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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax1004.txt
Mossad May be Implicated in Spy Ring
Palestinians Denied Access to Gaza-West Bank Road
Arab Children Burn Toys to Protest Disney Pavilion
Pope Plans Middle East Pilgrimage newsletter: 9fax1005.txt
Tickets to NYC for $479
Israel Never Promised a Golan Withdrawal
Book Paints WW2 Pope as Hitler Ally newsletter: 9fax1006.txt
German Slave Labor
Safe Passage Agreement Signed
Jews Touched By Cardinal's Apology newsletter: 9fax1007.txt
Argentina/Nazi Commission
Barak Warns of "Neo-Nazi Plague" After Austria Vote
Law Suit on Behalf of Israeli Holocaust Child Survivors newsletter: 9fax1008.txt
GSS Chief Warns of Impending Terrorist Attack
Arab MKs Call for Abolition of WJC, JNF and JA
Jerusalem and Three Religions newsletter: 9fax1011.txt
Israel Has Paid Arafat NIS 1.5 billion
10 Settlements May be Razed
Saddam Reportedly Offers Peace to Israel
German Industrialists Complain About Compensating Jewish Slaves
Meeting Profits the Shlock Rock Way newsletter: 9fax1012.txt
Cult Members Will Be Deported
U.S. Secret Document Rates Israel as Sixth Nuclear Power
Barak Wants International Help to Fight Terrorism
Pardon Asked For Pollard
Barak OKs Arafat helicopter flight
Castro Eases Restrictions on Jews in Cuba newsletter: 9fax1013.txt
Sheinbein Sentencing Oct. 24
Christian Sites in Israel May be Shuttered
SLA Troops Likely to Join Hizbullah newsletter: 9fax1014.txt
Mosque Will Be Built Next to Nazareth Basilica
Achille Lauro Petition Rejected by High Court
Soldiers Sue IDF in Alleged Sexual Harassment Case newsletter: 9fax1015.txt
UJC will Present Isaiah Award to Yasir Arafat
Some Settlements will be Dismantled
Barak to Congress: Where is Wye River Aid?
Rabbis Excommunicate Yigal Amir
Foreign Service Officer Admits Sexually Assaulting Daughter newsletter: 9fax1018.txt
Smoking Prohibited On All Flights To and From Israel
Safe-Passage Road Opening Delayed
Synagogue in Bnei Brak Targeted in Attack
Expelled Doomsday Christians Travel to Greece
New Super Thin Israeli Battery newsletter: 9fax1019.txt
Holocaust Website Aids in Ascertaining Jewish Finances
Absent Arab Jerusalem Residents Welcomed newsletter: 9fax1020.txt
Mandela: "Iran Not an Enemy of Israel"
Mandala Calls for Peace Commission
Settlers Protest West Bank Outpost Removal newsletter: 9fax1021.txt
Nazi Criminal Escapes
Police Raid Netanyahu's Home
Kidnaps Wife From Casino and Threatens to Kill Her
Israel Supports PA Currency newsletter: 9fax1022.txt
Leah Rabin Warns of Jewish Threats of Attack
Syrian Infiltrator Seeks Asylum in Israel
Playboy Coming to Israel newsletter: 9fax1025.txt
Robot Extends "Helping Hand"
U.S. Teen Sentenced to 24 Years in Israeli Prison
Pius XII Felt Nazi Atrocities Exaggerated newsletter: 9fax1026.txt
Chinese Saga of a Jewish Physician
Barak Visits Turkey
Egypt's Millennium Bash Decried as Zionist Plot
U.S. Prosecutor: Sheinbein Sentence "Insulting" newsletter: 9fax1027.txt
Retired Police Officers Arrested in Nimrodi Investigation
Maalot Terrorist Will be Allowed Into Gaza
Suspected Christian Doomsday Cult Members Arrested
Woman Dies of Cancer Following Repeated Psychiatric Referrals newsletter: 9fax1028.txt
40,000 Israeli Youth Between 8-16 Use Drugs
Day 3 of Bethlehem Unrest
Oslo Peace Summit Next Week
Rabbis Prohibit Giving Away Land to Gentiles newsletter: 9fax1029.txt
Israeli Robot Detects Breast Growths
Pilgrims March to Reported Site of Jesus' Baptism
Syria Unwilling to Accept Unilateral Withdrawal from Lebanon
Physician's Wife Claims She Was Beaten For 16 Years
Justice Ministry Moves to End "State of Emergency"
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