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>Israel Faxx
>JN Oct. 24, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 182

Hizbullah Calls For Jews To Return To Their Countries Of Origin

By IsraelWire

Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah on Monday called upon Jews to return to their lands of origin. The guerrilla leader stated that the Palestinian people must be permitted to return to their land, explaining that so-called Palestinian refugees must be granted the right of return.

Will a National Unity Government Replace Barak's?

By Jenny Badner (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is trying form a national emergency government, after nearly one month of clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians.

In an attempt to expand his government Barak was scheduled to hold a second day of talks Tuesday with the head of the opposition Likud party, Ariel Sharon. Barak is trying to form a national emergency government, one day after calling for a "time out" in the Middle East peace process. Some Israeli and Palestinian leaders say that a new government with Sharon will eliminate any chance of returning to peace negotiations.

Israeli-Palestinian violence broke out late last month after Sharon visited a sensitive site in Jerusalem that is holy to both Muslims and Jews. When Sharon was defense minister in the 1980s, hundreds of Palestinians were massacred in Lebanon by an Israeli-backed Christian militia. An Israeli government report later found Sharon "indirectly responsible" for the killings, which took place in the Sabra and Shatilla refugees camps controlled by the Israeli army.

The head of Palestinian security forces in the West Bank, Jibril Rajjoub, says Sharon's inclusion in the Israeli government would be a catastrophe for the Israelis and a disaster for the Palestinian people.

"Mr. Barak knows that he cannot dictate the terms of the Israeli government on the Palestinian people or on the Arab world. It is up to him to decide whether his partner is Sharon or the Palestinian people. It is an Israeli problem. Mr. Sharon will be a disaster, a catastrophe for the Israelis before being a disaster for the Palestinian people."

Barak is trying to expand his coalition before parliament reconvenes next week. He currently controls a parliamentary minority and faces legislation calling for early elections.

Nearly one month of Israeli-Palestinian clashes continued on Monday. For the second night in a row, Israeli forces fired machine-guns and at least one shell at the Palestinian town of Beit Jalla. The Israeli army said the attack was in retaliation for continued shooting by Palestinian gunmen at Gilo, a nearby Jerusalem neighborhood.

On Sunday night, Israeli helicopters fired rockets into Beit Jalla and the West Bank town was later blockaded. Israel called the moves a warning to Palestinians to stop shooting at the Jewish neighborhood.

Israeli army spokesman, (Reserve Colonel) Ra'anan Gissin: "If they choose the path to war, we have the means to stop it. We don't want to use them and therefore we tell them in very simple terms as we said on day one, enough is enough. Don't mess with us."

Prime Minister Ehud Barak, speaking to President Clinton in an overnight telephone conversation, defended Israel's use of helicopter gunship and tank cannon fire in battling Palestinians shooting rifles at Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood, comparing the southern suburb to Washington DC's outskirts, Israel Radio reported Monday. "How would you react if gunmen hit Chevy Chase, Maryland with guns you supplied them in order to keep the peace," the radio quoted Barak as telling Clinton.

Islamic Terrorists Arriving In The Mideast From Britain

By IsraelWire

According to the British-based "Observer," Islamic fundamentalists who recently underwent training in the UK to learn shooting and bomb assembly skills, have left for the Middle East, with many landing in Lebanon and Jordan. The new combatants are planning to join the war against Israel.

The Observer interviewed three persons in their 20s who attended training facilities in clandestine locations in northern London. The three explained they were waiting for the paperwork to permit them to leave the UK for the Middle East, where they will be joining the "holy war against Israel."

One of the three, who is 25, explained he is a member of the Islamic Movement since age eight and prior to undergoing training in London, he attended similar training camps in Pakistan.

The three explained that in addition to the holy war in Israel, they plan to strike out against Jewish institutions in Britain that identify or monetarily support the State of Israel. Among the targets mentioned are Marks & Spencer and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

Over the past week, anti-Semitic attacks in England continue to rise. Over the past week, Muslims attacked 13 synagogues in London. This in addition to last week's attack in which Stanford Hill resident David Meyers, a yeshiva student, was stabbed over 20 times. There is also a marked increase in the distribution of hate literature aimed against Jews in London, Manchester and other areas.

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