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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 29, 2000, Vol. 8, No 112

SLA Sources: 3 SLA Men Tortured to Death

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Senior SLA commanders in Israel claim that they learned today that three of their comrades have died in Lebanese prison. The three were arrested immediately after the Israeli withdrawal last month, sentenced to long prison terms, and died after being tortured in prison. Col. Sharbal Barakhat, currently in Israel, says that the Israeli government is fully aware of the deaths, having received the information from the same sources as did Barakhat. The SLA officers in Israel further claim that seven of their comrades have received death sentences in Lebanese courts.

Barak-Arafat-Clinton Summit Expected

By David Gollust (VOA-White House)

President Clinton, while still awaiting a report from Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on her Middle East mission, says he thinks a US-mediated summit will be necessary to achieve a final Israeli- Palestinian peace accord.

Clinton says some world problems become easier to solve with the passage of time but that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not one of them. At his news conference (Wednesday), Clinton said the final status issues, including Palestinian statehood and the status of Jerusalem, are the most difficult of the entire regional peace process.

He said he believes top-level US intervention -- along the lines of the 1978 Camp David summit -- will be needed to complete the final status deal the parties are seeking by mid-September.

"I do not believe that they can resolve the final, most difficult issues without having the leaders get together in some isolated setting and make the last tough decisions, or decide not to make them as the case may be."

In September of 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter took the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland for 13 days of intensive talks that produced the framework for the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Some US and Israeli officials had expected the Albright mission to produce an agreement for a similar three-way summit early next month. However, Clinton said no date was set during Albright's two days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and that he will await a report from the secretary of state before deciding what the administration's next diplomatic move will be.

Palestinian officials say there should be more expert-level negotiations to narrow differences before a summit would be worthwhile, though Israel says those talks are at an impasse and a summit is the only way to get a final agreement.

Soldiers Threw Classified Documents Into Trash

By IsraelWire

Soldiers serving in a southern IDF base threw classified documents in the trash as they made their way to the city dump. Following an Israel Radio report, military officials assigned to the field security unit were dispatched to the southern city garbage dump.

The were shocked to find among the trash were night-vision equipment, bullets, magazines, training grenades, along with classified documents, including training information for certain unspecified weapons. The items were discarded from an anti-aircraft and Nahal base.

Millions of Jellyfish Off Coast

By IsraelWire

A swarm of millions of jellyfish, 100 kilometers long (60 miles) and one-and-a-half kilometers wide (9/10 mile), is currently located 1/2 kilometers off the coast of Israel, from north of Haifa Bay to south of Ashdod.

Within a few days the jellyfish could arrive at Israel's beaches. Dr. Bella Galil, of the Institute of Sea and Lake Research, has stated that the jellyfish are of the normal variety. Bathers are recommended to leave the sea as soon as they see jellyfish, since their sting is especially painful.

Palestinians Steal Water From Israel

By IsraelWire

The national water company revealed that the PLO Authority is stealing water from Israel. The PA draws water legally from Ramallah. According to agreements, the PA is allowed to pump 24,000 cubic meters of water a day, but they have drilled additional wells and have been taking another 3,000 cubic meters of water per day for the past four years.

The theft of the water would have continued to go unnoticed, but the PA issued a complaint that they are receiving less water than authorized. When the national water company investigated the problem they discovered the illegal wells.

Israel has demanded that the PA cease the stealing of water, close up the wells, and to also close up an additional well recently dug. To date, nothing has been done. According to PA sources, the PA is suffering a water shortage, and will continue to pump water, even at the cost of discord with Israel.

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