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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 15, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 159

Israeli Progress in Studying Alzheimer's

By Arutz-7

An Israeli medical team claims to have discovered the first evidence of a recessive gene that may cause Alzheimer's disease. Neurologist Prof. Amos Korczyn of Tel Aviv University and Ichilov Hospital said his team studied 821 elderly residents of the Israeli-Arab city of Um el-Fahm - where the rate of Alzheimer's disease seems to be the highest in the world - and found evidence of a gene variant that may be behind the debilitating disease. Results of the research was published in the latest issue of the American Academy of Neurology's journal, Neurology.

Israel Predicts an Olympic Terrorist Attack

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel's deputy Defense Minister, Ephraim Sneh, warns that the Olympics - and Israeli athletes in particular - are potential targets for international terrorists. The official made his comments with final preparations underway for today's opening of the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Sneh says everything possible should be done to prevent a tragedy at the Sydney games, and that nearly three-decades after the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the danger of an attack has not diminished.

"We must learn from history. Since Munich in 1972, the Israeli delegation was a target, we have to think in the same terms because for 28 years the culture of terrorism has not been changed."

Sneh's comments follow recent reports that police in New Zealand uncovered a possible plot to target the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney during the Olympic Games.

Australian and New Zealand officials have played down the danger to the research reactor, located about 15 miles from the main Olympic stadium, and say the risk of attack is low.

But Sneh says the possibility that the Sydney Olympics will be targeted by terrorists should not be discounted.

"I believe that if someone wants to defy the international order, maybe the best way for him do it is something crazy at the Olympics. And why? Because the Olympics has a meaning. Maybe the Olympics is the symbol of international positive cooperation, where athletes from all over the world are coming to compete in the arena of sport professions. And to hit the Olympics can be very... I would say, it is a very typical and profitable target for one who wants to defy brutally the international order."

Sneh says the danger of another attack at the Olympics - aimed at Israelis in particular - is just as real now. "I believe that those terrorists who would like to show that they do not accept the fact that people from all nations come to a peaceful, sporting competition. They would try do it, and we of course we assume that Israel has to be one of the targets, because Israel is one the countries that terrorists love to hate."

Australian officials have promised proper security at the Olympics. The New Zealand Herald says police have arrested members of a group believed to include supporters of Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden - the Afghanistan-based fugitive who tops America's most-wanted list of suspected terrorists.

Israeli security forces claim to have uncovered evidence that Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, has given funds and offered suicide bombers to Palestinian activists trained by bin Laden.

Sneh says it is now clear that bin Laden is ready to target Israelis and Israeli institutions around the world.

Israeli-Palestinian Talks Continue -- Separately

By Nick Simeone (VOA-New York)

The United States is renewing high level contacts with Israeli and Palestinian officials in New York in yet another attempt to move both sides closer to a final peace agreement - something President Clinton was unable to do when he met with the leaders of both sides last week.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will hold discussions on Thursday with Israeli acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami,

American negotiators are also holding talks with the Palestinian side, but there are no plans at this point to bring the two together for a resumption of direct discussions.

In an address to Jewish groups here in New York Wednesday night, acting Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami held out hope for a peace agreement but says it's up to the Palestinian side to show flexibility.

"Let us hope on the eve of this new Jewish year, we will be able to come to our people and indeed to all friends of peace in the region and throughout the world with the good news of peace."

Arrow Successfully Launched

By Arutz-7

A successful test-launch of the Arrow anti-missile was conducted Thursday at the Palmachim Air Force base near Ashkelon. A Scud-like missile was fired toward the ocean, and the Arrow, which received the target's vital details by electronic means, was dispatched at the bomb and exploded it in mid-air.

A U.S. Pentagon delegation was on hand to observe the experiment. The director of the Arrow project for Israel Aircraft Industries, Dr. Danny Peretz, said that the trial launch was conducted under total combat conditions, and that it showed that the Arrow is now ready for action.

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