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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 0fax0104.txt
Arafat's Daughter Hospitalized with High Fever
Israeli-Syrian Talks: Round 2
Syria Says It's Too Soon to Discuss Remains of Eli Cohen
Rabbi Yossef Blesses Induction of Hareidi Youth
Poll: Israelis Welcome Christian Pilgrims newsletter: 0fax0105.txt
Orthodox Rabbis: Golan is Part of Land of Israel
West Virginia Summit Continues newsletter: 0fax0106.txt
Ecuadorian Tourist Caught with Kilo of Cocaine in Stomach
Syrians, Israelis Form Committees
Israel Releases 22 Palestinian Prisoners newsletter: 0fax0107.txt
Clinton Intervenes in Peace Talks
Yeltsin Visits Israel for an Orthodox Christmas
Beersheva Police Commander Arrested on Bribery Charges
Rabbis to Ban Purchase of Expensive Apartments newsletter: 0fax0110.txt
18 Drug Dealers Arrested by Beersheva Police
The Internet is a No-No for Jews
Barak Leaves Syrian Peace Summit for Israel
Dayan Calls for Civil Weddings in Jericho newsletter: 0fax0111.txt
JNF May Swap Syrian Land Holdings for Golan
Syrians, Israelis Leave West Virginia for Home
Sunday Times: Mossad Obtained Assad Urine Sample
Lottery Winner Loses It All in Stock Market, Commits Suicide newsletter: 0fax0113.txt
Iranian Minister Calls for Public Trial for Imprisoned Jews
Peace with Syria Within Two Months
Pope Readies Trip to Holy Land
Third Grade Teacher Arrested newsletter: 0fax0117.txt
Tragedy in Kiryat Motzkin
Missionary Insert in Israeli Newspaper
One Year in Jail for Agunah-Husbands
Suspected of Indecent Acts in Guise of Religious Act
Teacher Spits on Pupil
Lesbian Mom Takes Her Case to the High Court newsletter: 0fax0118.txt
New Driver Apprehended Traveling at 118 mph
Syrian Talks Indefinitely Postponed
Terrorist Bomb Injures 25
Palestinians Steal Israeli Bees' Nests newsletter: 0fax0119.txt
Clinton Phones Assad
Preparation of 1967 Maps Underway
Winter Storm Hits with Gale-Force Winds newsletter: 0fax0120.txt
Rabbi Sholom Klass
Arafat-Clinton will Meet Today in Washington
Rabbi Mordehai Eliyahu: "Let Syria Return Damascus"
U.S. to Israel: "Don't Ask for Tomahawk Missiles"
Hermon Ski Resort Hopes for Cooperative Management with Syrians newsletter: 0fax0124.txt
Security Machines in Airports May Damage Film
A Defiant President Weizman Holds Firm
More West Bank Land will be Evacuated
Taiwanese Restaurant Removes Nazi Picture newsletter: 0fax0125.txt
Unemployed Man, 60, Wins NIS 25 Million Jackpot
Syria Sharply Criticizes Israel Over Written Guarantee
Official Palestinian Map of Israel
Tel Aviv Univ: Drugs Used by 33% of Student Body newsletter: 0fax0126.txt
"Give Me a Summons and I'll Shoot You in the Head"
Israeli Experts Never Left for Washington
Life on the Golan newsletter: 0fax0127.txt
One of Every Two Israeli Men Going Bald
High Court Hands Down a No Spanking Ruling
Lipkin-Shahak: Peace Treaty with Syria May Reach $17 Billion newsletter: 0fax0128.txt
Holocaust Conference Opens in Stockholm
German Holocaust Memorial Dedicated
"Just Revenge" By Alan Dershowitz newsletter: 0fax0131.txt
Neo-Nazis Protest German Holocaust Memorial
Chief Rabbis Remain Uncertain Regarding Papal Meeting
Barak Races Toward a Feb. 13 Deadline
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