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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax1201.txt
Palestinian Dissidents Retract Anti-Arafat Statements
Italian Court Separates Jewish Girls From Mom newsletter: 9fax1202.txt
Turkish Quake Victim, 5, Brought to Israel for Care
Muslims Reopen Subterranean Al-Aqsa Chamber
24 Golani Soldiers Rebel in Middle of Training Exercise
Worldwide Kashrut Information Center
Har HaZeitim: The Mount of Olives newsletter: 9fax1203.txt
Health Minister Calls for 'Treatment' of Homosexuals
Israeli Police Uncover Iran-Contra File
UN Slams Israel on Jerusalem Policy
Arafat, in Cairo, Criticizes Israel on Settlements newsletter: 9fax1206.txt
Absorption Minister: 'No Change in Law of Return'
Barak Accused of Promoting Jewish Settlements
Internet Auctions of Nazi Memorabilia Criticized
Temple Menorah Ready for Chanukah
Hackers Discover Secret PLO Accounts newsletter: 9fax1207.txt
Russia to Launch Israeli Satellite
Audit Uncovers More Holocaust Swiss Bank Accounts
Madeleine Albright Expected Today newsletter: 9fax1208.txt
Bodies of Israeli Soldiers Discovered in Egypt
Arafat Challenges Poet to "Shoot Him"
Special Report: Corruption in the PLO's Financial Empire newsletter: 9fax1209.txt
Yad Vashem Establishes School for Holocaust Study
Syria, Israel Will Meet in Washington
Anniversary of U.N.-Palestinian Relief newsletter: 9fax1210.txt
Millennium: Is Armageddon Around the Corner? newsletter: 9fax1217.txt
Dissection of Frogs Must Stop
Syrian-Israeli Talks will Resume in January
Clinton Praises Slave Labor Agreement newsletter: 9fax1220.txt
Damascus Considers Uncensored Internet Access
South Lebanon Army Soldiers Ask for Israeli Asylum
Members of Dubai Royal Family Coming to Kibbutz
Chabadnik Assaulted and Badly Injured newsletter: 9fax1221.txt
"Disneyland" on the Eilat-Aqaba border
Catastrophe May Await Jerusalem Pilgrims newsletter: 9fax1222.txt
Israel Nature Protection Society to Negotiate with Syria
Study: Israel Retains Upper Hand in Syrian Talks
Papal Journey Won't be Political newsletter: 9fax1223.txt
The Shepherdstown Accords?
Israel Braces for Millennium Threat--Islamic Terrorism
Bethlehem Prepares for Christmas newsletter: 9fax1224.txt
Two Infiltrators Apprehended Near Allenby Crossing
"The Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomer's View" newsletter: 9fax1227.txt
Designer of Website Calling for Barak's Murder Indicted
Lebanese Prisoners Released
Study: Females Less Fit for Combat Units Than Males
Last Munich Terrorist Re-enacted Attack for Hollywood Movie newsletter: 9fax1228.txt
Families Visit Iranian Jewish Prisoners
Israeli-Syrian Talks Resume Jan. 3
Barak May Lose Knesset Majority newsletter: 9fax1229.txt
Birthright Project to Bring Thousands to Israel
Shas Agreement in the Works
Israel May Give Parts of Jerusalem to Palestinians
Y2K - Dimona: Reactor Will be Closed
Web Site of the Week newsletter: 9fax1230.txt
Y2K - Negev: Bedouins storing water and withdrawing money
Pilgrims in Jerusalem Await the Millennium newsletter: 9fax1231.txt
No Early Warning Stations for Golan
Christians: End of the World at Armageddon
Shas Admits Memorial Law Was a Gimmick
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