
Israel Occupies West Bank Town of Tulkarm
Mideast Religious Leaders Condemn Killing of Innocents
What Killed King Herod? newsletter: 2fax0123.txt
Israel Plans Strong Response After Shooting in Jerusalem
Muslims Recognize "Freedom Of Worship" - But Not For Jews
Yad Vashem Website: Expanded version of Auschwitz Album newsletter: 2fax0124.txt
Bin-Laden's Men Find Refuge In Syria And Lebanon
Sharon to be Tried in Brussels?
Hizbullah and Israel Clash
Israel Knesset Speaker Plans to Address Palestinian Lawmakers
Helping N. American Jews Come Home newsletter: 2fax0125.txt
U.S., Israel Alarmed By Egyptian Maneuvers
Israeli Air Strike in Gaza
Beirut Blast Kills Former Christian Militia Chief
CBS TV Finds the Reich Stuff: Hitler newsletter: 2fax0128.txt
Arab Minister Quits Israeli Government
Israeli Dies in Attack by Woman Suicide Bomber
Missile Launchers Moved To Palestinian Cities
Security Blunder at Ben-Gurion Airport newsletter: 2fax0129.txt
Israeli Islamic Leader Rejects Temple History
Palestinian Motorist Killed After Running Down Israelis
White House: Arafat Must Do More to End Violence
Israel Protests School Talk by Terrorist's Daughter in Tokyo
Jewish Leaders Thank Lithuania for Returning Torahs newsletter: 2fax0130.txt
Israel Considers Jerusalem Security Plan
Some Israeli Reservists Refuse Territories Duty
El Al: Another Major Security Blunder newsletter: 2fax0131.txt
Arab Ministers Vow to Fight Terrorism
Peres: Iran Developing Long Range Ballistic Missiles
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Wounds Two Israelis
Egyptian Man Sentenced for Having Too Many Wives
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