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>JN July 6, 2000, Vol. 8, No. 116

Knesset Bill Makes Calling Someone a "Nazi" Illegal

By IsraelWire

Fifteen members of Knesset, led by coalition leader Ofir Pines, have introduced a bill which would make it illegal to call someone in Israel a "Nazi" or equate their actions with that of the Nazis.

Three-Way at Camp David Could Become Hot

By VOA's David Gollust (White House) & Meredith Buel (Jerusalem)

President Clinton is bringing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Authority leader Yasir Arafat to the United States for a three-way summit -- opening next Tuesday -- aimed at putting stalemated peace talks back on track for a final-status agreement by mid-September. The venue will be the Camp David presidential retreat near Washington, scene of the 1978 summit that opened the way to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Clinton had originally intended the summit as a way to finalize details of an Israeli-Palestinian deal. But in announcing next week's meeting, he made clear it has become more of a rescue operation for a peace process in stalemate. He told reporters that unless the leaders seize the moment, the region could slide back into hostility and perhaps bloodshed. And said there will be no final-status deal unless both sides compromise. "Peace under circumstances like these is never cost-free. Neither side can achieve 100 percent of its goals."

Clinton said he hoped the Camp David venue -- with its historic significance for the Middle East -- will be an inspiration for Barak and Arafat. But he conceded that the issues confronting them, including Palestinian statehood and the status of Jerusalem, are far more difficult to resolve than those involved in Israel's dealings with Egypt, Jordan or even Syria.

Barak told reporters he will attend the three-way summit at Camp David. "Without a doubt it is an important moment in the history of the attempts to solve the conflict between us and the Palestinians. I will be there heading our team at Camp David with the heavy feeling of responsibility for the future of the people of Israel."

Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath says Arafat will also attend the summit. Shaath says the Palestinians appreciate Clinton's determination to help both sides reach an agreement.

Palestinians Prepare for War

By Arutz-7 News

The Palestinian forces are equipped with dozens of machine guns, hand grenades, mines, RPG launchers, and Lau missiles. So states a security memorandum that was submitted to government leaders.

"The PA has a fighting military force numbering thousands of soldiers armed with light weapons, anti-tank weapons," and more, according to the memorandum. The report also discusses the internal strife among the Palestinian forces, the PA's lack of territorial contiguity, and the clear military advantage that Israel enjoys over the Palestinians.

Barak Loses Majority as Sharansky Leaves Coalition

By Arutz-7

Yisrael B'Aliyah leader and Interior Minister Natan Sharansky is quitting the Barak government. The announcement came at Wednesday evening's giant rally of over 20,000 Russian immigrants in Jerusalem's Safra Square.

Sharansky said that the only condition that would prompt him to withdraw his resignation is if Ehud Barak proposes a National Unity government to Likud leader Ariel Sharon. Sharansky colleague Yuli Edelstein said that such a National Unity government would serve as the basis for a policy that could unite most Israelis behind a final-status agreement with the Palestinians.

The pressure in now on the National Religious Party to follow through with its threat to leave the government prior to a Camp David summit. Deputy Minister Sha'ul Yahalom told Itim news agency that "it seems we will leave the government within the next 48 hours."

Israel May Drop China Aircraft Deal

By ICEJ News

Prime Minister Ehud Barak dropped yet another hint that Israel may give in to the United States' demand to cancel an aircraft sale to China. At a July 4th party at the home of U.S. Ambassador Martin Indyk, Barak said that he would do nothing that would hurt the trust that has been built up over the course of decades between the two countries. Ha'aretz reported Tuesday that Russia is ready to lease a similar airborne warning system to China in case the deal between Beijing and Israel Aircraft Industries is canceled.

Smoking Tied to Back Pain

By IsraelWire

Smoking doubles the risk of suffering from severe back pain, according to statistics presented over the weekend in a conference on back pain in Haifa. A recent study, which was presented at the conference, shows that smokers have twice the risk of suffering back pain than non-smokers. The statistics were presented by Dr. Edit Balan, director of the pain clinic in the general health service of Haifa.

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