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>JN Nov. 19, 2001, Vol. 9, No. 192

Powell to Speak on Moving Mideast Peace Process Ahead

By VOA News

Secretary of State Colin Powell is set to give a major speech Monday on how to move the deadlocked Mideast peace process forward.

On Sunday, Powell said there will be no new initiative. Instead, he said the U.S.-backed Mitchell plan -- a step-by-step process from ceasefire to negotiations -- is solid. But Powell said the two sides must start talking to each other so a real ceasefire can begin.

Late Sunday, the Israeli army said it killed two armed Palestinians trying to sneak into a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. Hours earlier, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told a visiting European Union delegation there must be seven days of total calm with no Israeli-Palestinian violence before implementing the Mitchell plan.

He also urged the E.U. to stop giving money to the Palestinian Authority, which he says spends it on weapons to use against Israel. Sharon recommended the money instead be given directly to the Palestinian people to establish industry and infrastructure. The European Union earmarked tens of millions of dollars in 2001 to help the Palestinians.

Abu Dhabi Anti-Semitic Incitement

By & Ha'aretz

The Israeli Foreign Ministry will submit a serious complaint to the United Nations against Abu Dhabi for broadcasting a TV program of a skit in which Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is portrayed drinking Palestinian blood.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said he would use a video recording of the scene in the Israeli public relations campaign. "The broadcast shows a culture of incitement and blood-libels," Cabinet Secretary Gideon Sa'ar told reporters.

Abu Dhabi television, considered one of the most popular satellite stations in the Middle East, on Saturday broadcast a "comedy" show which displayed an actor impersonating Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and drinking the blood of Palestinian children.

In the show, Sharon was portrayed as a bloodthirsty terrorist whose primary business is the draining and drinking of Arab blood. He is seen sitting opposite a man dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, with kippah and sidelocks, who is apparently meant to represent an Israeli citizen. He explains how the bottles of Arab blood are his life-source.
In another scene, an actor playing the role of Dracula is seen about to sink his teeth into "Sharon," who is portrayed as a terrorist throughout the skit. Immediately, the camera shifts to a news broadcast in which the newsreader reports that Dracula is dead, and that the cause is the fact that he drank "cruel, cold and polluted blood." The newsreader then concludes: "Sharon has taken responsibility for the incident."

An official at Abu Dhabi television told Ha'aretz by telephone that the program "is a comedy, that was not produced by our station." Asked about the program's content, he replied: "I am not interested in getting into political issues."

Sharon: Week Without Violence or No Talks

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he is sticking to his demand that the Palestinians provide seven days without violence as a pre-condition for reviving the peace process. Sharon made his remarks at a news conference in Jerusalem with a high-level delegation of European Union officials.

Sharon made it clear he will not give up his demand for a full week without violence before Israel agrees to offer any concessions to the Palestinians. He made his remarks in answer to a question about the U.S. position on how to carry out peace recommendations by former Senator George Mitchell.

The Mitchell report calls for a series of confidence-building measures including a freeze on the building of new homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Sharon repeated his position that no such steps could even be contemplated without seven days of complete quiet.

Scholar Announces Publication of Dead Sea Scrolls

By VOA News

After 54 years of excitement and hard work, an Israeli scholar has announced publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Many of the 900 scrolls are more than 2,200 years old and show what the Hebrew Bible looked like more 2,000 years ago. They are also invaluable documents of Jewish history. The scrolls were discovered in caves overlooking the Dead Sea in Israel between 1947 and 1956.

Prof. Emmanuel Tov took charge of the project of translating the scrolls in 1991. He said he could not have completed the project without computers, e-mail and digital photography.

One of the scrolls contains a Hebrew song of thanksgiving, which Tov dedicated to the city of New York for surviving the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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