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>JN April 24, 2001, Vol. 9, No. 70

Former SS Officer Goes on Trial

By VOA News

A former Nazi SS officer, who was a guard at a concentration camp in what is now the Czech Republic, has gone on trial in Germany on charges of murdering prisoners during World War II.

Anton Malloth, 89, is being tried in a Munich prison because of poor health. He appeared at the hearing Monday in a wheel chair. Prosecutors accuse Malloth of murdering three prisoners between 1943 and 1945 at the Nazi Terezin concentration camp outside Prague.

Terrorist Car Bomb Hurts 8

Arutz-7 News & VOA News

Eight people were lightly wounded Monday afternoon when a pipe bomb exploded inside a parked car in the marketplace of Or Yehuda near Tel Aviv. The bomb contained a large amount of nails, designed to cause maximum injuries. Police called the bombing a terrorist attack. Witnesses said the force of the explosion caused the car to fly into the air.

Police Commander Yossi Sidbon said that the car was stolen Sunday in Jerusalem. "It was a great miracle," he said, "considering that the car bomb was placed in a crowded marketplace." The explosion left only the car's chassis intact.

The blast came a day after one Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself and an Israeli doctor in an explosion at a bus stop in the town of Kfar Saba, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon blamed the Palestinian Authority for that attack, but Palestinian officials rejected the accusation. The Islamic militant group Hamas on Monday claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Palestinian Boy Reportedly Killed at Gaza Funeral

By Meredith Buel (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli officials are checking reports that a Palestinian boy was killed and at least 12 people were wounded during a funeral Monday in the Gaza strip. Witnesses said the shots came from the direction of a Jewish settlement.

Palestinian medical sources say Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian boy and injured about a dozen other people. The incident occurred during a funeral procession near the Khan Younis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. The funeral was for a Palestinian police officer who died of injuries sustained during an Israeli attack last week.

Israel Deliberately Attacked U.S. Ship in 1967

By VOA News

A new book says Israel's attack against a U.S. surveillance ship in the Mediterranean Sea during the 1967 Six Day War was deliberate.

"Body of Secrets," written by James Bamford, provides a detailed account of the attack on the USS Liberty, including evidence the author says strongly contradicts Israel's official explanation that it was an accident. Thirty-four sailors aboard the Liberty were killed and 171 others were wounded in the Israeli air and sea attack on June 8 1967.

The author speculates in the book that Israel attacked the USS Liberty deliberately because it may not have wanted Washington to know what Israeli forces were doing in the fighting with Egypt.

Israel sent a confidential report to the United States claiming that the attack was a mistake. President Lyndon Johnson accepted the explanation, but security officials did not. Israel later paid modest reparations to the families of the sailors.

The USS Liberty was sailing in international waters a few miles off the Sinai peninsula a few days after the war began. Israel claimed that the U.S. vessel was not flying the American flag and that its forces mistook it for an Egyptian navy ship.

The book's author claims, however, that an American intelligence gathering plane was flying high above the Liberty during the attack. Bamford says the plane's intercepts of Israeli pilot conversations showed that they knew the target was flying an American flag.

Bible Contestants Hear Surprising Papal Quote

Arutz-7 News

The 38th Annual International Bible Contest for high school students is underway, with the main event to be held in Jerusalem Thursday, Israel's Independence Day.

Some 61 young contestants from 30 countries participated in the first part of the contest Sunday, which was exclusively for Diaspora Jews. Eliav Danziger, 17, from Canada was the victor, and his runner-up was Nofar Daskal, a 15-year-old girl from Belgium. On Thursday, their Israeli counterpart will join the fray, in which will be crowned the International Bible Contest champion.

The young scholars met Monday with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who told them, "Whoever knows the Bible doesn't need a tour guide to take them around the Land of Israel. I told this to the pope two years ago, and I mentioned that the places here in Israel have retained their names from biblical days - Jerusalem, Hevron, Jordan, Beit El, Shilo, Rachel's Tomb, etc.

The pope then mentioned other places whose biblical names haven't changed, such as Gilboa, Tabor - and then he said something that would be good for all of us to remember: He said, 'The Land of Israel and Jerusalem are holy to the three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - but the Land is promised only to the Jews.'"

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