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Six Palestinians Killed Amid Truce Efforts
Mubarak: Palestinians Agreed Then Denied a Cease-Fire
Life as an Anglo Immigrant IDF Reservist by Charlotte Halle (Courtesy of Ha'aretz & Anglo File) newsletter: 1fax0502.txt
Arab Clerk Suspended for Not Standing During Memorial Day
Three Dead in Mideast Violence
Mideast Peres Wants to 'Facilitate Life' in the West Bank
Munich Olympics Families Scorn German Offer of DM 6 Million newsletter: 1fax0503.txt
Suing The Palestinian Authority
Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian Homes
Arafat, Mbeki Discuss Mideast Peace
Pollard Doubts He Will Leave Prison Alive newsletter: 1fax0507.txt
Nazi's Stepfather Died in Concentration Camp
Israeli Forces Enter Palestinian Area of West Bank
Official Syrian Anti-Semitism
Libyan Leader: Israel Infected Us with AIDS Virus
"Thanks to Hitler" newsletter: 1fax0508.txt
Baby Girl Becomes Youngest Victim of Mideast Violence
Israel Seizes Weapons Ship
Pope Prays in Golan Heights
U.S. Calls Assad's Remarks on Israel 'Unacceptable' newsletter: 1fax0509.txt
Sneh: Americans Should Visit Israel
Jewish Settler Killed in West Bank
Sharon: Palestinians Plan to Escalate Violence newsletter: 1fax0510.txt
IDF Reserve General: Eradicate PA
Two Israeli Teenagers Found Dead in Cave
Ben-Gurion Airport Wary of Shoulder Missiles
Egypt Denies Involvement in Arms Smuggling
Assad: We're Not Anti-Semitic newsletter: 1fax0514.txt
Pope Appeals for Middle East Peace
Israeli Forces Launch Gaza Attacks
Israeli Helicopters Targeted Fatah Movement Leader
IBM is Perfecting Hebrew Voice Recognition newsletter: 1fax0515.txt
Egypt Claims Military Stronger Than in 1973
Israeli Soldiers Kill Five Palestinian Policemen
Hizbullah Attacks Israeli Army Post
Saddam Pledges $1 Billion to Palestinian War Effort
Maccabi Tel Aviv Wins European Basketball Championship newsletter: 1fax0516.txt
Arafat: Full Israeli Withdrawal and Right Of Return
Violence Flares as Palestinians Mark 'Great Catastrophe'
Israel Says It Didn't Intend to Kill Palestinian Police
Water Crisis May Boost Middle East Cooperation newsletter: 1fax0517.txt
Israel to Beef Up Arabic Language Broadcasting
Israeli Helicopters Attack in Gaza and West Bank
EU Rules Out Sanctions Against Israel
Mitchell Report, Foundation for Mideast Peace?
Protests Against CNN newsletter: 1fax0518.txt
Red Cross Equates West Bank/Gaza Communities with War Crimes
Israeli Army Takes Over Area of Gaza Strip
UN: Emergency Mideast Meeting Won't Help Now
NBC Cited For Martyr-Encouragement Report newsletter: 1fax0521.txt
Poland Gives Permission to Exhume Bodies of Jews
Israeli Tanks Shell Palestinian Official's Home
Sharon Threatens Using Military Might Against Palestinians
Cheney: Middle East Conflict Could Lead to Disaster
Mubarak Fears Middle East Has Reached Point of No Return newsletter: 1fax0522.txt
Celebrating Jerusalem Day
Mitchell Commission Releases Report on Violence
Powell Urges Implementation of Mitchell Recommendations
Peres Defends Israeli Attack
Red Cross Urged to Pressure Israel newsletter: 1fax0523.txt
Tensions High on Israel-Lebanon Border
Taleban: Non-Muslims Must Wear ID Tags on Clothing
Ariel Sharon Calls On Palestinians To Accept a Ceasefire
German Industry Ready to Begin Slave Labor Payments
Turkish Water newsletter: 1fax0524.txt
Middle East: Is a Full Scale War Imminent?
Taleban Edict Recalls Nazi Badges for Jews
German Industry to Pay $4.5 Billion to Nazi-Era Slaves newsletter: 1fax0525.txt
Indyk: Negev is Better Than West Bank for Settlement
At Least 15 Die as Jerusalem Wedding Hall Collapses
Israel Shoots Down Lebanese Civilian Plane newsletter: 1fax0529.txt
Jerusalem's Hebrew Union College Built Same Way as Wedding Hall
Institute.Palestinians Agree to Hold Security Talks With Israel
Censorship Feared as Alexandria Library is Rebuilt newsletter: 1fax0530.txt
Israeli-Palestinian Violence Overshadows Security Talks
Journalists Free After Gaza Kidnapping
Lebanese President Slams Israel
Jews Can't Enter Or Pray There - But They Can Protest
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