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>JN Nov. 12, 2001, Vol. 9, No. 187

El Al Requests Sky Marshals on Domestic US Routes


Israel has filed an official request with U.S. transportation officials to permit its sky marshals on board domestic U.S. flights on Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami routes.

According to the request made by Minister of Transportation Ephraim Sneh, if U.S. officials will not permit Israeli agents on the flights, Israel will at least demand the deployment of American agents trained by Israeli security agencies.

Report: Bin Laden Admits Launching Attacks on U.S.

By the Sunday Telegraph

The (UK) Sunday Telegraph reported Sunday that Osama bin Laden admitted that he and his al-Qaida network were responsible for the terrorist assault on the United States. The newspaper claimed possession of a video in which bin Laden admits responsibility and called the sites that were hit "legitimate targets."

Bin Laden described the killing of thousands of people as "justified... because they were not ordinary citizens but worked for the American system." He said it is "every Muslim's duty to kill Jews."

Bin Laden also said that killing Americans was "legal from a religious point of view" and that history would judge that it had been a worthy deed.

Alleged Traitor Arrested in Israel

By, Ha'aretz and Itim

Mark Idan, a Catholic and Australian citizen who was born in Italy, has been arrested and indicted for volunteering his espionage services to Iran. Idan received new-immigrant status after he married an Israeli; the couple later divorced.

In 1998, Idan entered the Iranian Embassy in Cyprus and informed a clerk that he is an Israeli soldier who would like to spy for Iran. He was in touch with the Embassy twice more, and finally the Iranians turned down his offer.

Idan served in the IDF and identified himself to Iranian officials as an Israeli citizen, willing to serve Iran according to the charges. The Shin Bet security service and the police detained and began questioning Idan on October 31, however the gag order on the information was only relaxed Sunday.
During questioning, Idan admitted to sailing to Cyprus with the intention of offering his services to Iran. Between 1983 and 1987, Idan worked in several countries before arriving in Israel.

In Israel he met his wife, obtaining Israeli citizenship and permanent resident status when they married. He was then required to serve in the IDF.

Arafat Urges UN Observers to Protect Palestinians

By VOA News

Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat has accused Israel of state terrorism against Palestinians, and he repeated his call for the United Nations to send an observer force to protect Palestinians from Israeli troops.

On the second day of debate at the U.N. General Assembly in New York Sunday, Arafat said a U.N. observer force would also help consolidate a ceasefire between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel has rejected the deployment of an international observer force and has accused Palestinian authorities of failing to crack down on terrorists.

The United States said it would not attend a Geneva Convention conference next month dealing with the security of Palestinian civilians in Israeli-occupied territories.

The State Department said it believed such a meeting will be counterproductive and has no legal basis under the Convention, which the United States strongly supports.

Israel to Stay in Two West Bank Towns

By VOA News

Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said Israeli troops would remain in two Palestinian-ruled towns in the West Bank, despite international pressure for their withdrawal.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem Sunday, Ben-Eliezer said there are clear warnings that Palestinians are planning to launch new terrorist attacks against Israel from the two towns, Jenin and Tulkarem.

Ben-Eliezer warned that Palestinian radicals are plotting to carry out attacks that are more lethal than in the past. He acknowledged that the level of violence has fallen in recent days, but said Israel must remain vigilant.

One Israeli civilian was killed and another wounded Sunday when a suspected Palestinian gunman opened fire on a car in central Israel. An Israeli spokesman said the attack took place at the entrance to an agricultural commune near the town of Kfar Sava.

Netanya Links with Cincinnati's Jews


As part of the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 Project, cities in Israel are twinned with Jewish communities in cities and countries abroad.

The linkages include ties between schools, assistance with immigrant absorption, joint promotion of leadership programs and other projects designed to increase Israel-Diaspora connectedness.

The new partnerships are between Netanya and Cincinnati, and Ramleh and Kansas City, bringing to more than 80 the number of participating Israeli communities, twinned with over 500 Jewish communities worldwide.

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