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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 1fax0702.txt
East Jerusalem School Children File Suit
Helicopter Attack Kills Three Palestinian Militants
Israeli Cabinet Rejects Law That Would Bar Extradition
Ukraine Rabbi: Let My People Know newsletter: 1fax0703.txt
Iranian Apprehended Trying to Cross into Israel
Israeli Motorist Killed in West Bank
The U.S.-Saudi Deal newsletter: 1fax0705.txt
Hizbullah in Lebanon Warns Government Not to Destroy Drug Crops
Israel Endorses Targeted Response to Palestinian Attacks
Indyk: PA Violence Was Always a Means to an End
Peres Pushes Arafat's Position
Zhirinovsky Admits his Father was Jewish newsletter: 1fax0706.txt
Chirac Warns Sharon Against Weakening Arafat
Germany Urges Israel to be More Flexible on Settlements
Syrian Foreign Minister Warns of Mideast War
Mideast Violence Impacts Jerusalem Tourism newsletter: 1fax0709.txt
School for Teaching English Rents in Beersheva
Assad: Israel Aims For Middle East War
Syria, Iraq Appear to be Engaged in War Preparations
Wagner Music Causes Controversy in Israel newsletter: 1fax0710.txt
Bomb Threat Causes Tel Aviv Airport Delays
Bombs in West Bank and Gaza: Violence Escalates
Israelis Demolish Palestinian Houses
Hizbullah Warns U.N. Against Sharing Video with Israel newsletter: 1fax0711.txt
Sharon: Settle the Golan
Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes, Washington Protests
U.S. Supports Israeli Demand for U.N. Video
Assad Says U.N. Resolutions are Key to Mideast Peace newsletter: 1fax0712.txt
Saddam Hussein: Arab Nations, Aim Your Weapons at Israel
Three Palestinians Die in West Bank
Powell Appeals For Calm In Mideast
Ashrawi to be Arab League Spokeswoman newsletter: 1fax0713.txt
Jerusalem Passport Office Closed for a Wedding
Israelis Shell Nablus after Settlers Wounded
Arafat: "Kill as Many 'Settlers' as You Can"
Peres: Arafat Should Begin Talking Peace newsletter: 1fax0716.txt
Egypt Threatens Israel
Israeli Agents Abduct Islamic Militant
Peres Meets with Arafat in Cairo
Is Violence Keeping Away Immigrants to Israel? newsletter: 1fax0717.txt
EU Calls On Israel To Accept Deployment Of Neutral Monitors
Suicide Bombing in Israel
Suicide Bombers' Tactics for Maximum Civilian Deaths by Amos Harel (Courtesy of Ha'aretz) newsletter: 1fax0718.txt
India Buys Israeli Arms Technology
Saddam Hussein: Arabs Must be Suicide Bombers Against Israel
Israeli Helicopter Gunships Kill Four in Bethlehem
Israeli Forces Remain on High Alert
Muslims Seek God's Forgiveness After Eating Bacon Pizza newsletter: 1fax0719.txt
Extra Israeli Forces in West Bank
Crack Iranian Troops Target Rockets on Israel
New Book Details U.S. Culpability in Wallenberg's Betrayal newsletter: 1fax0720.txt
Netanya Bomb was Criminal, Not Terrorist
Extremist Settlers Kill Three West Bank Palestinians
Israeli Arabs Arrested on Conspiracy to Perpetrate Attack
Nile River Blamed for Flooding Ancient Cities
Possible Identification of Biblical Gath newsletter: 1fax0723.txt
War Preparations Around The World
Israel Fires Missiles at Hamas Leader's Home
Israeli Police Discover Bombs in Haifa
CIA Tells UPI: Israel Will Attack newsletter: 1fax0724.txt
Terrorist Camps For Arab Children
Israeli Police Kill Suspected Militant in West Bank
Israel Returns Lebanese Pilot's Body
Jerusalem Police Ban Jews from Temple Mount on 9 Av
West Bank Drought Increasing Palestinians' Hardships newsletter: 1fax0725.txt
U.S. Citizen Convicted of Spying for Israel
Israeli Teenager Shot, Stabbed To Death
Palestinians Clash with Gaza Police
Vatican Denies Access to Pius XII Holocaust Investigators newsletter: 1fax0726.txt
Israeli, Palestinian Peace Activists Call for End to Bloodshed
Monitors for the Middle East - What to Expect?
Ambulances Will Stop For Red Lights "Even On Calls" newsletter: 1fax0727.txt
Proposal To Encourage Emigration
Possible War Crimes Charges May Keep Israeli Leaders Home
Bombs in West Bank Follow Funeral
Controversy Erupts Over Moves to Equate Zionism with Racism
Terrorists Call for Confrontation with Temple Mount Faithful newsletter: 1fax0730.txt
Israeli Actress Saves Austrian Tourist
Israeli Police Storm Mosque-Temple Mount Complex
Arab Terrorists Threaten Israel's Chief Rabbis newsletter: 1fax0731.txt
Worldwide Orthodox Minyan Database
Arab Countries Warn Israel about New Temple
Israeli Helicopters Fire On Palestinian Police HQ
Robinson to Arabs: End Attempts to Label Israel 'Racist'
How Do You Say "Frappuccino" in Hebrew?
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