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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 14, 2001, Vol. 9, No. 189

'Late Wedding' Wins Best Israeli Film Award

By Israel Faxx Staff

Dover Kosashvili's "Late Wedding" (Hatuna Meuheret) reaped most of the prizes at the Israeli Academy for Film and Television Awards, held in Tel Aviv on Monday night.

The film won best movie, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best script, best editing and best sound-track.

The film will be sent to represent Israel in the Foreign Language Film category at the U.S. Academy Awards.

Justice Minister Comes To Defense Of Kahane


Justice Minister Meir Shetreet, sometimes known as the Likud's token left-winger, criticized the U.S. for its decision to include the Kahane Chai and Kahane organizations in its list of terrorist organizations.

"These two do not carry out violence today," he said, "and it's not logical that they should be on the same list as Osama bin-Laden or Hamas." He was quoted to this effect in the Toronto Star, and his office confirmed the remarks to Arutz-7.

On a call-in show later in the day, many Arutz-7 listeners expressed their astonishment that the U.S. had included these two organizations on a list of terrorist organizations.

Top Palestinian Official: Refugees Must Give Up Right of Return

By VOA News

The Palestinian Authority's Jerusalem representative says refugees must understand they have to give up their demand for right of return to land lost to Israel in 1948.

Sari Nusseibeh told reporters Tuesday in exchange, Israel must come recognize that 400,000 Jewish settlers will have to leave the West Bank and Gaza Strip if there can ever be a peace agreement. Nusseibeh said the settlers cannot remain in those areas if there is to be a Palestinian state.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said last week that a Palestinian state may be the best way to resume peace talks. But Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is unlikely to support uprooting Jewish settlers.
Nusseibeh also called it a "deal breaker" if Palestinians insist that four million return to their former homes inside Israel, something he says Israel clearly cannot accept. Most of those refugees live in the West Bank and Gaza, and in camps in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Nusseibeh's proposals have caused fury among Palestinian refugee groups, who demand that Yasir Arafat fire him.

Israel Rejects Call for Pullout

By VOA News

A Palestinian woman was killed during a gunfight between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in the West Bank town of Tulkarm, where Israeli troops remain despite international calls for their withdrawal.

The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council urged Israel to withdraw from all Palestinian areas where it has made military incursions and to ensure greater restraint by the Israeli army. The statement also called on the Palestinian Authority to take all possible stops to put an end to violence.

Israel responded saying it has no interest remaining in Palestinian-ruled areas, but that it will not remove its forces from Tulkarm and Jenin in the West Bank until Palestinian security forces restrain militants and prevent anti-Israeli violence.

Israeli forces made a brief incursion into a Palestinian controlled area of the Gaza Strip early Tuesday after an explosion near a Jewish settlement.

Ohio Hearing for 11 Israelis Arrested After Sept. 11 Attacks

By Yam Yehoshua (Courtesy of Ha'aretz)

Eleven Israelis being held in Ohio for illegally working in the United States will soon appear before a federal immigration judge. The Israelis were arrested shortly after the September 11 terror attacks.

According to Israel's Foreign Ministry, some 100 Israelis have been arrested throughout the U.S. as part of a crackdown on illegal foreign workers following the terror attacks.

Other Israelis are being held in St. Louis, Sacramento and Philadelphia. In nine days, five Israelis who were arrested in New York immediately after the attacks, are to return to Israel after their deportation orders have been signed.

The Israelis held in Ohio are: Rachel Sabag, Uri Ben-Tur, Shulamit Amram, Liron Diamant, Shahar Barkai, Liron Arbus, Benny Cohen, Yaniv Hani, Asaf Mansour, Itay Hashay and Oren Bar. They arrived in the United States separately and worked - probably without valid work visas- for an Israeli employer selling toys in a Cleveland mall.

Although relatives of the Israelis understand the predicament faced by the U.S. in the wake of the terror attacks, they expressed frustration at the arrests.

Bat Chen Sabag, Rachel's sister said, "The situation is so absurd that they asked my sister whether she knew how to prepare or neutralize bombs. One of the girls called and said they were handcuffed to chairs and that they were encouraged not to hire lawyers because that would delay their release."

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