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>JN Nov. 30, 2001, Vol. 9, No. 199

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Bomber Kills Self and Three Others on Israeli Bus

By VOA News

Israeli police said a Palestinian suicide bomber has killed himself and at least three passengers on a bus in northern Israel. The Thursday blast came as U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni met separately with Israeli and Palestinian security chiefs for talks aimed at forging a ceasefire to end 14 months of bloodshed.

Israeli police said six other passengers were wounded in the explosion. The bus was traveling the main highway between Hadera and Afula. Both towns have been targeted before by Palestinian bombers.

The blast took place at about 8:30 p.m, after a well-dressed Arab male boarded at Wadi Ara Junction. According to bus driver 23-year-old Tal Goldberg, who survived the blast, the man boarded the bus but two persons that accompanied him remained at the bus stop. Another survivor explained seeing the man getting on, then feeling head pain and hearing a large explosion. Goldberg added that fortunately, there were few passengers on the bus at the time of the attack.

The powerful blast tore off a large section of the bus, killing three innocent persons and injuring six. The injured were transported to Hillel Yafeh Hospital in Hadera. Others complaining of anxiety and related symptoms began making their way to the hospital later in the night.

Israeli government spokesman Avi Pazner said Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat was responsible for the blast. He said the attack was aimed at undermining the U.S. envoy's peace mission. The Palestinian Authority issued a statement condemning the attack.

Earlier, Israeli troops killed two Palestinians at a West Bank roadblock and an Israeli was shot dead elsewhere in the occupied territory.

In one incident, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a driver who they say was trying to run a checkpoint in the Jordan River Valley. A second man was killed by a stray bullet as he waited in line in a different car. Palestinians say the driver of the first car was making a U-turn after growing frustrated with the long wait at the checkpoint.

Elsewhere, one Israeli was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting near a Palestinian village on the dividing line between the West Bank and Israel.

Before meeting the retired general, the head of Palestinian Preventive Security in the West Bank, Jibril Rajoub, told the Voice of Palestine radio that the Palestinian Authority demands all factions observe a ceasefire.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon insisted that there be a full seven days without Palestinian attacks of any sort before he will agree to start truce talks. He also demanded that Arafat arrest militants, dismantle what he called terror groups, and confiscate illegal weapons. Palestinian officials said Sharon's demand for a week of complete calm is unrealistic and a ploy to block progress.

Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres are at odds about Israel's approach. Peres has argued that Palestinian authorities cannot crack down on militants and risk civil war without real prospects for re-starting peace talks.

AP Quotes Mubarak as Denying Missile Reports

By News

The Associated Press reported that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak vehemently denied that North Korea is providing Egypt with long-range missiles. He suggested that Israel might be behind the reports in an attempt to undermine U.S.-Egyptian relations.

"This is totally false and incorrect," Mubarak told Egypt's Middle East News Agency. "I have repeatedly said that we are not endeavoring to obtain these kinds of weapons and we do not plan to do so because we do not have aggressive intentions."

AP said it was told by a congressional source that Congress will investigate reports North Korea is providing Egypt with long-range missiles. But the Egyptian news agency said Mubarak was reacting to reports in Israeli media.

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