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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 1fax1203.txt
Hitchhiking Outlawed for Soldiers in Uniform
24 Hours Of Terror In Israel
Sharon Rushes Back to Israel to Decide On Response newsletter: 1fax1204.txt
Jordan Sentences Abu Nidal To Death
Sharon: Israel Now in 'War on Terrorism.'
U.S. Notes Israel's Right to Self-Defense
Pollard "Sitting" Shiva newsletter: 1fax1205.txt
Hapoel Tel Aviv Beats Locomotiv Moscow
Bush Calls on Allies to Rid Middle East of Terrorists
Israel Attacks More Palestinian Targets
Islamic Scholars, World Leaders, Condemn Suicide Bombings newsletter: 1fax1206.txt
Islamic Jihad Claims Latest Jerusalem Bombing
Palestinians Put Hamas Leader Under House Arrest
IDF Orders Six Palestinians to Strip at Gaza Checkpoint
Giuliani to Launch Chanukah Festivities on Ben-Yehuda Mall newsletter: 1fax1207.txt
Stand-Off Continues: Palestinian Militants vs. Gaza Police
TV Special: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Delta Airlines Scraps Route to Israel
High Court Bars Jews from Temple Mount on Chanukah
Born Again Jews newsletter: 1fax1210.txt
Tel Aviv Cafe for Holocaust Survivors
Sharon: Israel May Step Up Offensive
New York Officials Tour Jerusalem
Chanukah in America newsletter: 1fax1211.txt
Israeli Missiles Kill Two Palestinian Children
Americans Divided on Creation of a Palestinian State
Jihad Website Sparks Concern
WWII Relics Returned to Croatia
Average Wage Nears NIS 7,000 (approx. $1,663) newsletter: 1fax1212.txt
Annan: Arafat 'Only Palestinian Spokesman'
Peres: Peace Still Possible, but Arafat Must Prevent Terror
Israeli Teens Arrested for 'Goner' Worm
The True "Face" of Arafat
Jerusalem Court Rules Against Lighting Chanukah Candles newsletter: 1fax1213.txt
Terrorists Kill 10 Israelis, Jets Hit Palestinian Targets
Arafat: Sharon Trying to Oust Me
The Mission: Revitalizing North American Aliyah
MKs Concerned Over Meals On Board Flights To and From Israel newsletter: 1fax1214.txt
Jerusalem Resident Gets OK to Light Chanukah Candles
Israeli Retaliation in West Bank Continues
Fake Degree Investigation Starts in Israel
The Neiman Marcus Dreidel newsletter: 1fax1217.txt
Arafat Urges End to Suicide Bombings
Arafat: Mossad Killed Ze'evi
How Do Non-Christians Feel During U.S. Christmas Holiday? newsletter: 1fax1218.txt
Arafat Turns to Libyan Leader for Assistance
Fighting Escalates One Day After Arafat Plea
U.S. Officials Spread False Media Reports Of Israeli Spying
Court Favors Opening a Non-Kosher Jerusalem McDonald's newsletter: 1fax1219.txt
IDF Commander Warns: A Non-Conventional Attack Possible
Violence Appears To Have Decreased in Territories
Tourism Minister: If PA Loses War, Arabs will be Expelled
China Seeks Solution From Israel on Failed Radar Deal newsletter: 1fax1220.txt
U.S. European Officials Encouraged by Mideast Calm
Israelis Want More Aliyah; Arabs Want More Suicide Attacks
No Early Release for Rabin Assassin
Teachers Union Responds to Diploma Scandal
High Security Identification Cards newsletter: 1fax1221.txt
Israel Re-enters Nablus Hours After Withdrawal
Negev Residents on Strike
Website Works to Revoke Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize
Two Israeli Arabs Behind Planned Chemical Terror Attack
Israel Develops Anthrax Vaccine
HaTikvah: On Its Way To Becoming Official newsletter: 1fax1224.txt
Israel Will Block Arafat from Christmas Mass in Bethlehem
French Ambassador Curses Israel
Israeli Flag: Blue, White and Lego newsletter: 1fax1227.txt
Israel to Complain to U.N. About Iran
Israeli Tanks Raid Palestinian Village
Tempers Flare Over Arafat Name Calling in the Knesset
Poll: Most Palestinians Want Ceasefire
Vital Information for Holocaust Survivors newsletter: 1fax1228.txt
Israel Extends Travel Ban on Arafat
Israeli High Court Rejects Sharon Anti-Terror Advisor
'Shoe Bomber' Suspect Visited Israel
Egged Begins New Prayer Bus Service newsletter: 1fax1231.txt
Six Palestinian Militants Die in Gaza Strip
Iran Rejects Israeli Charges to U.N.
The Oldest Synagogue in the U.S.
Principal, Teacher Suspended for Burning a New Testament
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