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>Israel Faxx
>JN Oct. 4, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 171

Triple Suicide in Beersheva

By IsraelWire

35-year-old twins and their 60-year-old mother on Monday all made the decision to take their own lives, apparently due to serious financial difficulties and illness. According to Beersheva police, the mother and one son were found handed in their home while the second twin shot himself to death several hours later. Emergency medical service personnel pronounced the three dead on the scene. Police report the sons own a Jerusalem based construction company that recently incurred heavy debts and the mother was terminally ill.

Cease Fire Collapses: 'Worst May be Ahead'

By Arutz-7 News Service

Hints that Tuesday morning's Israeli-PLO ceasefire agreement had failed began trickling in most of the day, but the clearest sign came in late afternoon when Arabs began firing on distant Israeli targets at the Ayosh junction, north of Ramallah.

Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon told reporters, "We totally withdrew our forces from the area, so that it could not be claimed that we were causing provocations - but it didn't work, and the Palestinians resumed the violence. This is something that is clearly organized by the PA, and could be stopped with one order [from Arafat]." Ya'alon said that he believes the worst of the riots are still ahead of us, and noted that Israeli-Arabs and Yesha Arab instigators are working together.

The most severe violence took place in Hebron, western Tulkarm, Netzarim, Shechem, and near Nazareth.

Israeli politicians are largely in consensus that Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount last week was not to blame for the current violence. In a letter to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Sharon protested the State Department's accusation that it was his visit to the Temple Mount that ignited the violence.

"I find it most regrettable and disturbing that your spokesman has been swayed by slanderous propaganda on the part of the Palestinian leaders and media, intended to put pressure on Israel and the U.S. to make additional concessions in the negotiations, under threat of violence if their demands are not met.

"The united city of Jerusalem [and the] Temple Mount are under full Israeli sovereignty. Neither I, nor any Israeli citizen, need to seek permission from the PA or from any foreign entity to visit there or any other site which is sovereign territory of the State of Israel."

Barak Tries to Buy Arab Loyalty

By IsraelWire

In another attempt to bring the increasing Arab violence to a halt, Prime Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday met with Arab elected officials and community leaders, pledging large sums of money in the hope of bringing the current wave of Islamic warfare to an end.

Barak appears increasingly concerned as the rioting and attacks against Israel police continue to enjoy increasing support of the Israeli Arab community and its leadership.

Over the past days, Barak made numerous statements attesting to the loyalty of Israel's Arab community, while tens of Israeli Arabs interviewed by the Israeli media continue to state that the word "Israeli" on their identity cards is for "citizenship" purposes only, reiterating their loyalty is that of "proud Palestinians."

In yet another attempt to buy their loyalty, Barak on Tuesday promised to spend NIS millions to improve the social conditions of the Israeli Arab community, as well as addressing education and infrastructure issues.

The Arab community leaders are demanding a complete response for the "anger, degradation, frustration, humiliation and discrimination," they have suffered over the past 50 years.

The Worst Remains Ahead

By IsraelWire

To the dismay of Yesha residents, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Major-General Moshe Ya'alon and OC Southern Commander Maj. Gen. Yomtov Samiya stated on Tuesday that despite the intensity of the fighting seen over past days throughout Yesha, the worst appears to still be ahead of us and the military is making the necessary preparations for the escalation in warfare.

IDF commanders continue to meet with their PLO Authority (PA) counterparts in the hope of reaching an agreement that will end the violence but all are in agreement that the key is being held by Yasir Arafat who at this time seems to benefit from the warfare and therefore, is not issuing the cease-fire order.

In the meantime, Yesha residents continue to endure the hardships of living under curfews, cessation of public transportation, cessation of postal services, and becoming targets for anyone wishing to hurl a stone, firebomb or open fire using live ammunition with weapons that in many cases, were distributed to the PA by Israel.

Israelis Prefer Gambling Over Their Own Safety

By IsraelWire

Despite the ban on Israelis entering PLO Authority (PA) autonomous areas, including Jericho, Israelis may still be seen in the PA-run Oasis Casino in Jericho on Tuesday.

Despite confirmed reports of shooting attacks against the Jericho District Coordinating Office, Israelis appear too serious about their gambling to permit safety consideration interfere with their leisure plans.

Casino officials admit business is slow but insist they remain committed to continued operation, even during these difficult times.

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