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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax1002.txt
Honey May be Harmful to Infants
Palestinians Claim Sunday's Toll at 12 Dead, 220 Injured newsletter: 0fax1003.txt
Israel's Population 6.3 million
Day 5: More Israeli Victims newsletter: 0fax1004.txt
Triple Suicide in Beersheva
Cease Fire Collapses: 'Worst May be Ahead'
Barak Tries to Buy Arab Loyalty
The Worst Remains Ahead
Israelis Prefer Gambling Over Their Own Safety newsletter: 0fax1005.txt
Arabs at the U.N. Condemn Israel
Clashes Spread: Arabs Blame Sharon's Visit to Temple Mount newsletter: 0fax1006.txt
Tourism in Israel Called Safe
Palestinians Plan Additional Clashes Friday
51 Israeli Arabs Under Arrest
U.S. Embassy in Damascus Targeted by Anti-Israeli Demonstrators
NYC's Giuliani Working to Stop Anti-Semitic Attacks
A Future Glimpse at Israel and America's Jewish Populations newsletter: 0fax1011.txt
No National Unity Government Planned
Violence Continues in Israel
Anti-Semitic Attacks Around the World
Mosque Construction Starts at Joseph's Tomb
Government Extends Arafat Ultimatum newsletter: 0fax1012.txt
New One-Size-Fits-All Gas Mask Developed by IDF
Palestinians Ambush and Fire on Israeli Funeral Procession
Terrorism Continues
Gore-Lieberman Advisor Presents Arab Demands newsletter: 0fax1013.txt
Israel Rockets Arafat's Compound
Israeli Missiles Hit Ramallah
Efforts Resume to Free IDF Soldiers Captured by Hizbullah newsletter: 0fax1016.txt
Terrorists Ensure That Ambulances are Present
Palestinians Incite Murder of Jews
Preparing for the Summit
Hizbullah Captures a Fourth Israeli newsletter: 0fax1017.txt
Tourism Dropping Rapidly
Summit Under Way at Scuba Vacation Paradise,
Clashes Continue, Palestinians Blame Israelis newsletter: 0fax1018.txt
Palestinians, Israelis Agree to Stop Fighting
Clashes Continue Despite Cease Fire newsletter: 0fax1019.txt
Ongoing Warfare Causing Sleep Disturbances
Israel Arrests Eight Lynchers
IDF Prepares for Increased Warfare
Pentagon May Purchase Israeli Military Technology newsletter: 0fax1023.txt
Arafat: "Let Him (Barak) Go To Hell"
Barak Plans to Put Peace Process on Hold
Arafat Reacts to Barak's "Time Out" Statement
No Injuries Reported in Gilo Shooting Attack newsletter: 0fax1024.txt
Hizbullah Calls For Jews To Return To Their Countries Of Origin
Will a National Unity Government Replace Barak's?
Islamic Terrorists Arriving In The Mideast From Britain newsletter: 0fax1025.txt
Clashes Continue as Both Sides Dig In
Barak Tries Forming a National Emergency Government
Hadassah Helps Gilo Children Cope with Trauma newsletter: 0fax1026.txt
Calls For Saddam Hussein To Bomb Israel
Israel/U.S. Intelligence Monitoring Iraqi Troop Movements
Clinton Blasts Arafat's Attitude
State Department Warns Americans in Israel
Israel's Netvision Hosts PA Web Site newsletter: 0fax1031.txt
Embarrassed IDF Pulls Tanks from Gilo
Barak Warns Arafat About Violence
Syria Held Responsible for Lebanese Attacks
Israeli Guerrillas to Battle Palestinian Terrorists
FBI Reveals Threats of Arab Attacks in NYC
Holocaust Survivor Interrupts Wagner Concert
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