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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax0501.txt
Noa to Perform for Pope
May 13 Peace Framework Deadline in Doubt
Sunday Telegraph: Syrian President Suffers Stroke
PA Protests Olympic Village Memorial to Munich Athletes newsletter: 0fax0502.txt
Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes' Remembrance Day Starts
Spy Trial of 13 Jews Under Way in Iran
Peace Talks Continue in Eilat newsletter: 0fax0503.txt
230,000 Holocaust Survivors Living in Israel
Iranian Spy Trial
Nation Stops for Yom HaShoah
Yad Vashem Unveils Plans for New Holocaust Museum newsletter: 0fax0504.txt
31,000 Requests Made to ICHEIC
Three Iranian Jews Allegedly Confessed
Smell the Flowers Sent by E-mail newsletter: 0fax0505.txt
Ancient Torah Scroll Rescued by Israeli Security Agents
Damage in Kiryat Shmona from Katyushas Reported Heavy
Chief Yamit Evacuator: No More Evacuations
Arabs Set Sights on West Jerusalem newsletter: 0fax0508.txt
Arab League Demands Reparations from Israel
Laser Can Down Incoming Rockets
Did Israel Eavesdrop on President Clinton's Phone?
102-Year-Old Learning Hebrew newsletter: 0fax0509.txt
Hebrew 101 Online
Five of 13 Iranian Jews Have Confessed to Spy Charges
Five Injured by Giant Wave
Tens of Torah Scrolls Saved from Saddam Hussein newsletter: 0fax0510.txt
Infant Born with First Tooth
Memorial Day Leads to Independence Day
Immigrants Fear Tax Reforms newsletter: 0fax0511.txt
Ben-Gurion's Duty-Free Shops Not Kosher
Arafat Requests U.S. to Drop Warrant for Klinghoffer's Killer
6.3 Million Israeli Citizens -- 4.9 Million Jews newsletter: 0fax0512.txt
Film Reveals Life and Times of Anwar Sadat
New Medicine for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Battle Rations to be Imported from U.S. newsletter: 0fax0515.txt
PA Holding General Strike to Mark Nakba
Secret Israel-PA Negotiations in Sweden
Int'l Red Cross Proposes New Symbol
Ping Pong Crashes in Eurovision 2000 newsletter: 0fax0516.txt
Right-Wing Demonstration at Zion Square
Barak Wants to Transfer Jerusalem Suburbs to PA
Jewish Trial Continues in Iran newsletter: 0fax0517.txt
Spielberg to Produce Anne Frank Film
Efforts Under Way to Stem Palestinian Violence
Many Israelis Without Telephone Service
Battle Rations to be Imported from U.S. newsletter: 0fax0518.txt
Iranian Jews Won't Face Death Sentence
Jewish Spy Trial Winds Down
U.S. Deports Rabbi
Hate Music on the Rise newsletter: 0fax0519.txt
Fatah Calls for Increased Violence Today
Palestinians Accuse Israelis of Violence
Hizbullah Terrorists Wound Five
Sex Slaves Brought into Israel newsletter: 0fax0522.txt
Travel Bans on Israelis Result From Arab Violence
Israeli Girl, 2, Severely Injured in PA Firebombing
NSA Adviser Warns Israel and Palestinians newsletter: 0fax0523.txt
Firebomb Victim Continues Fighting For Her Life
Hizbullah Takes Over Some Villages on Israeli Border
High Court Ruling Favors Women Praying at Western Wall
Israeli Missile to be Tested in U.S.
Israel Celebrates Lag B'Omer newsletter: 0fax0524.txt
Manpower Agency Provided Call Girls with ID Cards
Chaos on Israel's Northern Border
Lebanese Have a Different Viewpoint
Discrimination Against Blacks in the IDF newsletter: 0fax0525.txt
Shops Owned by Iran Jews Attacked
Israel Leaves Lebanon, Warns Syria
Arab World Expresses Jubilation newsletter: 0fax0526.txt
Israelis Rank 19th Among Tourists to USA
SLA Refugee Camp on Kinneret Shore
"Settlers" Damage Cars Belonging to Casino Visitors
Israeli Permitted to Raise Cannabis Plants
Arabs Planned to Steal Weaponry from IDF newsletter: 0fax0530.txt
Syria Acquires 420-Mile Range Scud Missile
U.N. Appeals for Israeli-Lebanese Restraint
Weizman Resigning as President: Peres May Succeed Him
Study: Hormone Treatment Fosters Growing newsletter: 0fax0531.txt
Lebanese Evacuation Causes Economic Hardship
Barak Will Meet With Clinton
Israel High Court: A Child May Have Two Mothers
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