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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 1fax0607.txt
Israel Accused of Expelling 4 Lebanese Asylum-Seekers
CIA Director Meeting with Mideast Leaders
Wagner Music: A Sensitive Subject in Israel newsletter: 1fax0608.txt
Jordanian Man Sentenced in Connection to Tel Aviv Bus Bombing
Israeli, Palestinian Security Chiefs to Meet Friday
Israeli-Arab Escapes From P.A.
Israeli Humor newsletter: 1fax0611.txt
Maccabiah Games In Danger
Israel, Palestinian Meeting with CIA Chief Postponed
Terrorist Group Vows to Recapture Enclave from Israel
Palestinians Rhetorically Blast Israel newsletter: 1fax0612.txt
Baby Dies After Palestinian Stoning Attack
Sharon Urges Angry Mourners to Give Ceasefire a Chance
Annan Heads to Mideast
Lawmaker's Comments Enflame Israel's Knesset
Permits Required for Palestinians Entering Jordan newsletter: 1fax0613.txt
U.N. Sec'y. Gen, Begins Tour to End MidEast Violence
Palestinians Accept Plan to End Mideast Violence
Israelis Using Ammunition That Propels High Speed Metal Arrows
Lebanon's Hizbullah Fires On Israeli Warplanes
Palestinian Youth Favor Suicide Terrorism
Ambassador Says Turning Point in Violence May Have Been Reached
Express Electric Train Service Planned newsletter: 1fax0614.txt
200 Jews Remain in Syria
Next Two Days Crucial For Mideast Cease-fire
Bush Says Middle East Cease-fire is First Step
Annan Supports Israeli-Palestinian Cease-Fire
Israeli Army Says Controversial Ammo Use Was A Mistake newsletter: 1fax0615.txt
Fatal Shooting During Israeli-Palestinian Cease-fire
Powell Calls for Maximum Effort to Implement Cease-fire
PA Interfered with Israeli Elections
Computer Hacker 'Analyzer' Sentenced newsletter: 1fax0618.txt
Powell: More Progress Needed To End Violence
Sharon Rejects Proposed Three-way Talks with Arafat
British TV Airs Controversial Program Angering Israelis
Hamas Leader Stranded at Amman Airport newsletter: 1fax0619.txt
Helping Israel
Two Israeli Settlers Killed, Straining Cease-Fire
Israel Slams BBC Program for Calling Sharon a War Criminal
Turkey, Israel and U.S, Hold Combined Air Exercises newsletter: 1fax0621.txt
Bin Laden's Terrorists to Participate in Intifada
Fragile Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire Continues
West Bank Radio Silenced
Solzhenitsyn Expects Controversy Over Book on Russian Jews newsletter: 1fax0622.txt
Israel to Receive $74 Million for Gulf War Damages
Powell Outlines Goals For Mideast Trip
Blair Says No to a Face-to-Face With Sharon
Man Guilty of Conning Haredi Women Into Sex
Israeli Surgeons Save Life of Palestinian Policeman's Son newsletter: 1fax0625.txt
Sharon Calls for Increased Pressure on Palestinians
Palestinian Activist Killed
Taleban Says bin Laden is Closely Watched newsletter: 1fax0626.txt
Nazi-Destroyed Synagogue Commemorated in Leipzig
Israel Declares Curfew in Hebron
Pope Visits Babi Yar
Syrian President Visits Paris
Talks Underway Toward ultra-Orthodox TV channel newsletter: 1fax0627.txt
Sharon, Bush, Disagree On Steps To Mideast Peace
Powell Aims to Move Beyond Mideast Ceasefire newsletter: 1fax0628.txt
Sharon Willing to Meet with Assad
Powell Says Israel to Determine Timetable for Peace
Jewish Settlers Protest Planned Evacuation
Assad Visit to France Marred by Controversy newsletter: 1fax0629.txt
Hasmonean Town Discovered
Observer Endorsement Is Major Shift for Bush Team
White House Plays Down Powell Mideast Remarks
Rabbi Ovadia's Dream Creates Messianic Fervor
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