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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 28, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 168

Rajoub Threatens Sharon Temple Mount Visit

By IsraelWire

Col. Gabril Rajoub, the head of PLO Authority Preventive Security in Judea & Samaria, issued a warning on Wednesday that there would be bloodshed if Likud leader Ariel Sharon visits the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Thursday and that his forces would do nothing to prevent bloodshed in areas under their control.

Growing Concern Over Probability of Temple Mount Unrest

By IsraelWire

Islamic violence looms over the planned Thursday visit to Jerusalem's Temple Mount by opposition leader Ariel Sharon and members of the Likud Party. Diplomatic and police officials fear that Arab unrest may quickly spill over to the streets of the eastern capital and areas throughout Judea, Samaria & Gaza.

Fatah youth activists are calling upon supporters from Jerusalem and Yesha to come to Jerusalem to participate in the demonstration aimed at blocking the Likud demonstration from reaching the Mount.

The Fatah organization, aligned with PLO Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat, on Wednesday distributed fliers in eastern Jerusalem calling upon the masses to turn out on Thursday to block the planned visit to the Temple Mount by Sharon and other Likud Knesset members.

Senior PA security commander in Judea & Samaria Col. Gabril Rajoub told Israel Radio that the planned visit was an inciteful and provocative move.

Proponents of Sharon's visit expressed outrage over the reaction of the PA security chief and Israeli Arab leaders, rejecting any attempt by the Muslim Wakf Authority and other Islamic leaders to prevent Jews and in this case, elected Israeli officials, from visiting the Mount which is part of the capital of the State of Israel.

The left-wing Gush Shalom organization has already issued statements of condemnation, accusing Sharon and Likud followers of provoking Islamic violence on the eve of the New Year.

Return of Crosses at Auschwitz "A Further Outrage"

By IsraelWire

A Polish court's decision to again allow notorious anti-Semite Kazmirez Switon to erect hundreds of crosses next to a 24-foot cross which still stands at Auschwitz "is yet a further outrage and deliberate desecration of the memory of the death camp's 1.1 million Jewish sacred martyrs," declared Shalom International and the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha.

The court decision was reported in the Times of London on Sept. 22nd.

"Polish authorities have also just allowed a raucous disco, The System, to open in a building in which 1,000 Auschwitz slave laborers were forced to work by the Nazis under terrible conditions and many died," declared Shalom International's president Bob Kunst.

"A shopping center including a souvenir stand, restaurant, and post office is to open across from Auschwitz's entrance. A church still stands in the former SS commandant's headquarters in Auschwitz's killing grounds, Birkenau. And now the hundreds of crosses which Swinton and his fellow haters erected, removed only on the eve of Pope John Paul's visit to Poland last year, can be put up again to surround the huge 24-foot cross at Auschwitz which was never taken down."

Chabad's High Holiday Website Attracts Hundreds of Thousands

By IsraelWire

Chabad-Lubavitch's latest website is attracting visitors at breakneck speed., launched last week, has logged more than 150,000 visitors while revealing mysteries, teaching the Law, quizzing, replying and spreading a pocketful of traditional miracles in six languages. ( ) includes hundreds of web pages chock full of everything from practical how-to guides, to deep mystical and Talmudic insights, to interactive games and a searchable worldwide database of High Holiday services.

Utilizing a variety of advanced web technologies and an elegant design, "" provides a treasure trove of information for this jam-packed season of the Jewish year.

Its content is culled from more than 720 sources, both ancient and contemporary, and features prayer excerpts, Bible readings, stories for children, and a thorough and exciting look at the layers upon layers of meaning associated with the holidays. (The site provides, for example, more than 35 different explanations for the sounding of the shofar, or ram's horn, on Rosh Hashanah.)

In addition, the site spans the entire history of the Jewish People, citing sources and practices ranging from the biblical Patriarch Abraham to ancient Rome to Turkish Izmir in 1729 to 1890s Dagestan to 1950s Iraq to 1990s Jerusalem. A lengthy analysis of one of the Rosh Hashanah readings yields the prayer rituals that were first introduced by a Jewish woman. Medieval philosopher Maimonides is given much play as he explains how one can make amends for past iniquities.

An introspective piece allows each visitor to "test your nature" and see how it can be changed for the New Year, and an "Ask the Rabbi" button allows people to get answers to all holiday questions. But perhaps the most important feature of all is the "Find-A-Service" area. With more than 2,000 entries, Jews worldwide can search an online database for a service they may attend in their area.

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