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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax0905.txt
Iran Postpones Sentencing of Jewish 'Spies'
Palestinians Sentence Terrorist to 12 Years
Wash. Post: Patriots May be Sent to Israel
'Good Pope' and Anti-Semitic Pope are Beatified newsletter: 0fax0906.txt
Barak Wishes to Give More to Palestinians
Clinton to Meet with Arafat and Barak
Prisoner Number 1111387 newsletter: 0fax0907.txt
Clinton Meets Separately with Barak & Arafat
Hamas Leader Linked to Bin Laden Terrorists
Israel: No New Excavations Under Western Wall newsletter: 0fax0911.txt
Gambia Issues Pope-Rabbi Stamp
Palestinian-Israeli Contacts to Continue
Leah Rabin: Yitzhak Would Turn Over in His Grave
Israelis Who Violated Pork Law Won't be Prosecuted
'Israel Day' to Take Place in Olympic Park newsletter: 0fax0912.txt
Radio Shack is Coming to Israel
Arab Reaction to Palestinian Postponement is Mixed
Israel Asks For Uzbekistan's Assistance to Fight Terrorism
Hareidi Nahal Soldiers Enter Officer Training School
Do Students Really Hate newsletter: 0fax0913.txt
Foreign Minister: No Shared Sovereignty on Temple Mount
American Victims Demand Abu-Honod's Extradition
Israel Islamic Movement Members Indicted
Are Bedouin Taking Over the Negev? newsletter: 0fax0914.txt
Cabinet Minister Seeks to Declare Sunday a Day of Rest
Israeli-Arab Cells Uncovered
More Than 650 SLA Refugees Have Left Israel for Lebanon
ACRI Files in High Court on Behalf of Lesbians
Female IDF Draftees Sent to Germany newsletter: 0fax0915.txt
Israeli Progress in Studying Alzheimer's
Israel Predicts an Olympic Terrorist Attack
Israeli-Palestinian Talks Continue -- Separately
Arrow Successfully Launched newsletter: 0fax0918.txt
Single Mom Wins NIS 9 Million Lottery Jackpot
Gaza Clashes Commemorate 1982 Sabra, Shatila Massacres
Precautions Taken in Sydney for Possible Terror Threats
CNN and the Temple Mount newsletter: 0fax0919.txt
Israeli Olympic Medal Hopeful Lands Last Position
Foreign Minister Sees Peace Breakthrough
Barak Rejects Islamic Sovereignty Over Temple Mount
Rabin Vase on Sale -- Once Again newsletter: 0fax0920.txt
Cell Phone Prices Drop
Lives of 7 Million Chernobyl Victims are Threatened
Barak: Peace is Depends on Jerusalem
Nationality to be Removed from ID Cards newsletter: 0fax0921.txt
West Nile Declared an Epidemic
Websites for Rosh Hashanah newsletter: 0fax0922.txt
Master Terrorist Living in Gaza
Barak Entertains Additional Concessions on Jerusalem
Iranian Jews' Sentences are Reduced
IDF: Hizbullah May Renew Belligerence
Child Labor in Israel
New Dead Sea Settlement
Stolen Car with Babies Recovered newsletter: 0fax0925.txt
PA Blames Israel for Critical Gaza Water Shortage
U.S. Strips Ambassador Indyk of Security Clearance
Germany to Compensate Families of Slain Munich Olympic Athletes
Poet Yehuda Amichai Dies at 76
35 Percent of Standing Army Soldiers Drink Booze newsletter: 0fax0926.txt
Israelis will Gain 5.5 lbs Over Rosh Hashanah
Successful Syrian Scud Launch
West Nile Virus Claims Three Lives on Monday
Arab Media: Indyk Spied for Israel
Chabad Emissaries in Jerusalem Fined newsletter: 0fax0927.txt
Wine and Rosh Hashanah
State Department Rejects Anti-Semitic Indyk Motives
Barak Steps Up Efforts to Build Minority Coalition
Sharon Plans Visit to Temple Mount
Palestinian Textbook: "Israel Must be Destroyed"
Snakes in the Pediatric Ward
Soldiers Know Little About Who They Are newsletter: 0fax0928.txt
Rajoub Threatens Sharon Temple Mount Visit
Growing Concern Over Probability of Temple Mount Unrest
Return of Crosses at Auschwitz "A Further Outrage"
Chabad's High Holiday Website Attracts Hundreds of Thousands
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