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45 Percent of Population Overweight
Syrian Peace Talks Blocked by Hizbullah Attack
Pope's Visit is a Security Nightmare newsletter: 0fax0202.txt
Israel Says No Maps Were Shown to PA
Barak Asks Assad to Halt Violence
Tzila Netanyahu Dies at 87
Man, 30, Orders Dogs to Attack Child newsletter: 0fax0203.txt
F-16 Pilot Abandons Jet over Negev
Knesset Discusses Israeli Nukes
Israel Threatens to Recall Its Austrian Ambassador
Breakthrough in Slave Labor Talks newsletter: 0fax0204.txt
Rabin's Grave to Receive 24-Hour Protection
Barak, Arafat Fail to Achieve Breakthrough
Truth on Trial in London newsletter: 0fax0207.txt
They're Proud to be Jewish Athletes
Cairo Meeting Discusses Displaced Palestinians
Barak Weighs Options Following Lebanon Attack
Levy Says No Return to Pre-'67 Lines newsletter: 0fax0208.txt
Yatom Says Withdrawal Date Still Stands
Israel Considers Hizbullah Response
Sunday Times: Close Dimona Nuclear Facility
Government Issues Strong Anti-Haider Statement
A First - Separate But Equal Seating on Some Egged Buses newsletter: 0fax0209.txt
Separate But Equal Lasts One Day
Hizbullah Murders Another Israeli Soldier
IAF Fighters Scramble in Response to Egyptian Passenger Plane
Haider Calls Upon Israel to Maintain Relations newsletter: 0fax0211.txt
Rabbi: No Snowmen on the Sabbath
Battle Continues Against Hizbullah Targets
Lost Tribe Returns to Israel newsletter: 0fax0214.txt
Clemency for Pollard Petition on Web
Lebanese Withdrawal May Be in April
800 Buses at Airport will Accommodate Pilgrims
New Online Kosher Supermarket
7-year-old Turns in Mother newsletter: 0fax0215.txt
95-year-old Motorist in Accident
Americans Plan Middle East Peace Assistance
President Weizman Won't Face Criminal Indictment
Ofra Chaza Shows Slight Signs of Improvement
Press Reported "Final Solution" But World Wouldn't Listen newsletter: 0fax0216.txt
Rentgan Rabbi Adds Name to Ofra Chaza
Holocaust Insurance Claims
Vatican, PA Decry Changes in Jerusalem's Status
Teller Said "No Money," Robber Began to Cry newsletter: 0fax0217.txt
Pays NIS 1,000 Traffic Fine in Small Coins
Barak Assumes More Military Power
Israel Protests Vatican-PA Agreement
Knesset Hears German President -- in German
Tel Aviv Beggars Earn NIS 500-700 Daily newsletter: 0fax0218.txt
IDF Patrol in Gaza Attacked with Firebomb
Nazi Slave Laborers Must Wait
Olmert Holds New York's Most Wanted Parking Permit
Signs Appear in Jerusalem Opposing Pope's Visit newsletter: 0fax0221.txt
Mongolian Tourists Discovered to be Foreign Laborers
U.S. Tries to Break Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock
Israelis Argue Over Daylight Time
Israel Lottery to Pay Chaplin Heirs newsletter: 0fax0222.txt
Search Underway for Soldier Who is Feared to Have Been Abducted
Barak Addresses American Jewish Leaders
JNF Owns More Than 100 Dunams in Abu Dis newsletter: 0fax0223.txt
Foreign News Agencies: Israel Navy Fires at Lebanese Coast
Israel Gets Access to U.S. Nuclear Knowledge
Pirated Copies of Microsoft 2000 on Sale in Israel
Siblings in Fear of Father Wandered Streets at Night
Ofra Chaza Remains on Life-Support newsletter: 0fax0224.txt
David's Victory Over Goliath
Singer Ofra Chaza Dead at 41
Israelis Enter Country Without Passport Control
Sabbath Observant Crosswalk
Arab Stabs Jew in Jerusalem
Father Beats Son for Making a Bad Cup of Coffee newsletter: 0fax0225.txt
Funeral Service for Ofra Chaza
Israeli Minister Stirs Outrage
Barak's Honeymoon is Over
Egypt Preparing Long-Range Missiles newsletter: 0fax0228.txt
Pope's Jubilee Pilgrimage Has Web Site
Barak Denies U.S. Story Concerning Secret Syrian Deal
Premier Pelted by Palestinians
Husseini Calls for Arab Boycott of Burger King
Pope Visits Mount Sinai newsletter: 0fax0229.txt
One Temple, One Umbrella Organization
Hospital Staff: Ofra Chaza Died of AIDS
Ross' Mission Fails
Is Hamas Experimenting with Chemical Weapons?
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