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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 22, 2000, Vol. 8, No, 164

Master Terrorist Living in Gaza

By IsraelWire

Achille Lauro terrorist Abu Abas is reportedly living in Iraq and Gaza, in the PLO Authority (PA) autonomous areas, with the knowledge of Israel government officials. Abas and his associates were responsible for the hijacking of the luxury liner and the killing of an American Jew, Lion Klinghoffer.

Barak Entertains Additional Concessions on Jerusalem

By Arutz-7

Despite Prime Minister Ehud Barak's previous declaration that Israel had "reached the limits of its concessions," it is becoming clear that there is still further he can go - and the division of Jerusalem may in fact be coming closer to a reality.

The Prime Minister has expressed a willingness to entertain international control for the Temple Mount, while granting Palestinian sovereignty to the mosques there and to two Old City quarters. The Americans will decide whether to officially propose the above; they may, alternatively, suggest that Jerusalem be left for future negotiations.

Barak held a consultation Thursday to discuss the proposed division of Jerusalem and withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza with lead negotiators Acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and Atty. Gilad Sher.

"Israel will not give up its connection with the Temple Mount, but does not negate the Palestinian connection with the area, either," Ben-Ami said. Regarding the question of how such an agreement will fare in a national referendum, he said, "I assume that the public will vote for the government's final-status agreement, even if it would not accept each of the agreement's individual components."

Iranian Jews' Sentences are Reduced

By Arutz-7

The Iranian Appeals Court Thursday reduced the sentences meted out to some of the 10 Iranian Jews convicted of spying for Israel. Two 13-year sentences were lowered to nine and seven years, respectively, while an 11-year sentence was reduced to seven years, and another 10-year sentence was reduced to eight years. The 10 men received prison terms, July 1, ranging from four to 13 years.

IDF: Hizbullah May Renew Belligerence

By IsraelWire

Haaretz reports that Israel Defense Forces Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Malka said Hizbullah may resume hostilities against Israel, such as terror attacks and attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians along the Lebanese border.

Addressing the Knesset's Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Malka said that Hizbullah was disappointed by the results of the recent elections in Lebanon that weakened incumbent President Emile Lahoud. Malka assessed that Hizbullah may resume hostile operations particularly in the Har Dov area.

He said that Hizbullah leaders claim the border dispute in the area has not been resolved, viewing it as occupied territory. He added that the border dispute, along with the military nature of the Har Dov outpost, make it a desirable target for Hizbullah to launch an anti-Israel campaign.

Malka said that the organization may also attempt kidnappings of Israeli soldiers or civilians using them as bargaining chips in an attempt to free detained Hizbullah leaders Mustafa Dirani and Sheik Obeid.

Child Labor in Israel

By Arutz-7

Several 10- and 11-year-old children from the Arab village of Yata, south of Hebron, were left off at an intersection of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway on Tuesday by an Israeli who had employed them.

An Israeli driver, Moshe Flam, found the children later that evening, bought them food, and brought them to the Tarkumiye checkpoint, from where a Palestinian man took them home.

Labor and Welfare Minister Ra'anan Cohen called for increased vigilance by inspectors against violations of the law forbidding child labor. "Employing children is a grave phenomenon that has no place in an enlightened society," he said.

New Dead Sea Settlement

By Arutz-7

For the first time since the 1960s, a new Jewish settlement will be established along the Dead Sea shore. The new town, to be called N'vei Zohar, will have 140 houses, the owners of which will each be licensed to construct and operate three or four "tzimmers" (bed and breakfast). The town will thus provide a cheaper alternative for international and Israeli tourists to the Dead Sea who do not wish to vacation in the area's hotels.

Stolen Car with Babies Recovered

By IsraelWire

A gray KIA that was stolen on Thursday from Pardes Hana was recovered 90-minutes later with the two missing children inside unharmed. The mother of 18-month and 6-month-old children left the car for several moments to go to an ATM at a Bank Hapoalim. She told police she left the car running to enable the air conditioner to continue operating. She quickly realized her car was stolen with her children inside.

She called police who acted quickly, setting up roadblocks and dispatching a helicopter. Police used public address systems and the media to alert citizens of the incident and details of the stolen car.

About 90 minutes later, a resident of Pardes Hana called telling police he believes he saw the car in front of his building. Police responded and the car was recovered with the children inside, unharmed.

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