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>JN Oct. 6, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 173

Tourism in Israel Called Safe

By IsraelWire

A tourism ministry spokeswoman says: "In view of the current political situation in our region, we should like to point out that it is safe to tour in Israel. However, changes may occur in projected itineraries. Tourism movement in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth continues. So far things have calmed down in the Western Galilee region and roads remain open."

Palestinians Plan Additional Clashes Friday

By Arutz-7 News Service

The ceasefire promised by Arafat does not seem to be holding - and a Palestinian leader said Thursday that a decision has been made to "militarily clash" with the IDF in a Palestinian city Friday. Fatah leaders have also called on their members to arrive and demonstrate at the mosque on the Temple Mount.

An Israeli from Tiberias was moderately injured late Thursday when he was attacked by an Israeli-Arab mob near Beit Rimon; the Arabs shot on his car and threw rocks at him. Heavy fire was exchanged outside Netzarim after Arabs resumed their assault on Israeli troops.

Two Arabs were shot and killed while climbing the roof of an Israeli outpost at the Netzarim Junction. The Arabs have stationed ambulances - which they know will not be targeted by the Israelis - at the site, but have been seen removing ready-made firebombs from the ambulances and throwing them in the direction of the Israelis.

51 Israeli Arabs Under Arrest

By IsraelWire

Police arrested 51 residents of the Jaffa area of Tel Aviv following days of violent riots in that area. Suspects are alleged to have participated in stone-throwing attacks, assaults on members of the press and security forces, and destroyed public property. 21 of the suspects are juveniles.

Nine indictments have already been handed down and police are moving expeditiously to complete indictments against the remainder of the suspects in custody. In the Jaffa violence, 24 persons were injured in the past days of violence.

U.S. Embassy in Damascus Targeted by Anti-Israeli Demonstrators

By IsraelWire

Thousands of persons participated in an anti-U.S./Israel demonstration opposite the American Embassy in Damascus Thursday. In Lebanon, three major demonstrations were held, and in Iran, tens of thousands of persons took to the street. In all the demonstrations, the protesters denounced Israel's dealing with Arab riots in Israel during the past week.

About 1,500 persons participated in a demonstration opposite the US Embassy in Damascus, burning American flags and condemning "Israel's killing of innocent civilians."

Police and U.S. security personnel were on high alert, realizing the crowd was moving towards an attempt to storm the embassy. Although they were kept at bay by hundreds of law-enforcement forces waving batons and using teargas, the demonstrators did mange to remove the U.S. flag from its mast above the complex.

NYC's Giuliani Working to Stop Anti-Semitic Attacks

By IsraelWire

New York City Mayor Giuliani is faced with increasing tensions as a result of ongoing Arab violence throughout Israel. Seeking to bring an end to the attacks aimed at Jews over past days, the mayor summoned leaders of the Arab and Jewish communities to a dialogue in City Hall.

More than 10 attacks have been documented in NYC, with some involving Arabs waving Palestinian flags. With the Yom Kippur Day of Atonement beginning sundown on Sunday, police are increasing patrols around synagogues. The NYPD's Hate Crimes Unit is handling the investigation surrounding the racially motivated attacks.

On Sunday, a Brooklyn man was severely beaten and slashed in the head in the Sunset Park area by two people who yelled anti-Semitic slurs. Persons carrying a Palestinian flag attacked one man with obviously ethnic Jewish garb on a B train. The man was beaten and kicked in his head. In another attack, a school bus used to transport yeshiva students was set ablaze.

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, an observant Jew, demanded that police and the mayor take immediate action. Hikind said he has appealed to Arab leaders to call for tolerance.

A Future Glimpse at Israel and America's Jewish Populations

By IsraelWire

According to the American Jewish Yearbook by the year 2080, America's Jewish population will drop by one-third, reaching four million.

On the brighter side, the yearbook also is predicting that by the mid-21st century, the majority of world Jewry will be living in Israel due to its larger birthrate, younger population, lower rate of intermarriage than in North America and a stronger Jewish identity.

According to an AP report quoting the yearbook, by 2020, Jews in Israel may outnumber those in North America and by 2080, 10.6 million of the world's 15.6 million Jews may be Israelis.

The annual, published by the American Jewish Committee, reports there are currently 5.7 million Jews in the United States, 362,000 in Canada, and 13,191,500 worldwide.

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