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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax1101.txt
Former UK Chief Rabbi to be Interred on the Mount of Olives
Leaders Ready Three-Way Oslo Summit
Terrorists Attack Bus on the West Bank
FBI Concurs with Israel Police Regarding Doomsday Cults
Matchmaking Mix-up newsletter: 9fax1102.txt
Arab Flight Attendant to Begin Working for El Al
Two-Day Oslo Summit Concludes Tuesday
Seeds of Peace newsletter: 9fax1103.txt
US Official's Statement on Accused Spies "Sheer Lie"
Clinton Returns From Norway
Rabin's Daughter: Doubts Official Version of Dad's Death newsletter: 9fax1104.txt
Breakdown in Talks Would Likely Result in Violence
Hachasharat HaYishuv Charged in Holocaust Property Case
Arab Knesset Member Tibi Calls for Abolition of Law of Return
Bethlehem Merchants Concerned Over Tourist Economy
Lubavitch Emissaries Attend International Leadership Conference newsletter: 9fax1105.txt
Blind Brothers Charged with Cybercrime
Barak Threatens West Bank Settlers
Christians May Shutter Churches newsletter: 9fax1108.txt
Nazi Paraphernalia Being Sold in Holland
Terrorist Attack in Netanya
Wife Prevents Rape, Charged with Assault newsletter: 9fax1109.txt
Fake Earthquake Scheduled for Dead Sea
Nation's Legal System Set for Reform
Construction of Nazareth Mosque Defended
Israelis Help Discover a New Planet; newsletter: 9fax1110.txt
Arafat Blames Israeli Mafia for Netanya Bombing
Israel Won't Interfere in Christian Dispute
Arafat: No Peace Without Withdrawal
Chemical Attack Was Foiled in Israel in May newsletter: 9fax1111.txt
Teenager Injured by Donkey Bite
It Appears to be Yamit All Over Again
Scientists Create Dead Sea Quake newsletter: 9fax1112.txt
Shalom Sesame
Red Cross Seeks to Include Israel's MDA
IDF Accommodating Arab Citizens Wishing to Enlist newsletter: 9fax1115.txt
High Court: Hebron Shrine May be Demolished
Nazi Slave Labor Talks Tuesday
Israel Sends Rescue Team to Assist in Turkish Quake newsletter: 9fax1116.txt
Bostoner Rebbe Takes Issue with Invitations of Love
Economist Frenkel Resigns
Father Beats Child Into Unconsciousness
Iran Concerned Over Israeli Blasting in Dead Sea
France Warns Iran on Fate of Arrested Jews newsletter: 9fax1117.txt
IDF Commander: Palestinian State Within Two Years
Ross Meets with Israeli/Palestinian Negotiators
Nazi Slave Labor Negotiations Continue newsletter: 9fax1118.txt
Elvis, Rabin, Hitler in Running for Time "Man of the Century"
Clinton, Barak Discuss Peace
Vatican Confirms Papal Visit
Israel Won't Increase Millennium Security newsletter: 9fax1119.txt
IDF Rescue Team Pulls a Miracle in Turkey
The Mortara Affair Revisited
National Soccer Team Coach Denies Reports of Call Girls newsletter: 9fax1122.txt
Israel Rejects EgyptAir Accusations
Palestinians Demand Jerusalem
"For Jews, It's Time to Come Home" newsletter: 9fax1123.txt
Chile Bans Planned Neo-Nazi Congress
Egyptian Cleric Calls on Arabs and Muslims to
Churches in Israel Close for Two Days
Labor MK: "Israel Should Take in 100,000 Palestinian Refugees" newsletter: 9fax1124.txt
Attempted Terror Attack on Israeli Embassy in Amman
Cornerstone for Nazareth Mosque
Taiwanese Company Pulls Hitler Ad
Shas Leader: "Amend Law of Return" newsletter: 9fax1129.txt
Syria Tested Chemical Bomb
At Millennial Dawn, Beware of "Jerusalem Syndrome" newsletter: 9fax1130.txt
Olmert to Campaign for Giuliani
Barak to China: "Stop Selling Arms to Iran"
Barak: "Law of Return will Remain Unchanged"
Mother "Volunteers" to be Raped Instead of Her Young Daughter
Chanukah Site to Link Chanukah Menorah Lightings
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