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>JN Oct. 26, 2000, Vol. 8, No 184

Calls For Saddam Hussein To Bomb Israel

By IsraelWire

More than 20,000 persons participated in a demonstration in Jordan on Tuesday during which participants called on Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to launch a missile attack against Israel. When the demonstrators got too close to the Allenby Bridge Crossing to Israel, Jordanian police used water cannon, teargas and batons to restore order.

Israel/U.S. Intelligence Monitoring Iraqi Troop Movements

By IsraelWire

A senior member of Israel's intelligence community confirms that, as the unrest continues in Israel, the eyes of the Western community are once again focused on the actions of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Israel and the United States are carefully monitoring Iraqi troop movements on the Iraqi border with Jordan and Syria.

The unidentified senior intelligence official acknowledged that recent Iraqi troop movements may be harmless, but quickly added that during the Gulf War, we saw what the Iraqi troops did to Kuwait, adding that the Iraqi force could easily pass through Jordan to Israel as well.

IDF intelligence reports indicate the Saddam may send combat aircraft over heavy population centers, even before advancing ground forces. It is not expected that he would try launching Scud missiles. It remains uncertain if he has Scuds that remain operational, and launching of Scuds would also be testimony that Saddam lied to UNSCOM inspectors.

Israeli sources reminded international allies that whenever a crisis develops involving Israel and the PA, we are reminded of the good relations between Yasir Arafat and Saddam Hussein. Arafat was among the few who publicly supported Saddam Hussein after he opted to invade Kuwait.

Spokesman Nachman Shai stated, "Iraq is an unpredictable nation. When Iraq exhibits signs of nervousness, we too have reason to be concerned. Iraqi forces are relatively far from Jordan but when the Middle East ball begins to roll, no one knows where it will stop."

Clinton Blasts Arafat's Attitude

By David Gollust (VOA-White House)

President Clinton has renewed his call on Israel and the Palestinians to honor truce commitments made at last week's Sharm El-Sheikh summit. He said Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, in particular, is capable of actions that can "dramatically" reduce the level of violence.

The president, who has invited both Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to Washington for separate meetings, says events of the next several days will determine whether the peace process can be put back on track or if the region is headed for a long-term worsening of tensions.

In a talk with reporters, Clinton said both sides must adhere to commitments made to him at last week's summit in Egypt, while dismissing the notion Arafat is no longer able to control events in Palestinian areas:

"There are probably some people within the Palestinian territories, and probably some people within Israel that are not within total control of Chairman Arafat or even the Israeli government. But I do think Chairman Arafat can dramatically reduce the level of violence."

The President also expressed sympathy for the situation of Barak, who finds himself having to deal with Palestinian unrest and political attacks from right-wing opponents that could drive him from office. But he said Barak understood the difficulties he would face in seeking a final-status peace accord:

"Prime Minister Barak knew what he was doing. He took a big chance. He did it because, after years in the Israeli military, he reached the same conclusion that Yitzhak Rabin reached: that in the end the best guarantee of Israel's security is a sustainable peace with all of her neighbors."

State Department Warns Americans in Israel

By Art Chimes (VOA-Washington)

The State Department is warning US citizens not to travel to Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The travel advisory cites a heightened risk of terrorist attack in the troubled region.

The travel warning was issued after weeks of deadly violence in the region. The State Department says Americans should keep a low profile, avoiding shopping areas, buses and demonstrations. US employees have been barred from travel to the Palestinian territories and have been urged to avoid Arab East Jerusalem. The State Department says Americans who live in the West Bank or Gaza strip should consider moving to a safe location.

Israel's Netvision Hosts PA Web Site

By IsraelWire
Israel's largest Internet Service Provider, Netvision, confirmed it hosts the PIS Company which in turn hosts all the websites in the PLO Authority, including the official web site of the PA. Since the start of the violence about a month ago, the PA has undertaken an unprecedented propaganda campaign, with a good deal being waged via the Internet, including the "Battle over Jerusalem."

Netvision spokeswoman Orit Saham confirmed reports that Netvision continues to host PA sites, many of which are espousing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda, which has been on the rise in light of the ongoing conflict between Israel and the PA over the past month. Saham added that if served with a court order to cut off the PA services, Netvision would comply immediately.

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