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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 1fax0912.txt
Bush Vows Punishment for U.S. Terror Attacks
U.S. Muslims Shocked at Attacks
U.S. Embassies on High Alert newsletter: 1fax0913.txt
Israeli Forces Enter Jericho
Arafat Was Connected With First WTC Bombing
Israeli Leaders Warn Against Weapons of Mass Destruction newsletter: 1fax0914.txt
Suicide Bombers Praised
Israeli Tanks Move into West Bank
Jewish Museum Opens in Berlin
New New Testament newsletter: 1fax0917.txt
Poll 11/00: 73% of Palestinians Supported U.S. Suicide Attacks
Beware the Second Wave
Bin Laden's Scattered Legions
Sharon Demands '48 Hours' of Calm newsletter: 1fax0920.txt
Israel, Palestinians Observing Ceasefire
Israel-Palestinian Violence Triggers Christian Arab Exodus
FBI Detains 5 Israelis for 'Puzzling Behavior' newsletter: 1fax0921.txt
Demand for Chinese-made U.S, Flags Skyrockets
Dozens of Israelis Remain Missing in NYC
Israeli Intelligence Blames Iraq
Continuing Violence Threatens Mideast Ceasefire newsletter: 1fax0924.txt
Israelis Dusting Off Their Gas Masks
Israel Cancels Talks with Palestinians
Sharon Pledges Full Israeli Support for U.S. Effort
U.S. Denies Report That Israel Warned of Militants' Entry newsletter: 1fax0925.txt
Israel to Provide El Al with War & Terrorism Insurance
Mofaz: Israel Ready in the Event of an Iraqi Attack
Israel Sets West Bank Buffer Zone
Sharon: Israel Will Create a Palestinian State
Jews in Afghanistan Under the Taliban newsletter: 1fax0926.txt
Islamic Leader in Israel Calls for Bush to Convert to Islam
Sharon Cancels Meeting with Jack Straw
Peres Defends Arafat As Netanyahu Goes On Offensive
Israel Remains in the Middle
Join the Jewish People in Proclaiming 'Shema Yisrael'
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