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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax0703.txt
Egyptian Press Blames Mossad for Assad's Death
World Protests Conviction of 10 Iranian Jews
Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian State in Works newsletter: 0fax0705.txt
82-Year-Old Accused of Raping Two Girls
Palestinians Warned Against Proclaiming a Nation
Tapuach Residents Seek to Sell Homes to Arabs
Ten Puppies Found in Trash newsletter: 0fax0706.txt
Knesset Bill Makes Calling Someone a "Nazi" Illegal
Three-Way at Camp David Could Become Hot
Palestinians Prepare for War
Barak Loses Majority as Sharansky Leaves Coalition
Israel May Drop China Aircraft Deal
Smoking Tied to Back Pain newsletter: 0fax0707.txt
Heat Wave Claims Life of U.S. Tourist
Barak: Peace is 'Toss of the Coin'
U.S. Muslims Call For Burger King Boycott
Will Israel's Mossad Spooks Strike? newsletter: 0fax0710.txt
Assad is Expected to be Elected
Camp David Summit Starts Tuesday
Mother of 11 Learns to be an Auto Mechanic newsletter: 0fax0711.txt
Palestinians May March on Eastern Jerusalem
Camp David II Welcomes Two Leaders
Barak Survives No-Confidence Vote newsletter: 0fax0713.txt
Arms from Iran
Core Issues Face Israelis/Palestinians at Camp David
Israel Agrees Not to Supply Phalcon to China
Maps of Jerusalem Withdrawal are on Drawing Board
Chief Rabbis OK Giveaway of Holy Sites to PA newsletter: 0fax0714.txt
What Should Jerusalem's Future Be?
Camp David II: Day 3: "Vital Interests"
German Christian Churches Used Slave Labor newsletter: 0fax0717.txt
Man Wins Lottery First Prize Twice
Clinton Intensifies Barak, Arafat Negotiations
Israel Warns Iran of Arms Proliferation newsletter: 0fax0718.txt
Syria Renews Call for Golan Heights
Germany Will Pay Slave Laborers
Chase Bank Helped Funnel German Assets During WWII
Hamas Vows to Destroy Israel newsletter: 0fax0719.txt
Barak Offers PA 95% of Judea & Samaria in Swap for Jerusalem
Down to the Wire at Camp David
Yad Vashem and JewishGen Sign Data Sharing Agreement newsletter: 0fax0720.txt
Former Chief UNSCOM Inspector Tells of Iraqi Threat
Camp David Talks Appear to Continue
Church Leaders Call for Unified Jerusalem
Security Forces Brace for Violence
Leah Rabin: Yitzhak Rabin Would Never Divide Jerusalem
Clinton and the Money newsletter: 0fax0721.txt
Convicted Iranian Spies Appeal Verdict
Camp David Talks Continue Over Muslim and Jewish Sabbaths newsletter: 0fax0724.txt
Gun Ban for Foreign Olympic Security
Clinton Returns to Camp David's Day 14 newsletter: 0fax0725.txt
Israeli Orthodox Conversion Programs Discontinued
Palestinians, Israelis Down to the Wire at Camp David newsletter: 0fax0726.txt
Egged May Ban Radios on Hareidi Lines
Barak and Arafat Return to Middle East
Most Jerusalem Arabs Choose Israel newsletter: 0fax0727.txt
Man, 46, Suspected of Sodomizing Five-Year-Old Daughter
Clinton Remains Optimistic as Barak, Arafat Return Home
SLA Children to Study Lebanese Curriculum in Israeli Schools newsletter: 0fax0728.txt
Prostitute Charged with Negligent Homicide
Palestinian Leaders Stump for Support
Ethiopians Sue Over Destroyed Blood Donation
The Fate of Raoul Wallenberg newsletter: 0fax0731.txt
Ofra Chaza is Subject of Theatrical Melodrama
Barak Faces No-Confidence Vote in Knesset
Palestinian-Israeli Talks Resume in Jericho
Clinton Inspired to Move Embassy
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