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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 1fax0201.txt
Israeli Reservists Get Fake Call-up Orders
Violence Surges Ahead of Israel Vote
Italian Supreme Court: Dolberg Sisters to Stay in Italy newsletter: 1fax0202.txt
Iraq Threatens Neighbors with Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Sharon Leads Barak
Barak Still Hopes to Meet with Arafat
Will Israeli Arabs go to the Polls? newsletter: 1fax0205.txt
Two Days Before Israel Vote, Sharon Remains Ahead
Barak Asks Israeli Arabs for Help in Election
Powell: No Iraqi Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction newsletter: 1fax0206.txt
Secret Arafat-Saddam Deal
Election Day in Israel
Egypt Predicts Violence After Israel Vote
List of 21,000 Swiss WWII Accounts Released newsletter: 1fax0207.txt
Arik Melech Yisrael
U.S. Ready to Resume Peace Talks with Sharon Government newsletter: 1fax0208.txt
Powell Plans Mideast Trip
Sharon Claims All of Jerusalem For Israel
Israelis, Palestinians Ponder Sharon Victory
Arabs Worried, Angry Over Sharon newsletter: 1fax0209.txt
Election Statistics by Arutz-7 News
Palestinian Group Takes Responsibility for Explosions
Sharon Says He'll Talk Peace if Palestinians Stop Attacks
Syria: Peace Talks Only If Israel Agrees to Return Golan
Palestinian Refugees: Part 1 of 8 newsletter: 1fax0212.txt
Gaza Airport Reopens (for Haj?)
Israel Declares Peace Proposals Void
The Broad Impact of Arafat's Planned Move to Baghdad newsletter: 1fax0213.txt
Iraqi Airways Resumes Flights to Syria
IBM Accused of Nazi Links in WWII
Gaza Gunbattle, West Bank Shootings
Palestinian Refugees Part 2 of 8 newsletter: 1fax0214.txt
Israel Close to National Unity Government
Palestinian Officer Killed in Israeli Missile Attack
IBM Accused of Crimes Against Humanity newsletter: 1fax0215.txt
Eight Killed in Terrorist Attack Bus Crash
Deadly Attack at Israeli Bus Stop
Israel Tries to Halt Palestinian Attacks newsletter: 1fax0216.txt
West Bank and Gaza Remain Sealed
Israel Set for National Unity Government
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Using Toxic Gas
Barak, Sharon Condemn Deadly Bus Attack
Palestinian Refugees's Right of Return newsletter: 1fax0219.txt
Black Activist Muhammad Dies
Palestinians Ask Saddam to Hit Israel with Missiles
Saddam Says Israel is Behind Air Attacks
Israeli Court Frees Settler Who Killed Palestinian newsletter: 1fax0220.txt
Waqf Forbids Tourists On Temple Mount
Israel, U. S. Hold Joint Military Exercises
Israeli Panel Investigates Police Killings of Arabs
Pollard Wants Bush to Pardon Him newsletter: 1fax0221.txt
Barak Draws Back From Sharon Coalition
Israeli Capture Attempt Falls Short
Palestinian Refugees: Lebanon Opposes Permanent Resettlement newsletter: 1fax0222.txt
Christians To Ask Arafat For Peace
Sharon Still Seeks Coalition With Labor
U.S. Urges Israel to Release Money Owed Palestinians
Amnesty International Criticizes Israel newsletter: 1fax0223.txt
Famous Mohel, Rabbi Weisberg, Dies at 66
Muslims to Jews: Don't Touch the Western Wall
Saddam's Army
On Behalf of Pollard
Mubarak Justifies Palestinian Killing newsletter: 1fax0226.txt
Powell Visits Yad Vashem
Powell: Mideast Situation Very Dangerous
Arab Girl Who Served as Bait Admits to Murder newsletter: 1fax0228.txt
Israel, Palestinians Reject U.S. Criticism on Human Right
Israel's Labor To Join Unity Government
Court Recognizes Right Of Jewish Prayer On Temple Mount
Palestinian Refugees In Syria Under Firm Government Control
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