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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax0403.txt
Lebanon Says Syrians Can Rocket Tel Aviv
Fire Hits Belzer Matzoh Factory in Brooklyn
Gush Shalom Calls for Boycott of Golan Apples newsletter: 0fax0404.txt
TV Wedding Commercials End Run
SLA Army Chief Pledges to Defend Lebanon
U.S. Opposes Israel's Sale of Radar Planes to China
Syrian Foreign Minister Says His Country Does Not Want War
Israeli to be Extradited to U.S, to Face Fraud Charges newsletter: 0fax0405.txt
Iran Jews Want Spy Trial Postponed
Levy: Israel Won't Deviate From Lebanese Withdrawal Plan
Synagogue Sexton Found Guilty of Sexual Assaults
JDO Militant Pleads Guilty to Assault of 12-Year-Old Boy newsletter: 0fax0406.txt
Holiday Request by Iranian Jews Denied
U.S. Holocaust Restitution
Holocaust-Era Diplomats are Honored newsletter: 0fax0407.txt
Tel Aviv Vying to Host 2012 Olympics
Northern Israeli Towns Could be Attacked
Bodies Mixed Up: Orthodox Jew Buried in Muslim Cemetery
Security Failure: Passenger Accompanied to Plane By Friend newsletter: 0fax0410.txt
Daylight Saving Time
IDF: All Israelis will Leave Lebanon
Levy: Kinneret Must Remain Under Israel's Control
Arafat Meets with Mubarak
Iran Says Only One or Two Jews Are Spies
Knesset Member Calls for Cellular Telephone Health Warning newsletter: 0fax0411.txt
Barak Stops Off in Cairo Before Proceeding to U.S.
Syrian Foreign Minister to Discuss Water Rights
Syrian Government Seizes Jewish Properties newsletter: 0fax0412.txt
Plan to Kill Jews in Jerusalem Foiled
Irving Loses Holocaust Libel Case
New Israeli Homes on the Golan
New Israeli Internet Radio Program newsletter: 0fax0413.txt
PA Postmaster General: Hebrew Mail Unacceptable
Barak's DC Trip Brings "New Momentum"
Supreme Court Orders Release of Lebanese
Chinese Prez in Israel newsletter: 0fax0417.txt
Passover Medication List on Internet
Academy Award-Winning Documentary to be Toned Down
Holy Week Coincides with Pesach newsletter: 0fax0418.txt
Iran: Ballistic Missiles to Libya?
Maccabiah Court Trial Concludes
Israel Informs U.N. it will Leave Lebanon
43 Million Pre-Passover Cleaning Hours newsletter: 0fax0419.txt
Israeli Shelling Kills Syrian Laborer
Israel Sells its Chometz
Saudi Transvestites will be Flogged
Nation's Restrooms Fail the Test
Call to Boycott newsletter: 0fax0424.txt
86-year-old Man Suspected of Raping a 14-Year-Old
Pollard Cleans Toilets on Seder Night
Palestine Radio to Begin Hebrew Broadcasts
Palestinian Authority Hammers Hate Into Children newsletter: 0fax0425.txt
Israel Sends Relief Planes to Ethiopia
Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations Scheduled for Sunday
Bin Laden Continues His Quest for Nuclear Bombs
Dahaf's Poll of Passover Practices newsletter: 0fax0426.txt
Rabbanit Broida Dies One day After Husband's Funeral
Hitler's Skull Displayed in Moscow
Israel Maintains Nuclear "Ambiguity" newsletter: 0fax0427.txt
Armenian Genocide will be Taught to Israeli Students
Arab Man Petitions High Court for Israeli Citizenship
47% of HIV Carriers in Israel are Immigrants from Ethiopia newsletter: 0fax0428.txt
Terrorist Leader Opts for Retirement
Hate Music is on the Rise
Migraines Are Not Just in the Head
"Bionic Man" Hears Again
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